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1x1 – Night Mission: Stealing Friends Back

Axe Cop Saves the day!

1x2 – Zombie Island... In Space

Badass crime fighter AXE COP and partner FLUTE COP are asked to find a kidnapped British scientist by his daughter and must travel to the Zombie Island planet to help save the Queen of England.

1x3 – An American Story

Axe Cop reveals some personal history.

1x4 – Babysitting Uni-Baby

Axe Cop just wants to have fun babysitting without the baby.

1x5 – Birthday Month

Axe Cop avenges his dead parents with the power of Christmas.

1x6 – The Rabbit Who Broke All the Rules

Axe Cop gets a lesson in parenting when a mysterious, silent boy shows up asking Axe Cop to be his father.

Pylijgjeorm2uxwzneesqwmshf6 1x7 – No More Bad Guys

Axe Cop has killed all the bad guys on earth, meaning only one thing: he and his team of crime fighters need to find new jobs.

Vko0sghbguonncdzfumbg6p2hml 1x8 – Super Axe

Axe Cop must convince his old college buddy, Super Axe, to go on one last adventure to save the world.

1x9 – When Night Creatures Attack

Axe Cop and Flute Cop track down the Sun Thieves before the world is torn apart by Night Creatures.

1x10 – 28 Days Before

It's Thanksgiving and Axe Cop hasn't been seen since Halloween. How will his team celebrate Thanksgiving without him?

1x11 – Taxi Cop

Young Axey and Flutey grow up to run a taxi company, just falling short of their childhood dreams of becoming crime fighters.

1x12 – The Dumb List

Axe Cop is forced to let a girl join the team even though he has put all girls on the dumb list.

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