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4vrytrsujq6i9buybwayfhbwfo6 1x1 – Episode 1

As Bluey and Bingo begin to squabble over their magic xylophone (that has the power to freeze their Dad in space and time) Dad seizes control and freezes Bluey, leaving Bingo as her only hope.

8yonm0dgsw6gqutooijsw1vyqi8 1x2 – Episode 2

Doctor Bluey is needed for assistance when Dad gets a very curious x-ray from Nurse Bingo. It seems that he has a cat in his tummy, leaving Bluey no choice but for her to operate immediately.

Rju1cl5ae40dmhsawzar7gvvhks 1x3 – Episode 3

Bluey, Bingo and Mum are enjoying playing Keepy-Uppy around the house with their last balloon. All is fine, until their Dad joins in, and soon, the game becomes the ultimate test of skill.

Nytbqymadfbk1nyfhew7ithj9w 1x4 – Episode 4

Bluey and Bingo don't want to tidy the playroom, so they get their Dad (as Daddy Robot) to do it for them. But when Bluey takes things too far, Daddy Robot begins to malfunction with some disastrous results.

Djhxdwiufagpx5i7mzz38dy3hqu 1x5 – Episode 5

On a picnic in the park, Bluey, Coco and Snickers play Shadowlands. But when Coco keeps taking shortcuts, Bluey has to show her that following the rules (and not changing them) can make the game even more fun.

Yfcjrfxqlewaon3xcuygnnml3pa 1x6 – Episode 6

At the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing in the garden with their Dad. But Bingo gets upset, when she discovers a walking leaf insect and for her Dad, he is too caught up in the game to notice.

Yiit5js01pyxikpjv00kumx2pag 1x7 – Episode 7

It's lunchtime on Bluey and her Dad's back decks. But every BBQ needs a side salad, so for Bingo, her relaxing sit-down will have to wait until she finds every color of capsicum that her cousins have asked for.

Jk63ogwehxrts80fmoeabqwe3bw 1x8 – Episode 8

Not wanting to go to bed, Bluey tries to dream about being a nocturnal fruit bat so that she can stay up all night long, and soon, she finds herself flying through the night sky.

Vhfympkcxv1wtcfqzdeujjhn0qj 1x9 – Episode 9

When Bluey forgets to put her favorite toy away, Muffin's cousin Socks then grabs it and won't let go of it. The kids stage a horsey wedding to distract her, with Dad and Uncle Stripe as the horses.

Mfylt6qbb0dafvfzqltdggexm2h 1x10 – Episode 10

Bluey and Bingo run a crazy "Hotel" with Dad as their first and only put upon guest. But when Bingo quits over Bluey being too controlling, their Dad needs to teach them the importance of compromise.

Aopqxhsswj8h7yfbqvdlzqkvhfx 1x11 – Episode 11

One day at the park, Bluey is struggling to learn how to ride her own bike. But as she and her Dad watch her friends determination with their own tasks, Bluey is inspired to give it another try.

Wsxhwchzijqgjpwrkontarxe7tj 1x12 – Episode 12

When it's Bingo's turn to bring her Kindy's Bob Bilby puppet home and record their weekend in the scrapbook, the family resolve to put down their screens and attempt to show him a good time.

4qlxb1asumuyvhbnbflr2onuvl 1x13 – Episode 13

When Bingo stops playing Bluey's spy game in the park, their device to control the grown-ups stops working properly. Bluey now sees how important Bingo is and she needs to win her back.

Wafybqrongzpjydalybxhjz5ppi 1x14 – Episode 14

While they are forced to wait five minutes in front of a restaurant for their takeaway order, Bluey and Bingo become restless for entertainment, pushing the very limits of Dad's patience.

7pmrjzyipom4kbwxgd25yxeysvn 1x15 – Episode 15

Playing 'Butterflies' in the backyard is great fun. The game goes on, until Bluey runs away with Judo, leaving Bingo all alone. Now poor Bingo's heartbroken, and for Bluey, she needs to make amends.

Klg2kmqsaahozq7j9bbctub7b5m 1x16 – Episode 16

For Bingo, she loves horsing around with her Dad, but sometimes he forgets that Bingo is smaller than her sister. Mum teaches Bingo how to use her big girl bark to keep their fun within her limits.

Yg7uunk1gk691gvsolaojuslmzn 1x17 – Episode 17

At school, Bluey and her friends all throw themselves into various games. Their teacher Calypso keeps her charges on track with a wise word and a song - all except for the mysterious Pretzel.

