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1x1 – Judge Beeswax

Judge Beeswax inspects the hive and, discovers that Maya lives outside. He decides to banish her from the hive and the meadow, believing her life-style is a threat for the other bees. But during the attack of the wasps, Maya and her friends will prove that she has a role to play in the community.

1x2 – Willy's Bottle

Maya and Willy discover an abandoned soda bottle. As Willy enters in the bottle to taste the delicious and sweet liquid, the bottle rolls down a slope, taking Ben's ball away. Both disappear in the heart of the forest. Maya and Ben decide to look for them.

1x3 – The Queen's Messenger

The official Queen messenger being absent, Miss Cassandra organizes a contest to select the new junior messenger. Maya, Willy, Lara, Max and Shelby.

1x4 – Maya of the Bear

Willy saw a bear nearby. Maya informs the Queen who gives the order to evacuate the hive. When Maya and Willy realize that the panic in the hive was triggered by a teddy bear they're scared to confess their mistake to the Queen.

1x5 – Maya to the Rescue!

Maya and Willy would like Max to discover the delicious taste of his tree's fruits. They carry him through the air to the tops but Max gets grabbed by a bird. Maya organizes a large scale rescue operation with the help of the ants in order to save her friend.

1x6 – Shadow Play

Willy is afraid of the shadows. To help him overcome his fear, Maya organizes a shadow-puppet show.

1x7 – The Stranger

Maya and her friends discover a huge slime trail and Shelby's mushrooms have all disappeared. Barry knows for sure what happened : there is a monster in the meadow! Maya decides to investigate further and discovers that the creature is only a big slug!

1x8 – Misleading Appearances

Maya and Willy meet a nice caterpillar called Momo but he metamorphoses into a dead head hawk moth and attacks the hive and starts emptying the honey. Maya has to convince Momo to leave the hive and find something else to eat.

1x9 – Sleeping Beauty

While it is the great pollen harvest day, Maya and Willy have by mistake put asleep the whole hive. Now they have to ask all their friends to help them with the bindweed harvest, a flower that blooms only one day a year.

1x10 – No Sleep for Maya

A cricket keeps the whole meadow from sleeping. Maya and Willy will look for him. Chris, the cricket, is just trying to invite Lila the lady cricket to go to the ball but he sends her the wrong message ! Flip will help him to use his instruments in a better way, and Chris will eventually seduce the lady cricket.

1x11 – Philibert

While playing, Maya and Willy accidentally destroy a little fruit worm's home. Maya wants to help him find a new quite place, but Philibert, who is scared of his metamorphosis, uses Maya's kindness in order to have someone stay with him.

1x12 – Dancing with Bees

Maya has difficulties to learn the bees dance, very helpful to move to the right directions. Flip will try to help her and thanks to his lessons, Maya will be able to show the chief worker bee a new field of flowers that will help feeding the larvae brood.

1x13 – King Willy

Through a combination of circumstances, Willy becomes the very pampered king of a lost aphid heard. But when the aphids really need their "king" to protect them, Willy will need Maya's help.

1x14 – Night Blooms

Maya and Willy cross the forest to see a very rare flower, the moonflower, but they get caught by the night and get lost. Luckily, they can count on a firefly to help find their way back.

1x15 – Powder Power

Maya has accidentally wet Beatrice's wings. She has lost some of her powder and can't fly anymore. Maya has to find a solution to help her as the great butterfly ball is fast approaching...

1x16 – Royal Outing

Fed up with the heavy protocole, the Queen decides to leave the hive for a moment to visit the meadow. She meets Maya who is thrilled to make the Queen discover her universe. But without the Queen, the hive becomes close to chaos...

1x17 – Keep Ball Rolling

A fly has stolen Ben's ball to use it as a nest to lay her eggs. Unfortunately, it's the ball Ben wanted to show at the big dungbeetle meeting ! Maya and Willy decide to help Ben to make a new ball dedicated to the fly only. Ben is delighted to show his friends how he builds a ball.

