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J4i0sciwbtph1zqgntxntqnh80v 1x1 – The Mayor of Kingstown

The prison system is being administered by the 2 McLusky brothers, Mitch and Mike. Side deals are the business each day, where prisoners safety is being bartered for amongst the prison gangs to avoid the McLusky brand of meted out justice.

7beaceyj3jenglpi9p8h86z7azq 1x2 – The End Begins

Local gang leader, Bunny is upset when one of his guys gets taken off the yard. Mike brokers a deal, and is later visited by two FBI agents whom Mitch worked for. Milo has instructions for Josef on how to get closer to Mike.

5b2biy869poug9h73qzrl1mob1s 1x3 – Simply Murder

After a tragic accident has deadly consequences, an all-out manhunt ensues. Meanwhile, Mike reaches out to a former prison contact.

Ikyxy5mmnula9ul67zkaeaimdpp 1x4 – The Price

Everyone wants something from Mike, who reminds them who is in control. Iris visits Mike's office. Mariam and Mike discuss Kyle's future.

Axrcrwhvygzm4qemlkq1tb3sp55 1x5 – Orion

Kyle and Ian are questioned by internal affairs in the wake of the shootout. Bunny asks Mike for help with a close family member.

7n1ejqm2dz5zx3uvr2lhgvigbdp 1x6 – Every Feather

When a fight breaks out on the yard, Sam finds himself in trouble again. Milo goes to extreme lengths to get what he wants. Mike sends a message.

Snureuhy64pameqzaihtootye6x 1x7 – Along Came a Spider

Mike pays Milo a visit, looking for answers. Tensions at the men's prison reach a boiling point. Mike makes a disturbing discovery.

Cvlfu1sjeqhzrksztnu6xxiqmdc 1x8 – The Devil Is Us

Kyle and Kingstown PD try to make sense of the crime scene. Mike takes matters into his own hands. Sam makes a costly mistake.

3pie3xzxxhznt0iodzes93iigau 1x9 – The Lie of the Truth

Tracy has good news for Kyle. Mike and Iris spend a peaceful day at the cabin, unaware of the trouble escalating back in town.

Diy7yr1okyyxi7gattqmoebgp98 1x10 – This Piece of My Soul

Kingstown Prison descends into total chaos. Mike desperately works to help stop a riot that will have serious consequences for all involved.

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