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Edv4eubemnbyi6ei1lpjz38xsoj 1x1 – Wer ohne Spuren geht

Kripo Bolzano - Who goes without a trace.

Wdv6noel1tkr7jtbhwklruj5xhe 1x2 – Das fünfte Gebot

The fifth commandment.

Xa66umy63r5gxd9b5xavwhk0euf 1x3 – Herz-Jesu-Blut

Sacred Heart blood.

Ptfjqjjtkmr0yacewmjixrutiaa 1x4 – Am Abgrund

DI Schwarz gets a tip from a journalist: the Keller family uses Mafia money to bribe their way to a building permit and to build a hotel in rhe middle of a nature reserve. On the way to a reported crime, she and her husband are shot at and suffer an accident in which he is seriously wounded. Meanwhile, a mountain biker finds a dead companion by a downhill piste. How is all this related?

Fprv1pjuskisfprndrybw8czd7o 1x5 – In der Falle

In the trap.

J07hlw6hmagpgwqjannboxaztyj 1x6 – Leichte Beute

Easy loot.

Hztwn1gppz4fp8fduncgj1l5p9x 1x7 – Falsches Spiel

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149xdbejix8mzydxpq6jmyeoet9 1x8 – Mörderisches Schweigen

Murderous silence.

Erfz56jtwkbukrly8y3twminj5j 1x9 – Gegen die Zeit

Against the time.

8kolk2e4gziml75ufedfsu8ueq1 1x10 – Blutrache

"Capo" Matteo Zanchetti finally knows who is behind the attack on him: Mafia boss Saffione, who holds the commissioner responsible for the death of his son and daughter. In order to protect his partner Sonja as well as colleagues and relatives from the revenge of his archenemy, Matteo sees only one way out: He flies to Bari on his own to eliminate the powerful mafia boss. He really wants to keep Sonja out, but shortly afterwards "Mrs. Commissario" also travels to Bari on a private mission. There she is looking for her stepdaughter Laura, who is on a trip to Italy and ...

6mnwydfoicpssuk6qxadwndpxxs 1x11 – Tödliche Stille

Mafia boss Saffione manages to escape with another prisoner in a brutal attack on the prisoner transporter. As Commissioner Sonja Schwarz and Capo Matteo Zanchetti determine from the traces, it is not a successful rescue operation, but a failed murder attempt. In order to forestall the killers, Matteo wants to find his wounded archenemy, who is hiding in the mountains with the local Holzer. Matteo would like to do without the help of Sonja, whose feelings for her Bari acquaintance Riccardo hurt him. But a blood-smeared, deaf young woman runs into his colleague's arms ...

Sul8hkag0eiwelfbnkcuatov9aj 1x12 – Zündstoff

A bomb explosion literally blows up a secret Mafia meeting in Bolzano. A bodyguard of the hostess Giulia Santoro is killed, the angry bosses leave in a hurry. For the ambitious governor and her rival, the "Capo" Michele Lagagna, more is at stake than the billion-dollar business she has orchestrated. And Giulia absolutely has to find out who is behind the attack before Commissioner Sonja Schwarz does it. The interim chief of the Bolzano Police Department is just as unimpressed by the fact that there is considerable tension in her team, as is the stance of the ...

4i3rzwzqtbb8vhayjeflh5sjfhb 1x13 – Mord am Penser Joch

In den Bergen nahe Bozen tobt die Schlacht am Bergisel. Dass beim Nachspielen des Tiroler Volksaufstandes von 1809 echtes Blut fließt, ist eigentlich nicht vorgesehen. Doch als ein Teilnehmer mit einem Armbrustpfeil ermordet wird, beginnt für Sonja Schwarz ein ungewöhnlicher Fall: Der Tote war ein pensionierter Polizist, ...

1x14 – Verspieltes Glück

The gambling addict Vitus Höllrigl and the rich hotelier Staffler get together on the racetrack. When Höllriegel was found stabbed to death in his wood carving workshop the next day, inspector Sonja Schwarz and her colleague Jonas suspected the businessman who runs the renowned "Staffler" with his daughter Gabriele and son-in-law Toni. The investigators learn from a witness that the heavily indebted Höllriegel obviously wanted to collect a much higher "debt" from his creditor. Sonja tries to find out more about Höllrigl's daughter Edith, who has broken with her father...

1x15 – Vergeltung

A delivery truck crashes into a café in the heart of Meran, the driver escapes undetected. A political attack? A personal act of revenge? Or a blackmail warning from criminals? "Capo" Sonja Schwarz is investigating in all directions. An unusual witness who is "accidentally" at the scene of the crime causes tensions with her partner Jonas: Sonja's former police colleague Mike Gerber, with whom she was also privately close during her time in Frankfurt. "Frau Commissario" would like to keep her affair out of the case - especially since she feels attracted to Mike again. ...

1x16 – Familienehre

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