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1x1 – Commissaire Dupin - L'école de Pont-Aven

Georges Dupin, a crack but somewhat maverick Paris criminal commissioner, is sent to coastal Brittany. He must solve the murder, soon two, of two members of the respected local Penec family of a national MP. Despite mistrust of the cocky metropolitan outsider, he and his nerd assistant work out the key is an officially unknown painting by Gaugin, promised to a Paris museum, and forgery.

1x2 – Bretonische Brandung

Metropolitan police inspector Dupin had previously been relocated to rural Britanny. His second case starts off on a remote island where the corpses of three drugged sailors were washed upon the shore. Dupin has to deal with sullen islanders and at the same time he wants to keep his ex-girlfriend in a good mood as she has traveled to visit him all the way from Paris.

1x3 – Commissaire Dupin - Poison blanc

Something is wrong with the saline deposits in Guérande: Therefore, the journalist Lilou who investigates in that case contacts her friend inspector Dupin and asks for an urgent meeting. They agree to meet at the suspicious place, where according to Lilou's findings there is massive environment danger caused by the company producing the salt. Instead of Lilou, a bullet meets Dupin's arm who just in the last second can escape from the sniper. Lilou has disappeared. The inspector who is responsible for the precinct, Rose, doesn't like to see Dupin investigating the ...

1x4 – Bretonischer Stolz

I read the book last year. It's about a murder in the Breton oyster business. Breton pride = the oysters.

1x5 – Bretonische Flut

To go by the book and the locations, it is about two murders in the fishing business in the extreme west of Brittany around the bay of Douarnenez. A fisherwoman is found with her throat slit next to the fish auctioning hall in Douarnenez. Just as Commissaire Dupin and his team start questioning locals, a second murder is reported from the small island of Sein. The first victim hails from there, was known for her sustainable opinions and opposition to the local fishing magnate. The second victim is a biologist who just recently moved there. She was occupied with ...

1x6 – Bretonisches Leuchten

On summer vacation in their own Brittany, commissioner Georges Dupin finally lets his girl friend Claire Lannoy drag him along to a beach hotel at the quiet Claire Côte de Granit Rose, where the latest murder was in a quarry seven years ago, as the hotel manager eagerly points out. Beach strolling, Dupin meets and befriends real estate tycoon Gilbert Durand, but his a strange feeling about his odd wife Alizée, who shortly after drowns after jumping in the Atlantic ocean, apparently suicide, as both men must watch from land, but the corpse doesn't turn or wash up. ...

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