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1x1 – Folge 1

In 'It Came From Next Door,' Brad and Tuck Carbunkle first encounter Dr Wakeman's robot XJ-9...who wants to be known as Jenny. Brad is happy to meet Jenny, but Tuck has his qualms, until a giant asteroid comes hurtling towards the Earth, and only Jenny has the capability to stop it. In 'Pest Control,' Dr Wakeman's mutated lab rats unite under the leadership of head rat, Vladimir. Their mission: take over XJ-9's body, and use it to exact revenge on Dr Wakeman.

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1x2 – Folge 2

In 'Raggedy Android,' Jenny wants to attend the local fair with Brad and Tuck, but Dr Wakeman feels that Jenny's appearance will scare people. She offers to make Jenny an exterior shell that will give her the appearance of a human teenager, but when Jenny finds out it'll take 4 months (that's like forever to a teenager!), Dr Wakeman tries a quicker, more 'economical' approach, with some rather mixed results. In 'Class Action,' Jenny begins to go to High School. Jenny figures the one way to survive High School is to be popular, and tries to get in with the Krust ...

1x3 – Folge 3

Jenny makes a fan for life when she saves Sheldon from the shop class bullies. Jenny's happy to have another friend, but his instant devotion creeps her out.

1x4 – Folge 4

Tiffany Crust has just gotten her left ear pierced for the third time and this makes pierced ears the hot topic of the day.

1x5 – Folge 5

Wakeman has to be out of town on the weekend of the annual Minutian invasion. She has just the weapon to repel them but she's doubtful her daughter can keep track of it in the disaster area she calls a bedroom.

1x6 – Folge 6

Wakeman gives Jenny new and (she thinks) improved eyes with the power to see an incredible spectrum of imagery that is invisible to the naked human eye. The only problem is they're huge.

1x7 – Folge 7

In 'The Return of the Raggedy Android,' Mezmer's is THE place to hangout if you're a teen. The bad news for Jenny, is that the owner doesn't allow robots to patronize his establishment. Luckily for Jenny, Dr Wakeman has been reworking the exo-skin from a few episodes before. The new and improved skin causes Jenny to blend in perfectly, resembling a 'normal' teen girl. The only problem is, the suit seems to have a mind of it's own. In 'The Boy Who Cried Robot,' Tuck is constantly calling Jenny to help him with the most mundane things. His charades cause Jenny to ...

1x8 – Folge 8

One day, when Wakeman is out, Jenny discovers a secret room that stores her prototypes, XJ1 through 8. Excited to have sisters, Jenny activates them.

1x9 – Folge 9

The Cluster infects Jenny with a microscopic nanobot that transforms Jenny into a Neanderthalish, robotic she-thing. While trying out for the cheerleading squad, Jenny catches the football coach's eye. She is quickly drafted to be the new quarterback.

1x10 – Folge 10

Smytus, Supreme Commander of the Cluster Armed Forces, loses some rare and deadly power crystals on Earth.Sheldon continues to suffer through his unrequited crush on Jenny. She just doesn't look at him as boyfriend material.

1x11 – Folge 11

In 'Daydream Believer,' Jenny wants to know what it's like to dream, so Dr Wakeman creates a device that allows her to do just that. However, Jenny likes her dream worlds so much that she begins to daydream. And things aren't helped when an electric shock causes her to interpret the real world in the wrong way. In 'This Time With Feeling,' Jenny wants to know what it's like to have a sense of touch. 'Borrowing' Dr Wakeman's nerve prototypes, Jenny gets her wish. Too bad the only settings are 'Tickle' and 'Pain.'

1x12 – Folge 12

The Silver Shell uses his influence with Jenny to set up a blind date between her and his unidentified 'pal'. Jenny is bubbling over with excitement about attending her first Robotics Convention.

1x13 – Folge 13

In 'The Wonderful World of Wizzly,' Brad and Tuck take Jenny to Wizzly World. However, Jenny is disgusted by the treatment of the park's robots, and sets out to free them. The problem is, they don't operate so well outside of Wizzly World. In 'Call-Hating,' Jenny becomes fed up with Dr Wakeman's constant communications. But when Dr Wakeman installs a program so Jenny can't shut her up, things get even more complex.

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