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Nrrsmnyzf8gfywnweusvqlvgls7 1x1 – Abgeschossen

Jules Wiley hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor allem über eine Sache definiert: Ihre Beziehung. Als sie jedoch völlig unerwartet von ihrem Freund verlassen wird, wird Jules klar, dass sie komplett ihre Freundinnen vernachlässigt hat. Also plant sie eine wilde Partynacht, um diese zurückzugewinnen.

Rqrhqz0cysdq44spzgiko8usuqw 1x2 – Planlos

Jules goes to her girlfriends for advice about moving out of her ex's place, but finds navigating which friend's advice to take an even more complicated problem.

Muvretu1plilva3puz9c18owxgt 1x3 – Die geheimnissvolle Brünette

Jules struggles to understand the rules of keeping secrets among friends, which causes a problem for Madison at work. Stella tries to teach Izzy to be more mysterious.

7qen11holanh67vkkmuarpadwtf 1x4 – Partykiller

The girls wrestle with their personal "brands" as Jules and Stella take on being the "boring one" and the "fun one". Madison, the "bossy one," helps Izzy "the crazy one," shed her fake identity.

9rjjs6l9nbafdyfqkwptdcbyyab 1x5 – Beauty Queen

Jules pretends to be over her breakup with Jeremy at his sister's bachelorette party. Madison exaggerates the maturity level of her friends to impress her older boyfriend with a formal dinner party.

32xgw5a49tv6yz95w0zdllatss7 1x6 – Das große Beben

The girls fear a potential major earthquake hitting Los Angeles, while Jules fears a different "Big One": running into your EX with a new girl. Stella rebels against Madison's need to control her friends' lives during an outing to SantaCon.

Jlrnf3zo2hq823bmvxw7iaawg9z 1x7 – Ganz locker

The girls navigate sex and dating in an age when monogamy shaming is the new slut shaming. Jules gets a rebound, Stella elicits Izzy's help in breaking up with a guy, and Madison yearns to define her relationship with Colin.

Gjof8zl3iaz2xmbtiaqvrbi6zn0 1x8 – Das Geheimnis

Jules attends Woöm's company retreat, hosted by a professional spiritual leader. Stella hears back from business school. Jules learns upsetting news that will impact Madison's relationship and the future of their friendship.

Hs8lapzoqwtgu7ikwlxngk4p33w 1x9 – Feministinnen

Jules and the girls explore what it means to be a feminist while attending the Women's March in an homage to a classic story.

4k7mr6t6ostlb3wq0msw2x8rbtb 1x10 – Brautjungfer

On the heels of Madison and Jules's blow up, all four girls end up in Mexico for a wedding weekend gone wrong: secrets are revealed, hallucinogenic drugs are taken, and Jules' commitment to her girlfriends faces the ultimate test.

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