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1x1 – Eine Liebe in den Highlands

CEO Philipp Dalmain can't keep his family's New York Highlands textile factory profitable, actually would prefer to run a bookshop with his lover. The now controlling investor, Robert Grant Emerson, ordered an independent consultancy to decide whether to close it down, which would ruin the whole town. Secretly around himself, he starts a romantic relationship with the consultant, Jennifer 'Jenny' Porter, who is inspired to an alternative by certain locals' compatible hobbies, while her NYC fiancé, real estate agent Henry Turner, has his own plan for the firm estate.

1x2 – Festtagsstimmung

Edward Ravenglass moves on from his outlived marriage to Grace, but laves her and a teenage daughter in her beloved ancestral estate. However he won't pay exorbitant renovation coasts, so housewife and former business hostess Grace seeks employment as wine maker on a regional estate. Her in-living relative seeks to exploit her art schooling as a painter's PA, with unexpected results. Architect Flynn Cormack, hired to asses the estate for Grace's sister, who needs a mortgage on it to save her business, starts a budding love affair with Grace, until she assumes him part...

1x3 – Glücksboten

Years ago, chef Lucas Gillespie left the Hudson Valley and his wife, Perdita Dylan, who stayed back to run an organic farm and was divorced while he joined the van Horn family's hotel chain in New York, where he became heiress Claire's fiancé. Now the celebrity couple returns to re-open the Valley's once famous Grantly country club, with a star restaurant. Architect Roger Owen is hired to lay out golf links, for which a neighboring estate must be acquired. Roger charms both Perdita and her devoted former nanny, Kitty Anson, who owns the bio-farm and is eager to match ...

1x4 – Harriets Traum

Harriet Devonshire left school because of her unwed pregnancy and still lives with her dad Ronald. Only when he arranges for her teenage son Matthew to be enrolled in the same boarding school without consulting her, she leaves, only to find he obtains custody and she stands no chance of contesting it without a steady job. New York star photographer Leo Purbright takes her on as factotum, perhaps a shot at a real career, but his jealous assistant adds to the practical problems to square work with Matthew's present needs, miserable as bully Tommy's picked target.

1x5 – Zum Teufel mit David

Slick businessman David Locking arrives by yacht in New York state fishery town Cherry Cove to build a marina there. Having found investors, he gets greedy mayoress Melissa Teerpack and her husband's support for even larger development, which would ruin the town's charming character and require expropriations. Local B&B Sunflower owner Polly Cameron, although charmed by Locking, mounts the opposition. She finds a delightful ally in young Patrick Field, who turns out to be David's father, tragically estranged after a fatal accident.

1x6 – Diagnose Liebe

Old doc Dr. Harold Meyen is puzzled that his wealthy Hudson Valley, New York state patient Olivia Grant, diagnosed terminal, has hired nurse Madison Carter, all the way from Alaska, although there is little work. Olivia's son in law John Walker, who still mourns Sara Grant's fatal car accident, falls in love with Madison. Gradually is revealed in which ways her eventful past is relevant.

1x7 – Leuchtturm mit Aussicht

Rob Hunter is in charge of a development project in New York's Hudson valley. The last puzzle piece is an old lighthouse, but newly appointed heritage official Anna Wilcox opposes its ruin, while they mutually fall in love. Her mother, a judge, is behind a plan to set right old wrongs, involving the retired last lighthouse-keeper, who is actually Rob's biological father.

1x8 – Sprung ins Glück

Veterinarians Kay Foster and Susan Darling set out to solve the mystery of an uncontrollable virus that is attacking their horses, despite love getting in the way.

1x9 – Ein Teil von dir

Vivien Barner, a bookstore store clerk,is a suffering a tremendous kidney disease and needs a kidney transplantation.This morning she is happy because a donor will give her one of hi kidney.In the hospital she meets her old friend Walter who suffers also a kidney disease (like Vivien he has to go frequently to the hospital for dialysis).But some minutes before the operation , the donor gives up and went away.Vivien is really desperate and Walter says her to fight for her life.She decides to investigate who is the donor and later to convince him to change his ...

1x10 – Sommer der Wahrheit

Susan,her husband Richard and their son Jimi moved from New York to Woodstock.Walking in the streets of this town Susan suddenly sees Lucas Summer,the biological father of her son Jimi, and tries to avoid him.

1x11 – Eine teure Affäre

After her father dies, a young woman has to save her father's art auction house to help her mother.