1x18 – Wild Bunch

Flip's cousins arrive in the meadow. When they are all together , they strangely change their color and their behaviour. As Flip is changing too, Maya realizes that she might loose her friend. She will do anything to get him back !

1x19 – Bee Clean

Maya and Willy have caught varroas, some sort of bee lice. The hive is infected. They decide to ask the wild bees from the forest for advice on how to get rid of these parasites.

1x20 – Crack

While playing, Maya and Willy break Shelby's shell by mistake. They have to find a way to repair the crack before it gets dangerous for their friend.

1x21 – Mrs Hermitt Beetle's Journey

Maya wants to help Miss Hermit's Beetle, an old lady who lost her home during a storm. She wants to find her brother who lives in an old tree on the other side of the pond. But the old lady memory play them tricks and they have a hard time to find their ways...

1x22 – Flying Licence

Lord Beeswaxe is visiting the hive. He is the witness of an accident caused by Maya. He decides to establish a "flying licence". Now the bees have to stay on the floor and can't do their work properly.

1x23 – No Friend for Dino

Maya meets a nice earwig who's a real artist and sculpts everything he sees. But his art is misunderstood by the others who tend to reject him. Maya will help him to be accepted by the community.

1x24 – Mother Courage

Maya plays with little firebugs. She soon realizes that they are alone and tries to find their mother. She discovers the firebug mother is in despair : if she can't feed her brood, they run away to find a new mother.

1x25 – Cake for the Queen

Unknowingly, Willy eats the Queen's cake. Along with Maya, they will try to find out the recipe and make a new cake before everyone in the hive notices the cake has disappeared.

1x26 – Ring-a Ring-a Caterpillar

Maya meets a colony of oak-procession-moths crossing the meadow. She tries to help them find the right direction to their nest as they're very dangerous for the other insects : their hairs are provoking rashs to whoever touches them.

1x27 – Hoverfly Spy

Maya makes friend with a Hoverfly (a fly looking like a wasp). When the wasps steal the honey of a special messenger, Syrphie helps Maya to get it back, pretending being a wasp amongst Stinger and his friends.

1x28 – Shelby's Dream

Shelby dreams to fly. Maya and Willy want to help him to accomplish his dream. But things don't go as planned.

1x29 – The Great Pollen Robbery

It's the spring festival. Maya and Willy are excited: the neighbour hive has decided to offer the meadow hive a tulip. But the convoy is attacked by the wasps. Maya, helped by her friends, will try to get the precious pollen back.

1x30 – Maya's Garden

Maya and Willy discover a flower that makes delicious nectar. But there is just one left in the meadow . Maya decides to pollenise the flower to create some new ones.

1x31 – Max Has a Crush

Max has a crush on a beautiful caterpillar. Helped by Maya, he tries to become her friend and spend some time with her. But suddenly, she disappears... to become a butterfly!

1x32 – Tekla is in a State

Thekla is sick but nobody dares to come close to her. Maya feels sorry for her and decides to help her. She asks the Queen if she can get some propolis to cure her but the Queen refuses. Maya has to find her own way to help her.

1x33 – Hive Jive

For a party, the Queen wants to see again a famous bumble-bee singer, who used to team with the musician Flip!. Maya decides to find him ! But the umble bee doesn't want to sing anymore...

1x34 – Sleepless Max

Max can't sleep anymore. Something makes odd noises in his galleries. Maya Flip and Willy leave for a great exploration, and will discover a whole new underground world !

1x35 – What a Nice Wasp

Maya and Willy meet a wasp who's very different from the others... Vesper is in love with Beatrice! Maya decides to help him...

1x36 – Willy Moves Out

Beeswax decides that the hive is too small for that many bees : some of them have to move and found a new hive! Willy is chosen to leave... Maya soon realizes she might lose her best friend and decides to change Beeswax mind.

