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Fvwebs9bhjef8xa5qyvparout2z 1x1 – Die Kraft des Ra

In ancient Egypt, an evil sorcerer named Scarab, kills the pharaoh's son, Prince Rapses, so he can become immortal. Entombed alive for his crime, Scarab revives in the modern world and begins his search for Rapses' reincarnation.

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1x2 – Die Traumreise

Scarab uses dream magic to lure sleep-walking Presley. As Presley walks into Scarab's clutches, his dream takes him back into ancient Egypt, into the plot that took his and the Mummies' lives.

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1x3 – Blick in die Zukunft

Scarab sends a pack of animal spirits after Presley, who is out camping with his mom. Scarab discovers that an approaching eclipse is the key to using the boy to gain immortality. Set and Anubis first seen. All four struggle with first 'modern life' encounters.

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1x4 – Geb, der Erdgeist

Scarab invokes the earth spirit Geb to help defeat the mummies and grab the boy in time for the eclipse. They get Ja-Kal and demand Presley give himself up or Ja-Kal will die. Presley goes, and the eclipse nears, but he and the other mummies foil Scarab.

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1x5 – Die Macht der Liebe

Nefertina frustrated by lack of respect, falls in love with a charming biker who in truth is the snake demon APEP, and is looking to take revenge on the family of the boy prince. Apep becomes a dashing rebel biker, and falls in love with Nefertina.

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1x6 – Nuhn, der Geist des Nils

While Scarab yearns to be younger, Presley yearns to be older, to win an eighth-grade girl's heart. Scarab invokes the water spirit, Nuhn, to find the fountain of youth and all four Mummies must rescue Presley.

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1x7 – Rath auf Abwegen

An amnesiac Rath must swallow his haughty pride and depend on the kindness of homeless strangers to survive until the mummies can find him. Meanwhile, Scarab is draining the years out of the homeless in order to add them onto his own life.

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1x8 – Verhängnisvolle Magie

Rath is stalked by former love Chantra, a vain, greedy sorceress. She appears as Presley's substitute teacher as Mr. Huxley is sent to the demon-filled world beyond the Western Gate.

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Ttubqkzfbql3cbz9jqytsqkwqj7 1x9 – Body Slam

A weakening Armon seeks to prove himself by entering a toughest man competition. He must face Talos, the bronze giant, in the finale.

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1x10 – Die Katzengöttin

When imperious, cat goddess Bastet appears, Nefertina and all city cats are driven crazy. Bastet is furious that cats are no longer worshipped. Nefertina abandons the others to be with cat goddess Bastet.

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1x11 – Die wütende Göttin

The Mummies are forced to team with Scarab to defeat raging goddess Sekhmet. She has unleashed various plagues on San Francisco because modern society's failure to respect her. It falls to Rath to trust in his own 'mortal' abilities to outwit Sekhmet and save them all.

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1x12 – Traum-Story für Elaine

A girl in Presley's journalism class is sure something mysterious is going on with him. Like a crack investigative reporter, she tracks his every move. While the Mummies are forced to deal with a deadly Scarab plot, Presley must keep his inquisitive classmate from finding out about him, and he must protect her life at the same time.

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1x13 – Scarabs neue List

The apparent return of Pharaoh Amenhotep I surprises and thrills Presley and the Mummies -- except for Ja-Kal, who has his suspicions. Vulnerable Presley is delighted at the chance to learn more about Rapses' real father while Ja-Kal feels threatened. Ultimately they uncover the truth it's a plot by Scarab.

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1x14 – Das Zeittor

When Scarab focuses all the powers of his magic at Rapses, in the hopes of obtaining the Spirit of Pharaoh, an explosive separation occurs instead. When the smoke clears, Presley finds himself in 1525BC Egypt, being attended to by princely servants, while the personality of Rapses, with all of its royal pretensions, finds himself in the body of a 20th century American seventh grader. The Mummies have to get things back to normal before the haughty prince gives them all away to Scarab. All four Mummies must reverse the separation of Presley/Rapses.

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1x15 – Gruselshow auf dem Rummelplatz

A bully bothering Presley forces Armon to take Presley under his wing and teach him self-defense. Meanwhile, Scarab uses a travelling carnival to lure Presley to him.

1x16 – Das Auge der Finsternis

Scarab locates and raises the remains of a sunken ship containing Egyptian artifacts on its own artificial island. Presley falls into a trance-like state and heads off for the island. The Mummies follow, and Rath learns that if Presley looks at a magic mirror in the cargo then Scarab will obtain his Spirit of the Pharaoh. The Mummies must confront Set and Anubis, who were raised with the wreckage and now work for Scarab.

