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1x0 – Bad Mood/First Kiss/Ex-Flame

Three separate stories in the life of our two protagonists. In the first story, Alvin comes home from work and finds Elizabeth in a foul humor; in the second segment, Elizabeth and Alvin recall their hesitant first kiss; and in the third tale, Alvin becomes jealous when Elizabeth invites an old beau to dinner.

1x1 – Episode 1

Elizabeth preaches calm when Alvin tries to catch the paperboy who throws the paper in the birdbath. Alvin thinks he can create a miracle lotion. Alvin and Elizabeth can't get rid of a boorish guest who's overstayed his welcome.

1x2 – Episode 2

Incident one, Elizabeth and Alvin read mystery books at night and every noise in the house scares them silly. In two, Alvin whittles a slingshot on the front porch while Elizabeth makes him jealous flirting with the neighbor across the street. In three, they take their car to Elmer's Garage to have the horn fixed, but Alvin falls under the mechanic's hypnotic spell.

1x3 – Episode 3

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x4 – Episode 4

Elizabeth does not take seriously Alvin's attempt to win a photo contest. Elizabeth's performance of domestic duties falls short. The effects of physical events for Alvin, Elizabeth and Mrs. Skinridge alter their ability to act normally.

1x8 – Episode 8

1. Alvin is studying nursery rhymes to be prepared for the visit of Elizabeth's four year old niece. 2. Elizabeth is in distress when Alvin for the first time in their marriage is going away on a short business trip. 3. Alvin and Elizabeth is staying over the weekend in Moosie's cabin and Elizabeth won't go to bed because of spiders.

1x10 – Episode 10

Alvin gets competitive during ping pong, a heavy rainstorm shows the roof isn't fixed, the couple involve a salesman into figuring out a book's murder plot.

1x13 – Episode 13

1. Alvin prepares to sail on the schooner that he has purchase with a friend. 2. The couple are among the first to purchase a TV during the early days of television. 3. A bumbling neighbor visits and they try to teach him how to play ping-pong.

1x14 – Episode 14

In preparation for a visit from her mom Elizabeth turns the den into a bedroom with Alvin oblivious. Everything goes wrong when Alvin and Elizabeth bike into the country. Elizabeth recalls her early distate for a busybody neighbor.

1x19 – Episode 19

Elizabeth need help from a man in fixing her husband's dinner. Elizabeth decorates the house in a jungle theme to distract from a problem. Alvin becomes flirtatious with friend Claudette Underhill while his wife is stuck with her dullard husband.

1x22 – Episode #1.22

3 incidents in Elizabeth's life with Alvin are shown.

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