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7vzjwwqbwzobkilegixopbpctlx 1x1 – June 1842

The town of Cranford is in a flurry at the arrival of a new handsome doctor. His controversial treatment of an unfortunate carpenter is risky not only for the patient, but also his reputation. Elsewhere a family suffers a loss but forges a friendship.

Utbkjnbsa1wzayvtzag1z1tezgk 1x2 – August 1842, Miss Matty is Shaken

An unexpected visitor shakes miss Matty, but she keeps it to herself. The rumor that the railway will reach the town ruins the happy atmosphere. When Miss Deborah goes to talk to Captain Brown of this, he is of no help, indeed their friendship is severely strained.

Y1by0zzt1ws7kwweraipaszwxc5 1x3 – November 1842, Winter Approaches Cranford

The theft of a leg of mutton starts a chain of events that can only lead to trouble for one family in Cranford. With Christmas comes an invitation for Miss Matty, that she is encouraged to accept. Dr Harrison's friend Jack persuades him to declare his affections for Sophy, but then plays a cruel trick.

Ux2ij4nzswryiaq1xg6lmzzqg9c 1x4 – April 1843, Dr Harrison Visits the Rectory

Miss Matty suffers a disappointment, and reveals to Mary the great wrong done her as a young woman. Mary writes to Major Gordon about Jessie's changed circumstances. And Dr Harrison pays a formal visit to the rectory.

Xrwr48jmd5pz0chbny17lllgl7p 1x5 – May 1843, Miss Matty's Crisis

Jem and Martha formalise their relationship, and live as lodgers with Miss Matty, who has fallen on hard times. Will her friends come to her aid and will she accept help? Dr Harrison is advised to leave town due to his reputation being in tatters, but Sophy is ill and his modern medicine could help. Lady Ludlow is prepared to lose everything for her absent son, but Mr Carter tries to find another solution.

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