1x12 – An deiner Seite

Alicia, a lawyer of New York who had a car accident, has slept for two months and doesn't remember anything about the accident.Richard, her boyfriend and boss of the lawyer's office recommended her to take back her life and to go further.Then she met Will Hillinger, an artist, who asked her to get the guardianship of his godchild,the orphan Linus.For Richard Will is more interested in the guardianship for the inheritance of the young boy whose parents died in a car accident.Alicia doesn't think so.To convince her Will reveals that her accident provoked the death of ...

1x13 – Das Meer in dir

After the tragic death of her husband Marie Franklin has intended to forget her past.Her son, Thomas can't hardly forget his father and begins to fail in his college.Their neighbor, the Judge Wilbert Scony doesn't agree with the young man's behavior and thinks that Marie must be more firm in her way to educate Thomas.One night Thomas got drunken and vandalized the ship of Daniel Swinton, a businessman of fishing boats.

1x14 – Wie Feuer und Wasser

Lucy Westfield will begin as journalist in the "Manhattan News".This morning she arrives late at the office because a problem with her bicycle.The editor-in-chief, Melvyn O'Hara was looking with his team for a good theme for celebration of 11 the Septtember 2001.So he asked Lucy if she had an idea and immediately she answers that she knows Andrew Taylor, a fireman who saved many lives on that day.Her colleague Rebecca doesn't think that it's good idea to write again about heroes of that tragedy.But Melvyn insists on the proposition of Lucy.So Lucy comes back home at ...

1x15 – Geschenkte Jahre

Cancer-recovered Nel Innes happily rejoined husband Marc running his New York restaurant, but discovers their marriage of 20 years wrecked, he only hid his affair with pastry chef Melissa to spare her while sick. Fleeing to widower father Gerald's estate, she's shocked again: he decided to sell it to wine magnate Jake Carlyle's 'tacky' firm Brandovino, and enjoy his autumn with second love Margret. Despite Nel's grossly aggressive misbehavior, a spark flies, yet she decides to bid against him, which Marc enables by offering to sell the restaurant and make up for their...

1x16 – Eine Liebe in New York

Young adult orphan comic-illustrator Steve Ashburn's life-threatening disease requires super rare "Bombay" blood type. When his only New York donor bails out, his obsessively devoted big sister, Wall Street broker Jessica Ashburn, finds out it's illegal Colombian Alejandro, and bribes him to resume donating if she helps him avoid deportation, which proves possible only by fake marriage. Hedonistic Alejandro infuriates her, but immigration is on the case, and overprotected Steven soon takes to him like a cool big brother. Jessica's fiance and superior, Paul Heiser, ...

1x17 – Martha tanzt

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1x18 – Vergissmeinnicht

Young New York medical researcher Natalie Wayne hopes to present a crucial genetic research paper under professor Seibert's direction. Then she's called away to help her accident-disabled father Daniel Wayne, the only MD in a sleepy coastal town. While it becomes clear his problems are worse and affect his patient care, she falls in love with hunky local Mathew Bradford and the charms of the town.

1x19 – Zurück ans Meer

New York loser Graham Lynch finally has a shot at a job as driver in Dante Farinelli's cab service. To keep it, he must start instantly and thus arrives late to collect for the holidays his doting daughter Sam, whose bitch mother Amber is waiting for an opportunity to demand sole custody. Amber's colleague air attendant Claire Bishop, whose marriage to marine biologist and future novelist Ryan Bishop fell trough after their boy Ben's fatal car accident, was to hand Sam over and insists to take part in the search. Ryan's book fantasy element, Monty the magical dolphin,...

1x20 – L'enfant de mes rêves

Anna and Rick are a couple who run a successful editorial business that got separated a few months ago. However, a social assistant gets in contact to inform them that they can finally adopt a baby after four long years. They must abid to the rules as a fake couple in order to obtain that desired child. The problem is: a conflictive 16 year-old pregnant girl who carries their baby that was abandoned by her parents.

1x21 – Das Weihnachtswunder von New York

Minor Linus Shawn's somewhat immature but doting and devoted guardian Will Hilinger is arrested for breaking into pop carol singer Peggy Blum's home. Attorney Alicia, who manages Linus's trust fund, decides to defend him, opposing her practice and private ex-partner Richard Parker. It turns out Will only came to demand back a sum Linus unilaterally transferred from his trust fund to Peggy for the rights on her singular hit, Perfect Christmas, which he wrote before leaving her and their now adult, 'illegitimate' son Andy.

1x22 – Warum hab ich ja gesagt?

