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1x1 – What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Larry is pressed to do live commercials during his show.

1x2 – The Promise

Larry is upset when a young comedian appears on a rival late night talk show.

1x3 – The Spider Episode

Larry's fear of spiders poses a problem for the show.

1x4 – The Guest Host

Problems arise when Dana Carvey guest hosts Larry's show.

1x5 – The New Producer

A substitute producer causes panic among the show's staff.

1x6 – The Flirt Episode

Larry fears he might cheat on his wife after he flirts with Mimi Rogers during an interview and then invites her back for the next show.

1x7 – Hank's Contract

Hank threatens to leave the show without a better contract.

1x8 – Out of the Loop

Larry decides to get involved with the personal problems of his staff.

1x9 – Talk Show

Larry's career jeopardizes his marriage.

1x10 – Party

An innocent invitation to Arthur and his wife for dinner turns into a full-blown staff party

1x11 – The Warmth Episode

After market research shows that audience members don't find him likable, Larry goes out of his way to be nice to everyone and asks Artie to run the show by focus groups.

1x12 – A Brush with the Elbow of Greatness

After embarrassing CCTV footage of Larry emerges, he allows himself to be persuaded that all publicity is good publicity, a decision he grows to regret.

1x13 – Hey Now

Larry becomes angry at Hank for taking so many outside jobs and retaliates by ordering him not to use his catchphrase on the show.

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