1x17 – Der Metallkoloss

Presley is told emphatically NOT to mess with something because Rath knows he can't handle it. Presley goes ahead anyway - and unleashes Talos.

1x18 – Taschenspielertricks

Scarab has challenged the Mummies to a supposedly fair contest. However, Presley must find out how Scarab is cheating to defeat his challenge.

1x19 – Ja-Kal ist verschwunden

Ja-Kal, fearful that he's become a danger to the others, leaves the team. The others fall to bickering and infighting. Presley helps hold them together until they can get him back.

1x20 – Goldsucher

The ghosts of gold-rush miners are accidentally invoked by Scarab. Armon loses his nerve when his golden arm is stolen by gold-rush ghosts.

1x21 – Verlockendes Angebot

Scarab gets Chantra to turn herself into an appealing girl to lure Presley to him. But Chantra, overhearing what Scarab plans to get from Presley (eternal youth), decides to keep it for herself. All four Mummies are ordered by Presley to protect his mum Amanda, but must also rescue Presley from Scarab and Chantra.

1x22 – Die Zaubertinktur

Nefertina becomes a famous fashion model after she is 'dusted' with special 'diamond powder' Scarab had intended for himself. He has to grab Nefertina to get the diamond powder back. Nefertina ponders a life beyond the Mummies.

1x23 – Der kleine Scarab

Scarab changes himself into an 8-year-old boy so he can look for Presley. Gooey battles ensue with Kid Scarab and a dough monster attack during a school field trip to a sour-dough bread plant.

1x24 – Eine stürmische Ehe

Geb, the spirit of the earth, is having marital problems with his wife, Nut, spirit of the sky. The Mummies get caught in the middle.

1x25 – Wasser, Wasser überall

Water spirit Nuhn returns and promises to hand Rapses (Presley) over to Scarab. The Mummies lure him out to Death Valley and he evaporates. All four Mummies involved.

1x26 – Zurück zur Sphinx

The un-bulked Mummies find themselves far from home. They have to struggle to make it back to their Sarcophagi in time to get recharged. Our recurring bickering cops, Joe and Bob, come close to nabbing them along the way. All four Mummies involved.

1x27 – Nefertinas alte Liebe

Nefer-Tina wishes on a star for someone to love her. Somehow that wish brings Apep back through the Western Gate. He is in the same human form known as Pep as he was in Desert Chic, and again wants Nefer-Tina to be his queen. Nefer-Tina still has her affection for Apep, but says she is sworn to protect Rapses. Apep then delivers Presley to Scarab, with the hope of double-crossing Scarab in order to please Nefer-Tina.

1x28 – Dr. Jekyll und Mr. Huxley

Presley and the Mummies are at school to get the stone obelisk that brought Chontra in Good Bye Mr. Cheops. Presley gets stopped by Mr. Huxley, who tries out this "science project" and gets changed into "Milton the Magnificent." He gets laser powers and a whole new personality. Ja-Kal accidentally gets zapped by the obelisk and becomes "Jeky the Great."

1x29 – Monster-Truck-Rennen

The Monster Truck Rally of the Century is taking place and Bubba Baxter, Presley's race-truck driver friend, has entered. Geb is taking a mud bath nearby, and when the trucks are splashed with it they come to life and run wild. A second splash returns them to normal.

1x30 – Aussen schön, innen hässlich

Mr. Huxley and his class (including Presley) are touring the Fisherman's Wharf. Chontra terrifies them with spirits and leaves a cat statue that the Mummies take back to their Sphinx. Chontra uses the statue as a gateway to get to the Sphinx. Her goal is revenge on Rath, so she distracts the other Mummies by changing into people in their thoughts. Ja-Kal thinks back to his wife Tia and their baby son, and Chontra becomes Tia. For Armon, she changes into his mother and brings him food. She then becomes Nefer-Tina's friend Kenna, who never knew she was a girl.

1x31 – Der Lebensbaum

Scarab believes the Tree of Life can make him younger again, so he hires Bes to get the Tree for him. Bes uses magic and a tree moving machine to move the Tree of Life, but never said anything about promising to deliver the Tree to Scarab. With the Tree of Life removed, every living thing gets old.

1x32 – Talos Illusion

Talos is back, and he is in love with San Francisco's famous Statue of Victory so he takes the statue. Scarab offers to bring his "girlfriend" to life if Talos would bring Prince Rapses (Presley) to him. So Talos goes after Presley. The Mummies cannot stop him, and let him take Presley back to find Scarab. Nefer-Tina then hides and while pretending to be the voice of the statue, convinces Talos that Scarab has lied to him.