Foster son Linus feels his 'family' falling apart as Will dates student Marilyn, who coaches the boy's budding love-life, and New York lawyer Alicia Charles is engaged to marry good catch John. Alicia's irresponsible, insolvent mother moves in and with Linus starts questioning all plans.

1x23 – Die Frau an seiner Seite

Julie Turner is a physiotherapist and also yoga instructor.Her husband Eric Turner is politician.The have a son called Jacob.Tonight Eric has arrived at home to announce that he will be candidate for congressman of the state of Massachusetts.He explains that he will need all the support of his family to win this election.Besides a sponsor of the political campaign has organized a party in which the candidature of Eric will be announced officially.Julie says that she still have work with her patients and she will not accompany Eric to the party.In the middle of the ...

1x24 – Das Schweigen der Männer

Howard Harper and his wife Lynne will soon make a tour to the Caribbean Sea with their sailboat "First love".This afternoon, Lynne who is kayak coach presents to the team the new coach, Robert Leary a silver medal winner.At the same time Howard meets Mr. Burnett who is angry because Howard gave him a check without funds for paying the repair of the sailing boat.Also one of the sponsor of the tour has retired his support to the tour.So Howard explains Lynne that he must travel to Nw York to get a better sponsor.Howard has gone to the office of Dr.Bronstein who sends ...

1x25 – Hexensommer

A young female Lutheran prison chaplain is sent to assist an aging pastor at a small church in New England who does not want her help. Becoming the choir director there, she then searches for clues to her deceased mother's past.

1x26 – Du und ich

Charlotte Plentley is a very successful purse designer who works for a fashion business managed by Suzan Dengler.Alec Pentley is a successful architect.This Sunday Charlotte was training for a marathon when Suzan called her because she needed two purses for a fashion show.So Charlotte went to the office, prepared two purses and escaped to meet her husband in the reception that was organized for his work.Alec tells her that he will give up a very good work proposal because he needs to spend more time with Charlotte: one and a half year of marriage have passed and they ...

1x27 – Mein Sohn und seine Väter

New York roof garden architect Daniel Franklin moves in with book shop keeper Karen Wood whose teen son, ice hockey talent Luke, isn't very welcoming. The relationship gets strained as Luke's cardiac condition may need identifying his biological IVF father, which Karen never told him about, pretending it was Swedish exchange student Martin Lundgren. Luke is closest to his lighthearted coach Todd Schwartz, whom Karen absurdly blames and tries to get suspended. Daniel snoops in the uncooperative sperm bank and identifies donor Nr. 108 most surprisingly after lioness ...

1x28 – Tanz auf dem Broadway

The dancer Skye Rhodan , who has taken part in the best spectacles of Broadway, is surprised to see that she will not participate in the rehearsals of a new musical comedy (Nadja will take her place) ,because her managers thinks that she is now too old for dancing in this new musical comedy.So Skye is looking for new project and has got a good advice for a casting with Ryan Lessiter, her former boyfriend.So Skye and Ryan will meet in a French restaurant to speak together.In the restaurant she sees two children playing hide and seek.Then when she was talking with Ryan,...

1x29 – Bellas Glück

Bella and Mick have decided to divorce and today they have firmed the official documents of their divorce.They are happy to remain friends and eat together a pizza.Then Mick announces Bella that he will be father again(his new girlfriend is pregnant).Bella looks for her son who knows the notice of the pregnancy and would be happy if it's a boy.Bella has to meet a family who looks for a house and then Bella and Jayden will go to the house of her parents.There appears an estate agent , Greg Petrossino,Benjamin, her father ,has made a deal with Greg without consulting ...

1x30 – Herzenssache

Eine Krankenschwester hat das Herz ihres verunglückten Sohnes zur Transplantation freigegeben.

1x31 – Bruderherz

Asperger-patient Anthony Cahill can't stay in his trusted specialized seaside home Morningwood when his devoted father dies suddenly, leaving no trust fund, so his elder sister Lauren Cahill, who left home years ago to become an independent order photographer in Boston with little success, must take him in her small apartment. While smart, honest Tony soon endears himself to everyone, especially her neighbor-admirer, barista Stephan Great, who helps providing structured daily routine. Her ambition to gain notoriety in a competition for museum curator Jacob Abrahams, ...

1x32 – Meine verrückte Familie

Attorney Josh Olsen just proposed to country colleague Stella Sheridan and agreed to her aiming at a more substantial type of cases when her homely mother Barbara Sheridan invites herself, having been dumped by father Stanley for a younger model. Meddling, needy Barbara proves a pest, even intruding the bedroom. Despite -or commiserating with- humiliating self-invited maternal 'comfort company', state senator Maureen Holmes hires Stella to fight her husband for sole custody of their pre-teen sons. Josh's wedding planning desire is waved, Barbara can't accept Stella's ...

