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Knqw68ih5lfzn9d5gkve2scckyu 1x1 – The DVD

Gumball and Darwin try to get out of returning a rented DVD when they accidentally destroy it.

Eocnczcm9n50na1yg6iuzhccuwt 1x2 – The Responsible

Gumball and Darwin babysit Anais while their parents go to a school meeting.

Nybfwxmstqepfuk3dnop25ki12b 1x3 – The Third

Gumball and Darwin hope that adding a third friend to their activities will break up the monotony.

Oavhal22yhwo62cihkdc501wtsi 1x4 – The Debt

When Mr. Robinson stops backing up his car and avoids hitting Gumball on the curb, Gumball feels like he owes a debt to him and vows to protect him.

Q1zn631oyuswgpzu2j3oghjuur 1x5 – The End

Darwin and Gumball think it's the end of the world.

Repfs2yhvspcp6kjqgphwnkwrfv 1x6 – The Dress

When Gumball has nothing but his Mom's wedding dress to wear for school he realizes that everyone thinks he is a beautiful girl and treat him like royalty, especially Darwin who, unknowing of the truth, acquires a crazy obsession for him.

Xzpfuuotcbhnzt1jixytpugkysk 1x7 – The Quest

Gumball and Darwin help Anais rescue her doll from Tina Rex.

Ccxqustvjlzuocqaulzunmfzm9j 1x8 – The Spoon

When Dad forgets a birthday present for Mom, he sends Gumball and Darwin to the gas station to get one. While there, they aid a robber, but don't realize it.

989evjxxwknvhwk3t7we46xjkof 1x9 – The Pressure

Gumball tries to save Darwin from being kissed by a girl.

6l2ptkyuebsvkwlxjpfbv3jclae 1x10 – The Painting

Principal Brown is concerned about a picture that Anais drew of her family. He decides the family is dysfunctional. Now Nicole has to stay home, Richard must get a job, and the boys work with Mr. Small to vent their energy.

20shd635iwbkz5cfqqzny8fwhzu 1x11 – The Laziest

Gumball and Darwin challenge Dad to a "lazy-off."

Wxp00ehbs4i1b6bqielpm1ggqqq 1x12 – The Ghost

Carrie takes over Gumball's body.

Wpslafthhyyt8v8rfrw74emqvxb 1x13 – The Mystery

Miss Simian's class finds Principal Brown wrapped up in toilet paper, shaved and covered in green paint. Gumball decides to find out who the culprit is before his entire class (and the janitor) faces detention.

S0yoylfxwafipbmuwq6s0giv7vs 1x14 – The Prank

Gumball and Darwin repeatedly play pranks on their dad, all to the point where he goes crazy.

Uyvbkvzcjmxddpkrrjfeku7tzff 1x15 – The Gi

Gumball and Darwin's martial arts costumes make them a laughing stock at school.

Tkc3vocucm5y3zdkm9m5a3nkcjz 1x16 – The Kiss

When Gumball gets kissed by Granny Jojo, Darwin tries to help him forget.

Ytcwekcwobniqf8f6e3p6enhmbo 1x17 – The Party

Tobias' sister, Rachel, is having a high-school party and Gumball's class is invited, providing they can bring along a date.

2krmyt27thopaioxy5qc1dme3pl 1x18 – The Refund

Gumball and Darwin feign Larry for a video game refund.

Tyj17jzfcvml3uixbxswo7teiaj 1x19 – The Robot

Gumball discovers that Bobert is planning to take over his identity and replace him.

57a2w42m4nagn43hxe31salua30 1x20 – The Picnic

Gumball's class goes on a picnic and they get lost in the evil forest when they get separated from the class and have to survive.

30lxhpdp6c9de9ntibhorbxu0or 1x21 – The Goons

Anais wants to join the boys and Richard in their silly antics, so Gumball and Darwin teach her how to fit in so she can have fun. However, the result leaves Gumball feeling left out.

Cu6k8y8rjc76tnnjpdj0usxxss6 1x22 – The Secret

Gumball forces Darwin to tell him a secret.

A9yywhi7tlrhs0vvsdsndgwomxc 1x23 – The Sock

Gumball and Darwin are taught confusing lessons about honesty by the school counselor.

Pqejk2q8whpolbzom9j9y0mhh7r 1x24 – The Genius

Darwin is taken away because the government thinks that he's a genius.

Rhdocwyzazfn0ceeat3a38rozxj 1x25 – The Poltergeist

Gumball and Darwin give Mr. Robinson a home and end up saving his marriage.

2stuy8trpkdikas13zfondqt2xj 1x26 – The Mustache

Gumball and Darwin make a wish to be men, but learn that it's not as great as you might think.

Egvm6n16mtmbgr83yhpjnemofze 1x27 – The Date

Gumball discovers the difference between a "date" and a "pet's funeral" - the hard way.

W7lmlmlu2k9yhaktaekgsnrzfxb 1x28 – The Club

Gumball wants to join a club, but no one wants him except for the nerds.

V9iw8ojyfdh7fc1iao9zsplzonl 1x29 – The Wand

Gumball and Darwin make their dad believe in magic again.

Xbh2ainmmhvqsjk4fkakikcdhv9 1x30 – The Ape

Miss Simian wants to be friends with Gumball and Darwin.

Pzkgzwyvuab6wqyffmezcj3dfm7 1x31 – The Car

Gumball and Darwin accidentally destroy Mr Robinson's new car - or do they?

Kkdux35neu5n5z21s9bhbsahvrh 1x32 – The Curse

Gumball thinks there is a curse on him because he is having so much bad luck.

9cuc1etp8scr2lvytsfazjxbbhr 1x33 – The Microwave

Gumball and Darwin accidentally create a loveable monster that eats their family.

Pxlumtjgasdfpotqrupvggrq3cr 1x34 – The Meddler

After seeing that he needs more attention, Mom meddles with Gumball's life.

Pt6sshfpbsptjgk822krxzifktx 1x35 – The Helmet

Gumball's magic tinfoil helmet threatens to tear the Watterson family apart.

Cbmfisfoy0b80jpg70cme0s1sxt 1x36 – The Fight

Gumball snaps at Tina, the Tyrannosaurus Rex bully, and reluctantly agrees to fight with her.

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