1x33 – Der Feuervogel von Alcatraz

Presley and the Mummies go on a tour of Alcatraz. Armon takes a side trip to the dining hall and the Mummies and Presley lose the group. Scarab uses Shabti to make the tour guide believe everyone is back on the tour boat, and the boat leaves. Ja-Kal becomes separated from the others and Scarab locks him in a prison cell.

1x34 – Liebling, ich hab' die Mumien geschrumpft!

Rath is trying an incantation to invoke the power of a Talisman (a bug-like amulet). Rath translated the incantation incorrectly into: "By the spirit that guides us all, make me as the beetle strong" and it does not work. When Armon reads it, he says it correctly where the last word is "small" and not "strong". Instantly all four Mummies shrink to the size of cockroaches. In their quest to reverse the spell, Ja-Kal gets swatted by Presley; Nefer-Tina almost gets swallowed by Presley; and Armon gets stepped on by him. Kahti tries to eat the Mummies and swats Nefer-Tina...

1x35 – Bingsley und Nefertina

The Mummies buy clothes to better blend in with the people. Ja-Kal and Armon look great in their suits. Rath looks "common" in his muscle shirt (number 6) and red baseball hat he is wearing backwards. Nefer-Tina gets a red cape at the Naxx store. Her nerdy sales clerk, Bix Bingsley, becomes infatuated with Nefer-Tina and asks her out, in which Nefer-Tina is flattered by this. Outside the Shabti attack and the sales clerk gets injured so the Mummies take him to the hospital.

1x36 – Ein chaotischer Neujahrstag

A Chinese fire-breathing dragon comes to life causing Joe and Bob's police car go up in flames. It is the handiwork of Bes. Bes changes identities: First Ja-Kal with Nefer-Tina, then Armon with Rath, and then Scarab with Ammut (right when Scarab as Mr. Harris Stone is making a speech where he starts barking and howling like a dog). Heka's reaction to Scarab in Ammut's body is priceless. Next Presley is exchanged with Kahti, and finally in the middle of battle, Armon who is in Rath's body exchanges bodies with Heka.

1x37 – Mein Vater, der Held

Presley's father arrives unexpectedly for the weekend. Presley is delighted to see him. However, Presley's father is not the most honorable man. He secretly picks up a rock and gives it to Presley calling it a magic rock to ward off evil spirits. He takes Presley to the amusement park and cheats to help Presley ring the bell. He continuously lies about the great expeditions and battles he's been involved in. But worst of all, he steals the museum's Crown of Ramses the Great, to sell to Scarab.

1x38 – Rache nach 3500 Jahren (1)

A new exhibit is featured at the museum. Two mummy cases are included, and the Mummies note that one is labeled "Kimas" and the other "Scorpion". When Ja-Kal opens a case, Set and Anubis attack him. They were stealing the mummies and the sarcophogi for Scarab. They escape, and head back to Scarab's lair.

Rurkpmc00v1l4fnfrqmnewxzmzx 1x39 – Rache nach 3500 Jahren (2)

Scarab now calls forth Kimas' spirit. Heka tells Kimas about the modern world and he takes a skateboard and goes out to explore. Nefer-Tina and Armon see Kimas in trouble, but he easily handles the bunch of goons attacking him. Not knowing who he is, Nefer-Tina and Armon take Kimas first, to Beefy Burger, and then to a dance hall. Scarab and his Shabti attack, and Nefer-Tina and Armon learn that Kimas is a mummy and teach him to transform.

1x40 – Rache nach 3500 Jahren (3)

Ja-Kal contemplates about Kimas, about his own son, and about his duty. Rath realizes that if they destroy Arakh's scorpion charm, then Arakh's scorpion suit will be sent back through the Western Gate forever, taking Arakh with it. But Arakh had lost the scorpion charm at the museum exhibit, and the exhibit was being taken away in a truck. The Mummies catch up to the truck just as Scarab in his helicopter also reaches it. The helicopter takes the exhibit crashing back to Scarab's lair due to Heka's inexpert flying. Arakh finds his charm. The Mummies meet with Kimas at...

1x41 – Der Außerirdische

While the Mummies are fighting Scarab, Rath crashes into Bob the policeman, and they are both knocked unconscious. Together, they get taken to the hospital. Joe is excited, thinking Rath is a genuine space alien, but he is soon pushed aside by Federal Investigator Phillips who takes over. Phillips analyzes Rath with the intent of turning him over to "the General" so that he can get "promoted out of this backroom desk job to where the real action is". When "the General" finally arrives, Phillips' efforts are to be rewarded with a transfer to Antarctica.

1x42 – Jagd auf die Mumien

Joe has become intent on finding out who and what these Mummies are. He hosts a KKIM radio broadcast asking to hear from those who have had run-ins with the Mummies.

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