1x33 – Mama allein zu Haus

Smart schoolboy Simon Lambertson (17) dates classmate Holly Elman. Her mother, school psychologist Lydia, who defended class rebel Simon against expulsion for repeated mischief, and forced his restaurant-managing father Peter Lambert to agree to therapy he considers grotesquely absurd, faces a dilemma when she learns he's Holly's lover, whom she plans to travel to Latin America with. Deontology-barred from warning Holly, she tries sabotaging the couple and manipulating Simon, while falling in love herself with Peter, who proves a devoted father and brilliant chef. It ...

1x34 – Familie auf Bewährung

Boston engineer Clark Grant dreams of a family holiday In New England since years, even bought a mobile-home, but was turned down by his workaholic wife Jane, who suddenly changes her mind as her boss orders her to seek the rustic hiding place of the small publishing house's only bestselling author, John Dwyer, who canceled his contract feeling insulted by her comments on his latest manuscript. *Nature lover John Dwyer is assumed to dwell in a lake cabin somewhere in Maine under an alias, actually Pinch. Clark is haunted by his 'jealous' mistress Ashley, who tracks ...

1x35 – Ziemlich beste Freundinnen

Frank Steinberg, MD is practically caught in bed with a state trooper by his fiancee Emily van Garden, who cancels the wedding which her confused parents were throwing, already fearing another failed 'true love. Instead she w-swears off men and plans a 'platonic wedding' with her best friend, considerably older "Seaside Hotel" owner Paula Atkinson, whose spoiled pre-teen brat Lucy they already practically raise together since her father Thomas Mitchell started another family and wants nothing to do with them. Paula feels they need more security after a recent aneurysm...

1x36 – Zimmer mit Meerblick

Julia , a school principal, has a fiance , John Mackenzie and soon she will marry him.This afternoon John has called Julia to tell her that he has found the house of her dreams which is on Rock Island:.John will sell his house and get 30.000 dollars, Julia has 50.000 dollars of earning and Clara, Julia's mother will help her . Finally Julia orders the transfer of the money to John's account.Then Julia travels to the coast, takes a ferry to Rock Island, there the boatman asks her to deliver a mail bag to the post office.A police sergeant Molly Pepper receives the mail ...

1x37 – Wachgeküsst

Maggie Bradford and her father George Bradford have a quiet life in Plymouth Massachusetts.Maggie manages a small travel agency and George is guide for the tourists who have come to visit the famous "Mayflower boat".Now George is throwing tomatoes to all the people who are near the house.Maggie tries then to speak with him: George is very angry because he hast received an eviction order from the landlord Chris Lennon.George has lived all his life in this house and doesn't want to move.So Maggie and her friend Nicole will travel to Boston where Chris Lennon lives: they...

1x38 – Das Kind der Anderen

Ella West has today a date with her husband about their divorce: she arrives at the town, stops her car without looking that a cyclist,is coming.She opens the door of the car and shocks with the cyclist: he is ready to reproach her, but suddenly he presents himself: Dr. Martin Mitchell, once Ella West was in his office for a medical checkup and he remembers that she is a lawyer.Ella answers that she doesn't work anymore as lawyer and that she has a date with her separated husband about their divorce.Dr. Martin wishes her good luck and Ella goes to her date with Adrian...

1x39 – Ein Haus am Meer

Anne Clark has worked for 25 years in a lawyer's office in Boston and today is her last day of work (the office fires its 60 years old employees to give the opportunity to young lawyers).Anne has bought a house at the seaside and she has a lot work to restore this house.In the afternoon she receives a call from her daughter Holly who has finished her study of law and who has a new boyfriend called Joe.Later she receives a call from her former colleague who needs help for a case and they agree to meet together on Friday at Anne's house.Suddenly a motorcycle is arriving...

1x40 – Für immer Mama

Helen left medicine when she was pregnant at 20, now that her son is older she decides to go back to school, but the head of studies will not make it easy for her, and her son, who has broken up with his partner, is expecting a child.

1x41 – Emmas Geheimnis

Music teacher Emma is a once renowned piano concert player. She lives happy with her boyfriend in a German town teaching music to disadvantaged Students. She is thrown off track when she believes to have found her son again who she gave up for adoption 21 years ago. She helps him prepare for a music academy.

1x42 – Du lebst nur einmal

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