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1x0 – Unaired Pilot

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Fmi1x0hs3byypiaw4zgrcscynu0 1x1 – Wir sind alle Huren

A 44-year-old man is pressured to rebrand himself when his agency hires young creative directors.

Cvz8ply5pucdft5c9soonslyopi 1x2 – Das Mutter-Paket

Thom gets a lesson in corporate America; the Swedes push a new campaign.

Vmcv1vcexhzudxkow75fctm1eoy 1x3 – Der ganze entzückende Schmerz

Thom receives differing ideas on the meaning of suffering after Julius gets ill.

Zbobuohy2op5sfrxxm8ypoxr7xf 1x4 – Planet Arschloch

Thom is overrun by jerks; the Swedes emasculate Thom at work; Julius is suspended.

Ft0dcumw9fmljb9uflr1hdz8bpv 1x5 – Glücklich wie ein Schwein im Dreck

When Thom misses a morning meeting, Gottfrid questions his priorities; Lee finds a new studio.

69wiuefpufjlw00ufty6ofltpqc 1x6 – Shopping macht happy

Thom takes over a campaign and consoles Larry; Lee goes into a tailspin.

Buv9ygzapfgzqxfdfguxuzxcrfe 1x7 – Folge 7

Thom promises Julius he will return from Los Angeles with a toy; Lee gets a new cell phone.

Tm1izjqblh0dtznn4wpopnx8jxh 1x8 – Eltern, Gras und Alkohol

Thom is forced out of his office; Lee meets Sandy while helping out as "lunch mom."

Pk61ohkkgqyrrqkzbgwzwxgy0dv 1x9 – Man stirbt nur einmal

Thom learns something terrible about Larry; Lee takes Julius to Hebrew School.

Nau4o8vgfskytcpc7f0j6kmr2j4 1x10 – Das, was zählt

Thom writes a story, and then quits his job; "Radical Capitalism"; hopes and dreams.

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