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Afuoj5boau5gge9mvfgwgxrcao5 1x1 – Episode 1

Duke Marsden is a compulsive gambler and is about to lose his wife because of it. She gives him an ultimatum to either give up poker or else she's gone. He agrees, but there's one last thing he has to do first.

Y6ddxmqw4evpadopz8ago68gcgm 1x2 – Episode 2

Some unknown person is brutally attacking women in a small college town, and a host of weird staff members are suspects.

Mejgfmbsp1nb9m3fvgoebcylgfz 1x3 – Episode 3

A blackmailer threatens to reveal some horrific information to an adopted teen girl about her real parents, unless her stepfather pays him off.

Vjcfqzjin2bunslg73bjeibax6f 1x4 – Der letzte Zeuge

There are five witnesses for a hit-and-run accident at an intersection who all say the car did not stop at the stop sign, but are they all wrong?

Argw4u9shfp0y5zkewgljx5pzfa 1x5 – Ein Mord, wie er im Buche steht

A mystery novelist sends a series of weird audiotapes to his publisher. On the first tape, the author boasts that the publisher won't be able to discern if the story he narrates is the history of an imminent murder - or a mere fantasy. The author tells of his brief marriage ending when his wife was killed after he lost control of their car. They were kissing, making up after an argument over his wife's staying out all night with a rich old man, the same evening the author was briefly with the man's alluring, young wife Janet. Janet made a pass at the author, who ...

Jpeaykcegceg3ze9kwnltzdhhfp 1x6 – Episode 6

On her way back to the nunnery, a beautiful novice loses a priceless 15th-century Donatello statuette donated to the convent by an aging criminal seeking redemption for his illegal endeavors. To track it down, the guilt-ridden young woman leaves the order and dives naively into the sleazy world of the criminal who stole the icon from her at a train station on her return trip.

Gztrki0npctkidikei9inkvo88j 1x7 – Episode 7

A disturbed man's other identity snares others in a perilous web. David is a successful, quiet young scientist - but on weekends he has an impeccable country cottage where as the confident William, he fantasizes as if actually entertaining ex-girlfriend Annabel, now happily married nearby. When his co-workers, one of whom has a crush on David, follow him up the coast, David's dream world by the sea for Annabel, morphs into a nightmare for all.

Axc7s1qjrvsy333vhavu5nq2kmj 1x8 – Episode 8

A young boy named Tony Mitchell is saved from drowning by an unwelcome guest.

2pqhzrcl0o5dxr8jqdxe4fgdgad 1x9 – Episode 9

A mugging restores the memory of a man with amnesia.

U35ipowhruizxsww5uez7h5z1gc 1x10 – Episode 10

An unfaithful wife taunts her husband that she's ditching him for a real man. As the drunken couple argue on the stern of a yacht, the normally timid husband shoves her overboard to drown. The society party-goers on the boat support his tale that the wife accidentally fell overboard that night, and the police believe the husband, too. At first, he's relieved, then gradually guilt takes him over, but friends feel his panicky behavior is grief. The widower blurts the murder to his friends, but his story was so convincing they downplay his confession, not wanting to be ...

Ihjun0do6potvdan34a9ungucti 1x11 – Die Rechnung ist fällig

A perfect couple's content suburban world is interrupted by a telephone threat ("I'm going to kill you") against the cocksure husband. His past misdeeds unravel his new life, terrifying his unknowing wife.

83mhsyzlecq26hbjphfbwwaeydg 1x12 – Episode 12

Remembering nothing of what happened the day before, a talented, alcoholic ad man painfully reconstructs the events of what proves to have been a very bad day indeed.

Irccvgdastg27ccrkosdxsfxmin 1x13 – Episode 13

A lonely young woman moves into her newly deceased aunt's home in a small town. A way-too-helpful, next-door neighbor becomes her guardian angel, yet with his own agenda in mind. He's a lay preacher, who's determined not to go back to being a coal miner.

M8uttwj8l45wdtmxk2kgkhmidh6 1x14 – Episode 14

An executive plans to end an associate's love affair and save the man's career and marriage.

