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3klyoovfbylljam3i5v5ied59ay 1x1 – Episode 1

Hernan and his soldiers face a sophisticated and unfathomable people. An interpreter who knew their language would be worth her weight in gold.

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72oan4wyqok9ypdqmcr7pjp6ats 1x2 – Episode 2

Could the faithful and honorable Captain Olid be the only one to resist the overwhelming personality of Hernan Cortes.A man in love is willing to do anything, but also, in the middle of war, love spreads open his most vulnerable flank.

Zpfr1wl1wptut6lfzrxn7vdvuxk 1x3 – Episode 3

Not everyone believes Hernan and his men are gods. Xicotencatl is the most hostile leader towards Herna, but the perspective of finishing his Tenochtitlan enemies is very tempting.

Plrgvhlhagojkv1wejnvjhctpac 1x4 – Episode 4

During the trip of Hernán Cortés to Tenochtitlán emerged crucial moments to advance and the bloodshed is inevitable.

Foo2fcs74dmxle4romu4rxnxzyt 1x5 – Episode 5

Are the Gods or human? Moctezuma have few options before the arrival of the Spanish, and its gods didn't gave them answers, so they had to advance under the orders of their beliefs.

Lubiyi2oubunzdxgouqbrgm8o9q 1x6 – Episode 6

Hernan has to fight far away and leaves his bravest man in command, in spite of Marina's opinion. Under the leadership of impetuous Alvarado, the Mexica and the European views clash, jeopardizing everything Hernan has conquered up to now.

Twdpf1sf2wbhttzwyyuwczdmzjk 1x7 – Episode 7

Hernan entrusts his dearest friend a mission almost suicidal -to escape with all the gold of the Mexica empire, among hundreds of thousands of furious city dwellers, vexed by the violence and greed of those they once believed were gods.

Hucyotw8k3qqlwwkmsrk3mhghcq 1x8 – Episode 8

Who was Hernan Cortes. Even his soldiers did not understand, when he ordered to sink their ships, the size of the attraction he felt for those magical lands and peoples, so great that he wanted to make them his own, forever.

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