1x37 – Weather on Demand

Lara pretends to be able to change the weather ! When she actually just reads the signs in nature! She soon realizes that this ability is interesting the other insects of the meadow... But Maya discovers her lie.

1x38 – Follow the Egg

Maya and her friends find an egg. They don't know where it comes from, neither what kind of animal it is. Maya decides to find its nest before it hatches...

1x39 – In Search of Lost Dung

Ben meets Rudy, another dung beetle boy. Both challenge each other to get the most beautiful dung they've ever seen!

1x40 – Queen of the Solar Eclipse

Our insects see an eclipse for the first time ! It's the panic in the hive. Maya who knows the meadow very well will help the other insects to organize themselves.

1x41 – Henri's Cabin

The ant camp is attacked by an ant-lion! Maya and Willy will help the ants to put their eggs safe in the secret cabin of Henri, a little and who's different that the others.

1x42 – The Birth of Maya

First part of a double episode about Maya's birth, her discovery of the hive's life and its organization, her friendship with Willy and Flip. Soon, Maya discovers the meadow and its freedom...

1x43 – Take Off

Maya sneaks out of the hive at night for the first time... She lives an adventure with Willy and saves them from a frog and an owl. She then decides to live in the meadow.

1x44 – The Haunted Hive

The hive is haunted! Maya discovers it's a little moth who hides in the basements.

1x45 – Bee Day

Maya discovers that some insects celebrate their birth or transformation day! She wants to know her birthday and organize herself and Willy a party.

1x46 – Wings of Champion

Maya and Willy meet Grandad Dragonfly. Very nostalgic, he tells them that he used to be a great race champion ! This time he is too old. Maya decides to run the place instead of Granddad dragonfly who will coach them.

1x47 – The Queen's Scepter

It's the Queens jubilee. Maya has to decorate the Queen's sceptre ! But it disappears in one of Kurt's ball who was cleaning the meadow. How to get it back ?

1x48 – Night of the Giants

Maya and Willy help a stag beetle for its last fight... But Pat the cricket is determined to make him loose...

1x49 – Edgar the Fearless

Maya has to help a young bee to overcome his fears of going outside in the nature.

1x50 – Molly the Miner

Maya meets Molly, a mole-cricket who loses her memory... She doesn't know where her food is.

1x51 – Barry's Glasses

Willy loses Barry's glasses in propolis, which solidifies into a ball! To free the glasses, Maya and Willy use a bird which breaks nuts... Meanwhile, Barry doesn't see anything but pretends he can manage by himself.

1x52 – Bless You Miss Cassandra

Miss Cassandra has become allergic and can't work at the hive anymore. Maya will help her to find out why she's allergic and try to cure her.

1x53 – Alarm

Maya burries her own reserves for winter and creates a map to find them again. But later, the wasps find the map... and they also find an alarm clock on the reserves!

1x54 – Maya Commander in Chief

Maya is missioned by Paul to lead the ants to a stock of seeds. Meanwhile, fugax ants are prowling...

1x55 – Forbidden Fruit

A creature eats the precious strawberries of the ants, creating problems... Willy is accused, but it is in fact the greedy Lara!

1x56 – Thank You Wasps

Maya and Willy help Flip who feel weak and really need pear juice. But only wasps can cut peaches...

1x57 – Sulky Willy

After a misunderstanding between Maya and Willy (accused of eating in secret their stack of pollen), Willy sulks! But he finally decides to go alone in the forest to find new pollen seeds.

1x58 – Queen of the Day

While the Queen leaves the hive for a little holiday, Beeswax takes a young Queen to replace her! But she is experimented and behaves as a diva! The hive is upside down, Maya and Willy have to do something.

1x59 – Harmony in the Meadow

To repair the broken strings of Flip's violin, Maya,Willy and Flip seek help from Stridularius, the music instruments seller (a beetle). The latter needs Thekla's yarn, but she is mad at him for strange reasons... The trio investigates.

