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8r59gj5fnqsakw0hqvvwvlab5in 1x1 – Viel Glück, Charlie!

When Bob has an accident, the kids must take care of him and Charlie while avoiding their mother.

Dolr73wkwfwgukktkz9rswydwoc 1x2 – Baby wechsle dich

It's been a while since Amy and Bob have been on a date, so Teddy encourages them to go to dinner while the kids babysit Charlie. When PJ takes Charlie to the park, he accidentally swaps strollers and babies with a cute girl, Emma.

Ktpi1dsdts6qdyn4ds41hknff1q 1x3 – Der seltsame Fall des Mr. Dabney

Gabe and PJ mistakenly believe something fishy is going on with their neighbor, Mrs. Dabney, so they investigate. Meanwhile, Teddy is annoyed that her best friend Ivy has become texting buddies with Amy.

Ewybnfamb9lswpvydssl03w3luj 1x4 – Das doppelte Maskottchen

Amy reveals that she was Wammy the Ram, the mascot of Teddy's high school, and pressures her into trying out for the role too. Teddy tries to blow the audition but gets the role anyway, just in time for the big rivalry game. Meanwhile, PJ challenges his best friend Emmett to baby-race his nephew against Charlie.

Ufwkpkhlhoyr4xtxfk33xj54zhs 1x5 – Teddy’s erster Kuss

A backwards dance is approaching at Teddy's school. Teddy asks Spencer out for the big night and Ivy asks out Emmet. Teddy tries to get her first kiss from Spencer, but he's busy hanging out with Emmet. Meanwhile, Gabe tries to get his parents to argue at Open House because he has been lying to his teacher and saying that he could not complete his assignments because his parents are fighting.

3hjklakdy3jzgrd7tpsfot6jkm0 1x6 – Charlie war’s!

The Duncan's are quick to blame P.J. after they return home to find all of their party decorations destroyed, but P.J. insists that Charlie is the real culprit.

Scf13ylmsq4j1zkoobqdonzuvlc 1x7 – Hosentaschenanrufe

A puzzled P.J. and Teddy cannot understand why their friends are angry with them, until the monthly cell phone bill arrives.

W3oztcsacplhtbaf7rkkwjpmtxw 1x8 – Happy Birthday, Charlie!

The family reminisces about the day Charlie was born.

Qnvu6jjqsmbo7w1vzozefqvaxrs 1x9 – Rettet das Baumhaus!

Teddy and P.J. hatch a plan to keep Bob from tearing down their cherished childhood tree house.

Egkqsgstgrt81udsnwyvo1udljh 1x10 – Ach, du lieber Onkel

Teddy tries to strike up a friendship her Uncle Mel after Bob refuses to tell her why he wants nothing to do with him. P.J. and Gabe plan to turn Charlie into a model behind Amy's back.

Czqstzel2salnunuu6pscx9f76b 1x11 – Jungs und Mädchen

The family reminisces about the day Charlie was born.

Cclk2kzp0okso9tfodyoa3tyaq8 1x12 – Kit und Kaputzi

Gabe gets his first crush on a girl named Kit, he then lies to her so they can have something in common. Meanwhile, Mrs. Dabney asks Teddy to catsit her cat Kaboodle and Teddy thinks the cat is sick because she just lying around. PJ uses Charlie to make more money on deliveries by saying he is watching her while his mom at the hospital, not mentioning she actually works there.

9w6kwthgo7kr2vzh605b0qmxogi 1x13 – Quengeln nach Bestnoten

Teddy tries warming up to her English teacher by having Charlie take part in her oral presentation on the book Animal Farm. Meanwhile, Gabe and his basketball team fire Bob as their coach and hire Amy instead, after winning their first game under her guidance. Also, PJ begins to spend way too much time with Amy's friends.

Qkooeucltwqullpvbtquovdqtm0 1x14 – Winke-Winke Schmusedecke

P.J.'s romance with Madison wreaks havoc on his friendship with Emmett as well as Bob and Amy marriage. Teddy agrees to help Gabe make peace with a bully at school.

Z9jsqxtwhhzmtlhsaekgwr3x56j 1x15 – Voll peinlich!

