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8j408rvktpjbvadjxslreojiwmu 1x1 – Der Auftrag

Tommy and Tuppence have a chance encounter on a train with an agitated young woman who suddenly disappears and never returns to her seat.

N1jzeeygqpgiivku0rhba1abl7r 1x2 – Das Haus in Soho

Tommy and Tuppence go undercover; he as a member of Brown's gang and she as a maid to a potential suspect.

Jj1gbt6emdatkhg77hs80y2bzao 1x3 – Anassa

The Beresfords' search for Jane Finn comes to a close as they finally uncover the identity of Mr. Brown.

9cdjiufirdapo9vjsacunlx9hci 1x4 – Der Feind im Inneren

Tommy is sent on a secret mission to discover the identity of Soviet spy staying at a seaside guest-house; Tuppence refuses to be left behind.

Hvdvrxv9mdqjjietw0jotl02cgy 1x5 – Der Veteranenball

There is a murder at the local Veterans Ball, as Tommy and Tuppence continue their search for the Soviet spy.

A7a3jtz49jv5pbtd7w8olpfr8sx 1x6 – Überraschende Wendungen

Tommy and Tuppence have to come up with their most ambitious and risky plan yet in order to protect the lives of British citizens.

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