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1x1 – This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge

When Weasel is called in to finish a trans-atlantic bridge from the USA to France, Baboon is utterly frustrated, wanting to finish the bridge himself.

1x2 – I.R. on Sun

When I.R. Baboon gets jealous that I.M. Weasel has been 1st on Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, Weasel rejects NASA's plan for sending him to the Sun, which gives I.R. the chance to be the 1st astronaut to Sun.

1x3 – Deep Sea Tour

Getting a fake I.D. enables I.R. Baboon to fulfill his dream of being a captain of a deep see tour, but he takes his bathysphere too deep and hits bottom when the submersible's rope snaps. Can I.M. Weasel save Captain I.R. and his frantic tourists ?

1x4 – I.R. Gentlemans

The Queen of Yurp needs to find a new Duke of Kankerberry, which Weasel discovers that I.R. Baboon is of royalty so he needs to teach I.R. manners.

1x5 – I Are Big Star

When Weasel wins the starring role of a new film that Baboon was after, Baboon steals Weasel's skin, making Weasel unable to show up on set. This leaves Baboon, who is now disguised as Weasel, to take his place.

1x6 – Power of Odor

When Baboon moves his pig farm into the city's vacant lot, the odor runs the citizens out of town, and they hire Weasel to investigate what is causing the horrible stench.

1x7 – Ping Pong at Sea

When the Women's Naval Auxillary holds a ping-ping tournament for a fund-raiser, their best player is in a freak accident, so Weasel, a ping-ping master who has retired, is called to play. Infuriated, Baboon sneaks in just to have a grand face-off with Weasel... and he sadly succeeds.

1x8 – Disease Fiesta

While Weasel is trying to cure an athlete's face patient, I.R. Baboon creates a cure which goes wrong and spreads it over the town.

1x9 – I.R. Plant Life

Baboon takes the last specimen of a rare thistle, and nearly kills it. When plant doctor Weasel is called in to investigate, he learns that Baboon has created a type of baboon/plant hybrid, that Baboon has now decided to marry.

1x10 – I Am Ambassador

Two dudes take a group of beavers as hostages and Weasel must save them.

1x11 – Law of Gravity

I.R. destroys the Law of Gravity (literally), stuff that makes all lawyers float (since they are the only ones that understand law).

1x12 – Happy Baboon Holidays

I.R. Baboon's family visit him at Christmas.

1x13 – I. Architect

An accident causes Weasel and I.R. to drop their brains and they become unconscious for a part of time. The man who finds them gives Weasel I.R.'s brain and I.R. Weasel's brain while they are unconscious.

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