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Qleytnyef1hmibn0nvo3c3vu5et 1x1 – The Resurrection

A terrorist attack at a nuclear waste site awakens aliens who were in hibernation since their 1953 invasion. A group of scientists work with the military to stop the aliens.

Ehivvivvrthoejffhkyiymbortv 1x2 – The Walls of Jericho

The aliens suffer from radiation poisoning and develop suits to protect themselves. Meanwhile, the government attempts to shut down Harrison and his team believing that the alien menace is no more.

Juhw4l4vxuwhcgrtzzhv1zujlwd 1x3 – Thy Kingdom Come

Harrison and the team talk to a psychic woman who studied the aliens after the first invasion. Meanwhile, a group of aliens take over a family and travel cross country in order to awaken more aliens from hibernation.

Riaqlnln0bluz0lxozaomdveltm 1x4 – A Multitude of Idols

The Martians continue to expand their operations. Sparked by random footage shot by a reporter Harrison's the team descend on the previously abandoned town of Breeton, where they find a bustling community that in theory should not exist.

Grpgu0h0nhiy1y6eap45v1zg0bl 1x5 – Eye for an Eye

The team is sent to Grover's Mill when it is discovered the 1938 radio broadcast of invasion was real. They meet with a group of local men who successfully fought the Martians 50 years ago and believe the Martians have returned to try and retrieve weapons abandoned in 1938.

Efyidpuffqdww2sy1l8urby9oxc 1x6 – The Second Seal

The Martians attempt to take over a military base that has been used as a secure storage area for much of the information regarding the 1953 invasion. In particular they are seeking the location of Martians who are still in hibernation waiting to rejoin the invasion.

Hprsp6ktcz3gewmmz30wrp1vza7 1x7 – Goliath Is My Name

Suzanne learns that a friend of hers has disappeared from his college campus. Meanwhile the aliens are on campus in search of a bio-weapon.

Jbmnhdy0eoqbfhtlxkky0wuhwo7 1x8 – To Heal the Leper

The Martians encounter another human disease, chicken pox which is crippling their invasion plans. They decide by harvesting human brains so they can produce a cure that will put the invasion back on track. Harrison's team race against time to stop them completing their project.

Imfep41m25ja1vjx8wxxdhgfmdg 1x9 – The Good Samaritan

Suzanne does some unauthorized research on a new kind of grain that will grow in any climate. The billionaire who invented wants to sell it to the world. Thinking poorer countries will be given money by richer countries. But the aliens have their own plans for the grain, after placing a new deadly poison in the grain, they take over the body of the billionaire who suddenly offers it free to the world.

Fgkwa8tjc1swy2vverhfutlswac 1x10 – Epiphany
9i5ch3ljrt8qju2crrpxhx7kt3c 1x11 – Among the Philistines
Umor0pvob5zfl4qkh3rvj3mdmmc 1x12 – Choirs of Angels
9ilzudohuxjlt5bclexvivfwa7m 1x13 – Dust to Dust
F0jmi7e8nph0ppzsvzrvmqilpky 1x14 – He Feedeth Among the Lilies
Xao4jagr0qswro8icaekjvymiiy 1x15 – The Prodigal Son
6ujx2jlnq7t8z3aj4v0qhlg3bga 1x16 – The Meek Shall Inherit
7vevxiljgnjfg53cybpi3hjykst 1x17 – Unto Us a Child Is Born
M17ifoeaa9kovqbu0wlal73d1xo 1x18 – The Last Supper
Bu2ae0fbrddeuvqfct2v38r18hb 1x19 – Vengeance Is Mine

The aliens organise a series of armoured car heists in order to finance the purchase of rubies for their new laser weapons. Meanwhile, Ironhorse is kidnapped by the husband of a woman caught in the crossfire during an alien raid on a research installation.

F9bvrr8jdtyfws9dr6mafjxsbvi 1x20 – My Soul to Keep

The aliens are forced to move their unborn infants to a refrigeration facility to save them. Meanwhile Suzanne's ex-husband, an investigative journalist appears, seeking to uncover the truth about the Blackwood project.

3tas9arri6h7f8tni68c5mftygn 1x21 – So Shall Ye Reap

The team set up in Chicago to investigate a spate of kidnappings but encounter resistance from the local police. Nevertheless they discover a secret cell of alien scientists, who are trying to create a designer drug which turns addicts into frenzied killers.

Ml2huryi6fuc6bsaw4dabayyiae 1x22 – The Raising of Lazarus

Near an isolated nuclear research facility an alien scout ship is discovered. As the team arrives and set up their operations, command of the find is handed over to Colonel Alexander and his mysterious Project 9.

8rzankpixmkztm0wpskqkg5h05t 1x23 – The Angel of Death

A competing alien race sends an assassin to eliminate the invading force and to protect humanity.

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