Easvhknzfod4j2seoxkda4qzqof 1x18 – Episode 18

Honey is stuck waiting for Dr Bingo's appointment as all the other, more exciting injuries get seen before her's. Receptionist Bluey tells her to be patient, as some of these cases are a real pickle.

Vdmrxfxiuafxbq6blizpia1awc6 1x19 – Episode 19

When Bluey and Bingo are unable to grab some chocolate doodads on a Magic Claw machine, they both return back to their house. Mum and Dad create their own version at home. But for Dad, he isn't about to make winning easy.

L9uyp4pfr12t4rbcnlq2bk4ipki 1x20 – Episode 20

When Bluey visits the markets with five dollars from the tooth fairy, the options for her are endless. But as she and Indy scour the market stalls for the perfect purchase, spending it proves hard.

3uzpv4rxf38lbtrz2smhhesamsa 1x21 – Episode 21

Bluey, Bingo, Mum and Dad all play a game of hand puppets, exploring the land beyond the Blue Mountains where they'll have to outsmart the Cheeky Fox to find the softest beds in the world.

Jg1a6m3iibso6yqvdaxvvvmfgq9 1x22 – Episode 22

While packing for the pool, Bluey and her Dad tease Mum about being so fussy with what to take, But when they arrive under prepared, they realize that a little planning goes a long way.

Hxcovq3cu4hlc8ucvhizdkkayag 1x23 – Episode 23

Playing 'Shops' is the best game ever for Bluey and her friends - if they can only ever get started. With Bluey questioning the rules and changing who's who, they might be here all day.

9kvwbygfgtricugsjza5u6hmjco 1x24 – Episode 24

Bluey can't wait to get to the monkey bars as Dad takes her and Bingo on a wagon ride to the park. But her patience will be tested when Dad keeps stopping to chat with other grown-ups.

Lmfazviqaxm9ud3obu56x04wi0s 1x25 – Episode 25

Bluey is running a taxi service. Her first passenger is Dad taking the role of the Businessman, who is in a rush to get to the airport. But with unexpected delays, Dad's in danger of missing his own flight.

Lrav9xdb8bzlkwavve7kycwttcw 1x26 – Episode 26

As her Mum goes for a walk along the beach, Bluey runs to catch up with her. Along the way, she has a series of encounters that will both excite and test her in her first solo adventure.

1cvobyclntxuhqzlatktfwovvyq 1x27 – Episode 27

It's an adventure on the high seas as Bluey, Bingo and Missy play Pirates on the hammock swing, but they'll need to find their courage to withstand storms and whale attacks.

H1cc2rr89dkq62adx4whq0gggrf 1x28 – Episode 28

A game of 'Grannies' is fun, until Bingo and Bluey can't agree on one simple question: Can Grannies dance? Now they'll need to video call their Nana to get the answer.

9tj9r6yhokhi9vyoqs5jlujyavn 1x29 – Episode 29

Bored of the local playground, Dad and the kids go out on a journey to their local creek. Cast out of her comfort zone, Bluey's eyes are opened to the beauty of the natural world.

Ur2u40xuvpm8jckxifhhmqfnxmk 1x30 – Episode 30

Bluey believes that Fairies exist in the backyard.

Fefnl9wnx0yyqlxqysir7bhrofu 1x31 – Episode 31

In a game of 'Work', Dad hires Bluey and Bingo at his drainpipe factory. But when Bluey gets to take charge, Dad finds his new boss pretty tough, especially her no dancing rule.

Hdblihec6pk1ms6aqbxjfpwubvt 1x32 – Episode 32

Bingo is sick in hospital, so Bluey and her Dad make, and send her a homemade video to lift her spirits. It tells the tale of Barnicus' quest to heal her spotty dog named Bumpy.

Wgsrgjus90r2lihm2ygrvvobfix 1x33 – Episode 33

When Dad has to stop having fun with the girls and go to work, Bluey and Bingo scramble to keep him playing games with them on the trampoline at the same time.

Fzcuvy77jrvwlzummwctdfqddoe 1x34 – Episode 34

On a trip to the Dump Dad claims he's the best at everything. But Bluey discovers that Dad's throwing out her old drawing and questions if he really is the best Dad in the world.

Inrr9te55nsbl8m8g3mg2f8ob4h 1x35 – Episode 35

Bluey's backyard zoo is home to wonderful animals, especially the big blue Daddy gorilla. But when he grabs visitor Bingo and escapes, Zookeeper Bluey must recapture the wild beast.