San34fjkfqynred2uyh03ohp23a 1x15 – Episode 15

An inquest rules a wife's death as accidental, but when the widower returns to work, it seems someone is tricking him, including a letter accusing him of murder and one of his wife's letters appearing, revealing she had a lover. Increasingly the widower's own mind tricks him, rejecting logical explanations, instead angrily confronting his co-workers.

Bg7dqhxf8wkf7jz8hcnb4zyvtop 1x16 – Episode 16

A woman stands trial for her wealthy husband's murder. Her vengeful mother-in-law is convinced that she did it, but a family servant knows the key to what really happened.

Pkawadvmzszdh9uxbeggs1gvq7g 1x17 – Episode 17

A beautiful young newlywed is wary of her much-older husband's business trip leaving her alone in their beach house. A group of beach boys and a neighboring screenwriter provide her some company, unwanted by the husband. When an Hispanic man knocks on her door at night asking for help, she turns him away, leading to tragic consequences.

78kpdn32odxy7apufizbrww80so 1x18 – Episode 18

A very sweet French maid runs away with, and marries a professional burglar with hopes of making him honest. However, the burglar's "fence" (Karl) has his own hopes in mind.

Blftttlkmiocdt6g3fes1jrqdjf 1x19 – Episode 19

At first, a childless young couple are thrilled to relocate for the husband's new executive job, and especially happy with their new home. Is the next-door neighbor boy's cruelty to them just a youngster rebelling against his blue-collar, strict father? The husband's empathy for the boy drives a dangerous wedge into their marriage.

I1i5tbs5pyie26z5ze4vqfabl4k 1x20 – Episode 20

A man tries to stop his insensitive wife from alienating their family and friends.

Qigmpifbxuui5ktjnm0w0xpxhcm 1x21 – Episode 21

Relatives of a murdered newlywed decide to bring the killer to justice themselves.

Locz7ezxv1s6qvpn7frgexual19 1x22 – Episode 22

An apparent hit-and-run turns out to be so much more. It leads to an anthrax scare that spreads through Los Angeles, but the perpetrator is elusive.

6mlazxe5hvjgzo2vk4mstntxei 1x23 – Episode 23

A mother of three notices that her baby son fascinates the lady renting a room in her home.

Kc6ti0fuqsypytcwgl9erj4pxiq 1x24 – Einer weiß mehr

After killing a woman, a man is chosen to be a juror for the trial of the man accused of her murder.

Erqol0bgmeotao3mfnngtx4t4co 1x25 – Episode 25

A paralyzed woman is terrified her husband will learn she is recovering.

3z19zzjvlc2dmi0upwidmerqlmm 1x26 – Episode 26

Mousy bank teller Oscar Blenny, a guest at a desert casino, is enamored with Eva, a seductive casino hostess, who is having affairs with two male co-workers. With the sinister Bill, she's conniving to rip off the casino. When her superior discovers she's two-timing him, their confrontation turns violent and she kills him. Realizing that Oscar is just outside the room, she screams, so schlemiel Oscar can corroborate her damsel-in-distress excuse of self-defense. The casino owner limits the publicity damage, by firing Eva and exiling Bill, who drops Eva cold, to Mexico....

Diwznulfhark0pdcijftybtbt12 1x27 – Episode 27

The secretary of a wine baron murders when her dream of marrying him is shattered.

Cg1w1xqaijruembj3ptd0jjx2co 1x28 – Die Straße führt nach Dos Cucharos

A beautiful 17-year-old British girl is inadvertently driven to Mexico by a dangerous car thief who is unaware she is sleeping in the back seat.

Oawzuup3viybzvh4eakgxgivbtg 1x29 – Episode 29

After an adopted son drowns, a strange woman arrives claiming to be the boy's birth mother and proceeds to blackmail the adoptive mother.

Ak0umaf5roukwjl2ywvgyrtvdam 1x30 – Episode 30

A neighbor's letter about an unfaithful wife disturbs an advice columnist.

Ay5wxpj0jcs7ekxpyesgfqwesbn 1x31 – Episode 31

A young doctor continues to date a beautiful showgirl in spite of warnings that her three previous marriages ended badly for her past husbands.

Ax749k8w3rcok6y7ievdv8xvixk 1x32 – Episode 32

A remorseful detective vows to find the men who killed his son, who was also a cop.

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