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1x1 – Episode 1

Mysterious Fantoccini offers an unhappy overworked suburbanite husband the services of his high tech company. He'll be replaced by a robot duplicate both at home and work. However, the man becomes jealous of his perfect double.

1x2 – Episode 2

A caring father, deeply traumatized by the constant bullying he suffered as a child at the local playground, is forced by his sister to face his demons and take his little boy to the same playground. However, the demons return as well.

1x3 – Episode 3

A car crash survivor discovers that the same sinister, mysterious crowd of onlookers somehow always shows up minutes after any potentially fatal car accident at the site of the crash.

1x4 – The Town Where No One Got Off

Provoked by the snobbish attitude of a city slicker towards the people from the countryside, a man gets off his train at a random village to confirm his positive attitude about the country folk. He's in for a surprise - but so are they.

1x5 – The Screaming Woman

While playing in a seemingly deserted part of the local forest, little girl hears a woman screaming. Is she imagining it? Is it a ghost? No one believes her so she takes the matter into her own hands. Features Ray Bradbury in a cameo.

1x6 – Banshee

An eccentric flamboyant critic, who's staying at a lodge in the Irish woods, makes a bet with a mild-mannered skeptical writer, that the legend about the sad banshee haunting the forest searching for her lover is real.

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