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Ttrlduwveelf1pwiy7liawxtlpz 1x1 – Der Geisterzug

Opa Globe is convinced it is his destiny to board a train he inadvertently caused to crash 75 years ago, and tells his nine-year old grandson the old Highball Express will careen through their house.

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Mbjhz4xzjdoezbzbaplwbig887i 1x2 – Der Meteor

Athletic teenage hunk Brad Bender thinks he is too cool for nerdy classmate Shirley, who is crazy over him, until, to his horror, a meteor shower's power suddenly turns him into a human magnet.

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1kak7tqive6mjfsh91qirntv1ui 1x3 – Das letzte Gefecht

During the Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836, 15-year-old messenger Jobe H. Farnum is about to be killed. He is transported forward in time to San Antonio in 1985. The 1980s prove to be too much for Jobe to handle.

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Dxt75th0sj5fefnscfmwz6pxjk1 1x4 – Die Mumie

A dedicated actor in a realistic mummy costume that he can't take off is shooting a movie in a swamp. When he hears his wife is in labor, he runs towards the town but the local rednecks think he's the real deal and form a posse.

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7blma6cjocqdfnguwy8wwooaqml 1x5 – Die Notlandung

A courageous young World War II gunner and aspiring cartoonist, trapped in the belly gun of a B-17 aircraft with the landing gear destroyed, has only his imagination as a force that might be able to save him.

Cdnphfwglyn0ayaxcfodpufnufz 1x6 – Der Hellseher

A nightclub audience gasps at The Amazing Falsworth's psychic powers, but the shock is his alone when the blindfolded performer picks up the vibes of a serial killer in the room.

5bdz4wrplor7fqcxomcehpqcayu 1x7 – Die Besucher

Three high-school kids build an antenna that can catch signals from outer space. They learn that the aliens are big fans of 1950s American television and are coming to Hollywood to meet some of their favorite Earth stars.

Lzbuiatuqnnvhkvcdmaqeyxcfq9 1x8 – Die Magie der Karten

Old-timer Lou Bundles, once a world-famous magician, is now fumbling every trick, and desperately purchases an amazing old deck of cards at a small magic shop in hopes of going out in a spectacular display of legerdemain.

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8b4fmrqmbbm8fax4bskbrrohjzj 1x9 – Die Himmlischen

Overworked and exhausted, the emotion Guilt in human personification takes a fateful cruise and falls in love with Love.

Pllnhsoebyjpnkdjmhclcjfx4mq 1x10 – Außer Kontrolle

A meek, unhappy and frustrated husband with a nagging wife and incorrigible sons finally finds solace in his new TV set that "comes alive" with the use of a magic remote control and gives him the chance to replace his family with various TV characters. But then reality hits.

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Bk7tqadupi392zfmhrjspmzgssc 1x11 – Der Weihnachtsmann

Kris Kringle's Christmas is rudely interrupted when he lands in the clink with a bunch of bogus Santas after tripping a home burglar alarm. The cynical sheriff doesn't believe his story, so his only hope of deliverance becomes a smart eight-year-old boy (Damon), who is the only one who believes him and who won't let Christmas pass without Santa.

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Vz9lfz6x2m0ygroeaqwozyejriz 1x12 – Verliebt in die Kunst

When a brilliant young artist's beloved wife dies in a carriage wreck, the grief-stricken husband is possessed with an incredible plan to bring her back through his art.

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Mhdim7qoe9elvwbbbhz5baraydt 1x13 – Die Zähmung

A Jamaican babysitter uses voodoo to tame a pair of mischievous, stir-crazy boys.

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Yufvvhjlloybcujbdz1bxosvxap 1x14 – Der Held

Scorned by his troop of poker-playing teen-aged soldiers, Arnold Skamp becomes a war hero by miraculously saving their lives when they charge the battle-torn beaches of Port Nuovo, Italy. What his fellow marines learn afterwards, shocks them even more.

Rfmimto0uw9po5daoxv4onipjh6 1x15 – Wer anderen eine Grube gräbt...

In 1934, a couple of South Bronx barflies try to kill drunk Mike Malloy for his insurance money and find they're tangling with much more than they bargained for.

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1x16 – Der Träumer

Jonathan Quick, the bane of his practical parents' existence, takes an ancient tree troll's advice to pack up his treasured comic-book collection and follow his heart. And so, fifty years later..

Qqtmk6ufge0cxggnbv0r3aqulpk 1x17 – Geistreich

Sweet, old-fashioned ghosts Nelson and Evelyn Chumsky are aghast when a porn queen and her sleazy husband move into their home, and try to scare the raunchy new residents away.

No8jpjyuwvw6vchtugcqhen4qfq 1x18 – Koma

It is shocking enough when old Ben Dumfy emerges like Rip Van Winkle from a 40-year coma, but his special mental communication with Dorothy, a comatose 7-year-old, leads to an even greater miracle. But there's a price.

Mgzbgpsybrwl4b4jfcq3jq91mzn 1x19 – Das Phantom im Spiegel

While guesting on a talk show, horror novelist Jordan Manmouth claims he is immune to being frightened by the nightmarish creatures he creates - and comes to regret the taunt when he is terrorized by a black-caped phantom.

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Wc3hamug5himdtoi5frebdj5hth 1x20 – Versteckte Kamera

Young everyday woman Jane becomes convinced that someone is recording and influencing her everyday life and that she's become the unwilling star of a secret cinema.

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P9kszmkv8jhlmvdsx43jyhuevdk 1x21 – Ein tödliches Toupet

Defense attorney Harry Ballentine is understandably nervous when his client is mild-mannered accountant Murray Bernstein - who after investing in a strange toupee had felt compelled to murder the first lawyer he saw. Harry goes after it.

Cr46twixxpzorifbtfdyh7gpfpf 1x22 – Liebemachers Puppen

The lonely, loveless life of a shy bachelor takes an astounding turn when he buys a special doll, exquisitely hand-crafted by a mysterious German toymaker. He tries to track down the woman who modeled for it.

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D7enptbrcp6jfhtsuqblyh37mca 1x23 – Wissen ist Macht

An elderly college janitor amazes himself, his wife and the scientific community when his brain turns into a sponge that soaks up more and more incredible knowledge of every subject taught at the school - until a shocking event changes everything.

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Waxsq2wskzafxfuq8o50wwodajg 1x24 – Der Geist lebt weiter

Edwin's grandpa died in his sleep last night. So why is the old man still hanging around the apartment, playing the piano and swapping stories with Edwin's grandma?

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