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1x1 – Escape to Paradise

Medusa, torn from orbit around Proxima Centauri by a comet, was sent careering through space. Ages later, with Medusa now in orbit between Uranus and Neptune, Adam and Shem escape the autocratic all-female Medusan society and head to earth.

8cswtb8zsrizqnobkcu27fnirg1 1x2 – Nemesis

Surviving the crash, Adam and Shem steal a police car and go on the run. Supreme Councillors Octavia - head of security - and Fulvia - Adam's mistress - follow them to earth to retrieve them. Many misunderstandings with the humans ensue.

39bbptb4lchrfm9dq0ml6b4ppmf 1x3 – Nightmare Cannon

Adam and Shem shut themselves inside an ancient defensive manor and take the curator hostage. Octavia activates the nightmare cannon, bringing their fears to life to drive them into the open, where they are taken into custody by the police.

7eenpl67cxxgvr4hgxnhzyfthly 1x4 – The Proton Storm

The proton storm forces the Nemesis to return to Medusa, with Liz and Rudi held hostage aboard. Fulvia tries to return to earth to find Adam, but the storm throws the ship off course. Will Adam help?

Ws5tyupskqhqg2wdrvayn0ykomh 1x5 – Kidnap

While Shem repairs her ship, Fulvia allows herself to be used as a test subject for a human thought-transference machine similar to the ones on Medusa - but not similar enough, as it causes pain and distress. Who will save her?

Ra22hwcq7t5moqazaiddolpdov 1x6 – Test for Love

Correct title is 'The Trial'. Earth hostage Dr Rudi Schmidt is forced to perform menial work, on the surface and in the city, but rebels - and other Medusan men join him. He is caught and handed over to Liz to supervise.

Oyncrckhprj0jgwm7x7qmzvlhsz 1x7 – Test for Love

Although Liz is ideally suited to captain a Medusan spacecraft, her attitude to men isn't appreciated. Octavia has her tested to find out why she doesn't find Medusan men attractive.

6ww3doqvcoxluyjfzbvsmr9blaq 1x8 – The Perfect Couple

Adam and Shem hatch a plot that should convince Fulvia to release the human hostages while still allowing the refugee Medusans to remain on earth. It involves Fulvia and Adam setting up home as a couple. What could possibly go wrong?

Lv2jjqnchof6ghhel9icfdkptgm 1x9 – What Have They Done to the Rain?

Rudi is labouring on the surface when rain starts reacting catastrophically with toxic waste in the soil, threatening the whole civilisation. Rudi knows why, but will the Council listen to a man?

K0cpggcuiaoqgkw3yxomssbsb24 1x10 – The End of Time

Prof Evans visits Medusa to discuss the return of the hostages with the President - who they find apparently dead. Liz is accused of causing her death and sentenced to die on the surface. Can the professor save her?

1x11 – Hideout

On the run, Adam and Shem find shelter in an apartment, but have been seen and reported. Adam is arrested, but Shem is rescued by Rose, whose fiancé has left her. The two start to grow close - but the police are closing in.

M8zkedj8tbgxsjnnaltdcztnrq6 1x12 – Creatures of the Mind

At Octavia's request, Liz - with Rudi - investigates the abandoned records section. Rudi's searching for a way off Medusa: what Liz finds is far more sinister and distressing, an ancient experiment to create artificial life.

1gr69u5eylztyxeskhurwwy4kxi 1x13 – The Enemy

Agreement now reached on the exchange of hostages, the two ships head off from earth and Medusa. But a deadly ancient enemy of the Medusans has found them. The ships have no weapons: can Rudi come up with a plan to save them all?

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