Dmbpatbyud4z0ambazc1gpzglcj 1x36 – Episode 36

Mum and Dad are going on an adventure for the day, wearing the kids as their cheeky backpacks. Seeing the sights and buying street food, backpacking is a blast - until they lose their passports.

Rwnos52lemjrhscrtwgqgilmt0m 1x37 – Episode 37

Bluey plays with Chloe and pretends to be a horse as she accompanies the princess on an imaginary adventure to find food at the family farm. The friends swap roles and adopt a variety of personas as they save the kingdom from an evil queen

Kwsafcn0hherlnpwrribwqgnqjw 1x38 – Episode 38

Dad wakes to find Bluey copying his every move. Bluey finds an injured budgie. They take the bird to the vet and learn that it has died. When they get home, Bluey reenacts the events with Bingo to cope with the budgie's death.

8lcnqorb6nnyciddhhyyh4e7mw6 1x39 – Episode 39

A sleepover with their cousin Muffin means Bluey and Bingo get to stay up late. But when Muffin shows up exhausted after missing her nap, the girls get more fun than they bargained for.

Adtlnous3ujmlnff6suk911m467 1x40 – Episode 40

Bluey's playgroup is at odds when Indy's baby hospital collides with Rusty's knights and dragons. But in explaining themselves, they both find that their games actually have a lot in common.

Fnd9vjgw0lcxaix135j3wljdscx 1x41 – Episode 41

While playing a game of Mum and Dads, Rusty and Indy couldn't decide who should "go to work" or "stay and take care of the infant" which causes them to split and play with other children.

5bf4qhs9itvnecu9zqt3xgwlbme 1x42 – Episode 42

It's time for a family game of hide and seek. Everyone hides, while Bluey counts to twenty, but will she be able to stay focused on the game and not get distracted by all her toys.

Ibctt1jpg8cgpdjvnzdcskibknn 1x43 – Episode 43

While on a camping holiday, Bluey makes a new friend called Jean-Luc. Bluey may not understand him, but they find common language playing and hunting for a wild Daddy pig.

Eb3jrb2nzuuy5w5a710ocimr006 1x44 – Episode 44

Bingo and Bluey have five minutes to bed, just enough time to race to the summit of Mount Mumandad. But for them, facing powerful storms, avalanches and stinky spots will take teamwork.

Zdm04knovkl51ztvldapjkedrjc 1x45 – Episode 45

A quick trip to the shops proves tricky for Dad, when Bingo and Bluey want to play a game of 'Kids'. Now Bluey is Mum, Bingo's her baby and for Dad however, he is a very naughty boy.

Lhjphytx3xu8bduztmks2fykee7 1x46 – Episode 46

It's bedtime and Bingo can't remember where she left her beloved Floppy. Retracing their steps, Bingo and Bluey lead their Mum through their bizarre day in the hope of tracking her down.

255jskg9r3mrqasub4zaulrdzkg 1x47 – Episode 47

Bluey needs her Mum's advice on dealing with a troublesome neighbor, when the serenity of her couch cushion playhouse is threatened by Bingo's own growing stable of animals.

2q4xa6mw6ppqmkh5fc9vxweoqfm 1x48 – Episode 48

Bluey, Bingo and Mum get into a debate with Dad about the definition of teasing. As they recall all the times where he's been a Big Teaser, Dad argues that he was only just playing.

3yfsdhp13mycjo9wqczxigd0eyl 1x49 – Episode 49

Dad tells Bluey to mind her manners at the table - they're not animals. But when Bluey gets her hands on a stick of magic asparagus, she shows them everyone's got a wild side.

Adzxkcivtu6oh96tzmpw9329phr 1x50 – Episode 50

Bluey and Bingo want a pet. To show them how much work they'd be in for, Dad gets to transform his hand into their old friend Shaun, a chaotic, undisciplined Emu with a taste for trouble.

40qnx8zgkhabeivytlyehsykzxl 1x51 – Episode 51

When Mum goes out to a baby shower, Dad takes charge of the girls' evening routine. But with Bluey missing Mum, Dad has to pull out all the games he knows to keep them entertained.

1x52 – Verandah Santa

It's Christmas Eve and Dad and the kids are taking turns pretending to be Santa. But when Socks nips Bluey, and she refuses to leave her a present, they must all learn the true meaning of being good for Christmas.

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