PJ video tapes Charlie when she is being funny and puts the videos on the internet. Charlie becomes an over night super star getting tons of hits from the videos. When Amy and Bob find out, they don't like how Charlie is popular over the internet and they force PJ to take the videos down. After that, Charlie's fans get mad.

4ftlkpaas8ubddfzx40f8zfrinf 1x16 – Falsch eingeschätzt!

Spencer decides to help Teddy with her dance routine for the school talent show, but when he realizes she is terrible he fakes an injury to get out of it. Meanwhile, Jo convinces Gabe that she will help him win the class president election but instead she purposely sabotages him and runs for election herself.

Caanee2tfhuavbeuajrjuamtsdq 1x17 – Von Hunden und Hähnchen

Teddy needs money for a new cell phone and gets a job as the neighborhood dog walker, but the job is less than glamorous. After walking in PJ's job Kwikki Chikki, PJ gets jealous when his boss gives Teddy a job as the Kwikki Chikki spokesmodel. Teddy then comes up with a plan to get herself fired in order to give her brother the spotlight he deserves. Meanwhile, Amy sings a song with Charlie at her daycare which gets very competitive with the other mothers, while Gabe uses a mouse to play a trick on Bob.

8ujndpfnhgb9ipt69vkennc0qof 1x18 – Charlie hat die Windeln an

Gabe is left in charge of Charlie while doing a school assignment with Jo. Meanwhile, Teddy accompanies a scared PJ to the dentist and Bob surprises Amy with a spa getaway.

Jv4pzdgr9kwd5j7f8ggbsqlkvfb 1x19 – Die Übernachtungsparty

Gabe's friends come over for a sleepover. Meanwhile, Teddy prepares for an important role in school play and Charlie refuses to sleep in her first "big girl" bed.

Nupgualmbghai905r6qelebmulm 1x20 – Spencer’s Cousinen

Charlie bites Teddy's boyfriend, Spencer. Teddy then discovers that he has another girlfriend, Skylar (Samantha Boscarino) when she tries to smooth things out at Spencer's job. Skylar also finds out and she and Teddy dump Spencer. Meanwhile, Gabe treats PJ like a personal chauffeur because he lent PJ money to buy a car. PJ tells Gabe he could have the car because the car was supposedly haunted, but was just a scheme to scare Gabe into letting PJ have his car.

Ezzl1hjzrj1u7p4crxknyozfput 1x21 – Stehaufmädchen

Teddy starts a rock band with Skylar and wrote a mean song about Spencer. Meanwhile, Gabe and PJ are tired of sharing the same room, so Gabe sleeps in an extra room in Mrs. Dabney's house. Amy uses the free day care at a gym to go to a spa down the street.

Qwzoxuzalel5wsqrotresvb5fvz 1x22 – Teddy’s Verehrer

A new kid on the block named Austin (Nathan Gamble) who Gabe is forced to become friends with develops a crush on Teddy. She uses the crush to her advantage to make Spencer jealous, who has already gotten a new girlfriend. Meanwhile, Bob temporarily fills in as a member of PJ's band after Charlie gets their newest member sick.

Rmmysafdyepishztabov3tdo4f2 1x23 – Schmierenkomödien

Gabe tricks Amy and Bob into getting him a new bike.

Mwjbbwlbcbfwmec9crwrimcpost 1x24 – Liebestaumel – Teil 1

The Duncans go on a family road trip to a ski resort in the mountains. While on the ski trip, Teddy meets a psychic who tells her that she will meet her true love during the vacation. She meets two guys, and her ex-boyfriend, Spencer. What will happen next?

Nqfgs0asx7f1ixoort205u1pplg 1x25 – Liebestaumel – Teil 2

Still on their family ski trip, Teddy asks Ivy to come meet her. Meanwhile, Bob buys Charlie a bear suit to keep her warm, but she refuses to take it off. Amy finds out that Bob andHer are not married after Bob tells her. Meanwhile, Gabe and PJ ice skate and have to do a move called "the cycle of awesomeness"

3kcgokmacf4pstrnledbtisnhhv 1x26 – Mrs. Dabney und ihre Chauffeurin

Teddy volunteers to drive Mrs. Dabney around to get more experience behind the wheel.

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