1x60 – Willy Loses His Memory

Willy looses his memory. An ant even makes him believe he is an ant, in order to use him! Maya and her friends have to help Willy before they lose their friend!

1x61 – Rainbow Pollen

Willy participates to a competition of pollen balls, and is helped by a black firefly.

1x62 – Greedy Frogs

Maya and Willy meet a couple of frogs. First they're being hunted, then they will help each other out.

1x63 – Dragonfly Express

A little dragonfly has forgotten who she has to deliver a package to! Maya and Willy investigate...

1x64 – On with the Show

Maya organizes a talent show to prove that everybody has talent (and not just Lara, as she pretends, singing at the top of her lungs!). The price: a delicious pic-nic! But the wasps are going to disturb the show... On his side, Doz tries too to make art, with a sculpture of Stinger in papier mâché...

1x65 – Night Flight

Coming back from a party, the Queen gets lost with her guards in the forest at night! Maya has to find her and bring her back to the hive, helped with the fireflies

1x66 – The Outsider

A new little bee, Hannah, pretends to Maya she is not a real bee and that she can't find resin buds to make propolis. Maya wants to prove the contrary. Hanna ends up provoking a disaster making a big hole in the hive!

1x67 – A New Shelby

Shelby is annoyed by predators because he seems harmless. In order to change this, Maya and her friends help Shelby to disguise his shell. But the result is not the one they expected...

1x68 – Willy Guards the Hive

Like all bees, Willy has to learn how to be a guard of the hive... but this is the moment Beeswax and the wasps decide to pay them a visit!

1x69 – A Flower to Share

Maya has found the perfect new flower to sleep in, but another bee pretends she found it before her! To know who will get the flower, they have a competion of pollen gathering, organised by Beeswax!

1x70 – Did I Say That?

Willy accidentally eats some nectar that Lara had destined for Maya. It makes him tell the truth, unpleasant or not, all the time and not worry about the consequences... which are not always bad as he manages, involuntarily, to save Judge Beeswax - just after having called him a pain in the neck.

1x71 – A Friend for the Oak

Maya and Willy's favorite tree, the oak, is sick! They need to plant a truffle under it. But they discover Polly (Molly's sister) the mole-cricket, who eats everything under the tree! How are they going to save the oak?

1x72 – The Runaway Bee

Zig, a little bee, flees his hive because he can't help goofing around, and he just made a big mistake with Beeswax. Zig meets Maya and pretends he wants to live in the meadow like her. But Maya discovers his problem and tries to solve it with him.

1x73 – The Big Bad Earwig

Maya and Willy are on the track of the "big bad earwig", who is said to be prowling around... They will discover it is just the sensitive and poetic Igor, little earwig who lives alone in the forest because he scares the others with his claws.

1x74 – Doc Slick

Doc Slick is a pedlar who will do anything to seduce the beautiful singer Lady Cricket... even stealing Flip's violin to play it for her. Maya thinks something is going on, but Willy won't believe her.

1x75 – The Gift from Above

A cowpat has landed just in front of the hive! It is a catastrophe, the Queen is supposed to receive other Queens tonight! Ben and his friends decide to move away the cowpat (which is easier said than done!), all together, even though it really smell bad...

1x76 – Once Upon a Slime

There is a heat wave in the meadow, and Slink the slug is stuck on the ground because it has no slime anymore... Maya and her friends have to find water to hydrate him!

1x77 – The Big Eat

Maya accidentally eats soil and falls ill. All her friends try to heal her by comic and akwards ways. Ben prepares her a pollen ball mixed with dung... but the pollen ball is accidentally gathered by a worker bee... Maya and Willy urgently have to find it before it ends in the hands of a very important delegation of bees!

1x78 – A Surprise for Maya

Willy and his friends want to prepare a great surprise for Maya to thank her for all she does for them.

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