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Ecoa45x66owz7aelx1jwupxizqe 1x1 – Episode #1.1

A man brutally murdered in the middle of the majestic mountains north of Kiruna. The victim turns out to be a French citizen, and the experienced homicide investigator Kahina Zadi ordered from Paris to Kiruna. Together with the Chief Prosecutor Burlin and his deputy, prosecutor Anders Harnesk, she begins an investigation that will soon be staggering proportions. Another brutal murders committed before the eyes of Zadi and Burlin.

Sgte4ko9btihjegm8suxrodxgkv 1x2 – Episode #1.2

Anders Harnesk becomes the head of the case, after the sudden death of Burlin. Mysterious notes, with names and numbers are found, and so is another victim. Evidence on the the crime scenes leads to the Sami people.

Kcositcenjhddvgm3vk1uinxbt7 1x3 – Episode #1.3

It is clear that the horrific murders committed in Kiruna after a death list. Three men are already dead. When Anders study murder scenes closer he makes a painful discovery. The traces of Sami symbols.

Aodmepos7lxsni9feurhd092lc6 1x4 – Episode #1.4

Kahina Zahid is injured and held captive by the confused and intoxicated Bangkok Jori, who admits that he sold the herbs that killed prosecutor Burlin. Back in Kiruna she is approached by a threatening Frenchman who demands that she keeps him informed about everything in the investigation. Kimmo and his closest mining colleagues get a shocking video on their cell phones. Someone knows what they have done.

Pjkub0l4aen7rb6cyt4yysdwpvv 1x5 – Episode #1.5

Kahina Zadi, who was left in a bog by her attackers, is able to get herself to hospital, where her son Nadji is waiting. The name of the last found note, matches a murder victim in Stockholm. Sparen is calling everyone in the mysterious group to a meeting. Kahina recognizes the voice of one of the attackers, Marko, when she is in the supermarket and chases after him.

Hcl84cihl0qpnfl0hpl9ld5215f 1x6 – Episode #1.6

Sparen isn't able to persuade the people in the group to go to the police. Kahina Zadi sends Najid back to France, but he leaves the plane. Alain Gruard picks him up in his car and puts something in Nadji's pocket. Kahina finds out that Evelina's body wasn't found and that she might still be alive. One more of the 22 is murdered.

Rbv0cfciuy1qznijygjkap8trpw 1x7 – Episode #1.7

Kahina continues the search for Evelina. She and Anders then find crucial evidence in Geatkis' house, but he is nowhere to be seen.

Zk60zjq8us60qbe6qgxy4kwrpjn 1x8 – Episode #1.8

Jenny Ann is saved by the Nåjd's brother, and the Nåjd delivers her baby. The rest of the 22 is trapped in the mine, with Eddie Geatki. Alain Gruard promises to save Jessika and Nadji from the well.

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