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1x1 – Episode #1.1

When a body is found near an off-shore wind farm it leads the detective assigned to investigate the death into conflict with the executives of the energy company that own the facility.

1x2 – Episode #1.2

Claudia is assigned to a case that could damage the reputation of Energreen. Meanwhile, Mads continues to gather the facts relating to the death at the wind farm.

1x3 – Episode #1.3

In Abu Dhabi, the Energeen delegation is impressed by sheikh Al-Wasem's fully green desert city, so the CEO decides to sell him 20% to buy into the quantum energy transport project, although the patent inventor fears it won't get operational for decades. Peter and Nicky bury most of the cash, yet can't resist spending 10,000 Euros, and police tech Alf traces the stolen tablet to their employer Johan's garage, but he covers for them. Mads's superiors won't officially allow his investigation, but Alf finds cloud copy data strongly suggesting the thieves are set up to ...

1x4 – Episode #1.4

Nicky volunteers to advance his mate's gambling debt to the Serbians, but those insist to recruit unwilling Nicky, whose father in law and employer first beats him up himself, then promises to contact 'acquaintances' to get them off the boys' backs. Mads is transferred indefinitely to the financial crime unit, but can't and won't adopt their bureaucratic methods, yet with Alf's brilliant help and some ordinary questioning works out that the Energy ministry's secretary general is in corrupt league with Energreen's present CFO, who now resists in vain the plans to sell ...

1x5 – Episode #1.5

Alf's ITC skills allow finding out that Energreen was being critically studied by his ex, financial daily reporter Mia Hermansen, who also has a 'deep throat' source, but she's not very forthcoming. Mads moves out after he and his wife found out each-other's affairs, hoping a time-out at Alf's may allow patching up his marriage. Nicky's father in law Jan presents him and Bimse to 'accountant' Erik, *who proposes laundering the cash trough a 'front' garage, which the lads still want to work in. Having worked out Energreen's main asset is the research I its Polish ...

1x6 – Episode #1.6

Energreen's European capitals road show to recruit enough major investors is hanging by a thread, as Mia's posthumous blog-article and Claudia's stupid blunder in London scare most off, but her lover Tobias convinces his firm to make the crucial move. Alf and Mads return home after discovering the Poland lab was dismantled and its research moved to India. Nicky seeks a buyer for the notebook he 'found' with the cash trough Erik, expecting another fortune, but they are shot at. Alf and a police ITC tech trace Mia's secret informer and try to set up a meeting by e-mail,...

1x7 – Episode #1.7

Nicky and Bimse have a hard time dealing with badly shot-wounded 'accountant' Erik. They need to 'borrow' cash from father in law Jan's safe to pay a dodgy doctor recommended trough Bimse's addict mate Andreas, who holds them at gunpoint afterward, but is shot dead by Sander's hit-man, who thus obliges them. Energreen's stock exchange launch is an instant hit. The justice ministry blackmails the police over budget cuts to push the case, do Mads and Alf must push whistle-blower Jens Kristian to take crazy risks to prove Sander's part. He only gets a recording against ...

1x8 – Episode #1.8

Jens Kristian and Clausia set a trap to make Alexander sign a new dummy corporation contract, but he only pretends so. Sander's henchman P calls his marker on Nicky and Bimse for killing the junkie, so they agree to plant a document in Jens Kristian's apartment. The whistle-blower is now fired and expelled from the firm by Claudia, who has chosen Sander's side after her 'naive' mentor, law professor Ebbe, advised she should owe up and face trial and probably jail, so they conspire to attempt destroying all evidence, she hopes to leave for Paris a few months later. ...

1x9 – Episode #1.9

With Mia dead and Jens discredited, hence all evidence burnt, Alf considers the case hopeless, but Mads insists to work out the real accounts, which show Energreen is virtually broke. Mads sneakily gets a major creditor -a bank he tips off illegally- to file a claim leading to bankruptcy, Claudia fails counter-bluffing. Sander's Swedish killer P finds out that Nicky and Bimse sold the computer for two million Euro and demands the cash, or at last the remainder, as Jan refuses to contribute, but isn't satisfied with less, so the Bimse knocks him down, Jan would dispose...

1x10 – Episode #1.10

Thanks to the bank Mads manipulated, Energreen is declared bankrupt, CFO Ulrik commits suicide, but Sander may get away due to 'poisoned tree'-burnt evidence. However putting the heat on the board chairman changes things, so Sander asks P to arrange a flight abroad. Claudia is invited too, but ultimately can't leave Bertram. P reaches a deal with Nicky and Bimse about the remaining cash.

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