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2x1 – Episode 1

A looming malpractice suit threatens to ruin the clinic financially. Doctors Eve and Cory accept to work for free.

2x2 – Episode 2

Nurse practitioner and founding partner Marilyn McGath is feeling more and more as just another nurse, and less and less as a founding partner. Meanwhile, doctors Rosetti and Halloran resolve their issues in the most childish way possible.

2x3 – Episode 3

Doctors Joanne and Eve must locate and help a pregnant woman trapped in a school badly damaged in a construction accident, while the kids are being evacuated from the building.

2x4 – Episode 4

Doctor Cory is plagued by increasingly debilitating panic attacks, while the clinic's pediatrician, doctor Leo Rosetti, must decide whether or not he is absolutely sure that one of his friends is a child abuser.

2x5 – Episode 5

Gynecologist, doctor Joanne Halloran, is having difficulties treating her latest patient - a pregnant woman well above safe age to have a normal pregnancy and a healthy baby. Staff's relationships and family life are further explored.

2x6 – Episode 6

Fertility specialist, doctor Paul Jared can't get a permission to treat an ill prisoner, but he's not giving up. Meanwhile, doctor Joanne and nurse Marilyn are fighting to give a former nurse her old job back.

2x7 – Episode 7

Doctor Joanne vehemently opposes the use of shock treatment to cure a patient who's suffering from depression. Nurse Marilyn becomes seriously ill because of appendicitis.

2x8 – Episode 8

A mother who lost a baby during surgery doesn't want to allow the doctors to perform the same necessary surgery on her other, also sick, child. Doctor Eve babysits her teenage niece. Nurse Marilyn, a lesbian, is propositioned by a man.

2x9 – Episode 9

Gynecologist, doctor Joanne Halloran, is suspicious of her colleague from the USSR prone to prescribe removal of uterus in most of his treatments. A new patient claims to have healing psychic powers.

2x10 – Episode 10

Hospital administrator is accused of abusing his pregnant wife, but is there any proof? The staff's love life and family relationships are developed further.

2x11 – Episode 11

Clinic's founder and gynecologist, doctor Joanne, is pregnant. Now what? Clinic's surgeon and founder, doctor Eve, thinks about leaving the clinic for a better position. The third founder, nurse Marilyn, helps a dying friend one last time.

2x12 – Episode 12

An insurance inspector is visiting the clinic. Doctor Cory has to determine what's wrong with an ill cop. Fertility expert Paul Jared is visited by a loan shark when he skips a payment. Doctor Joanne can't escape her birthday party.

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