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6ovavgxtgmh1lxxnjtvu8nwgzn0 1x1 – Die Castingshow - Teil 1

Pinkie Pie auditions for the TV cooking competition Royal Jelly Juggernaut, but her friends are unable to help her when they face problems of their own.

Ckiwjnmh2v5n12eyhsacn4jdn0g 1x2 – Die Castingshow - Teil 2

Rainbow Dash's competitive spirit is put to the test when a new pony challenges her to a contest unlike any other. Rainbow Dash faces off against Dishwater Slog in a loser-take-all race to finally prove which pony is truly the worst.

L2qbafwfj7cmlpi9pf53uh8y9hm 1x3 – Schlecht-schlechter-am besten - Teil 1

When Applejack's hat becomes a fashion craze, she turns to group of ponies that reject the norm to get a new look.

Ksiibqzdapegqhgj7quty5yqcqx 1x4 – Schlecht-schlechter-am besten - Teil 2

Fluttershy makes a new friend called Bubbles, but then realizes that he isn't all that he seems.

Mvdwsh84sbyzcoidbecnh2twrod 1x5 – Liebesgeschichte mit Hut - Teil 1

Rarity tries to get rid of her bad luck before it can ruin her relationship with a new friend. As Rarity continues to deal with her bad luck, she receives some much-needed advice.

Kde7wle5xrmxk4u0eu1uuymmgeu 1x6 – Liebesgeschichte mit Hut - Teil 2

Pinkie struggles to help out her friends as she prepares for the finale round of the Royal Jelly Juggernaut. As she enters the final round, her friends rally behind her.

Skyrnvdy1pmpd56inhefzkbfvjg 1x7 – Achtung niedlich - Teil 1

When Fluttershy's friends discover that they can't be a troop because of an age cut off they hide it from her fearing her reaction. It's cookie season and Fluttershy goes crazy, can her friends confront her before it's too late?

Kshjmpyx85cj7ktyqyqqik62arq 1x8 – Achtung niedlich - Teil 2

Fluttershy wants to find bighoof and earn a badge. Rainbow learns that she needs to take her time after seeing a dystopianish type future.

4cnbf1tmguxuvxr1hjcwydnw7po 1x9 – Alle schlechten Dinge sind drei - Teil 1

Rainbow and Twilight get so competive that it effects the pets race. Rarity accidentally makes her best friends disapper.

Jheembc5psqmp1dkzyjnfx1i8gu 1x10 – Alle schlechten Dinge sind drei - Teil 2

When the intrusions are too complicated can Twilight find away to build something and earn a badge. Fluttershy risks her friends lives in hopes of Discord tagging along.

2lifchuexku9nmtcoscyeoembc9 1x11 – Pinkie-Pie-Hyper-Helferin - Teil 1

Rarity goes camping with her friends and learns a lesson. The power goes off and the ponies realizes when telling a story that they remember it differently.

Tvyjotq7sh70rdqpm2ecewc811j 1x12 – Pinkie-Pie-Hyper-Helferin - Teil 2

Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity teach someone about friendship. Secrets are revealed when Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow, Pinkie, Applejack, and Rarity meet a Dolphin.

M2k0bew2xfdpsr19kxeshuktqpr 1x13 – Trab & Trott

Twilight, Rainbow, and Pinkie try to discover where the potions come from. With a sickness going around it's up to Rarity and Rainbow to create the cupcake order.

Sypmldlwtvregivjjqwe94a8o9j 1x14 – Fluttershy im Keksfieber

The ponies meet the potion maker. Applejack wants to spend time with her friends and accidentally puts them into danger.

5vdrgqstqe917c0scoizkoy8atf 1x15 – Auf den Spuren Bighoofs

After getting stuck in a potion bottle Applejack and Twilight must learn to face their fears. Twilights very nervous about becoming Potion Novas assistant.

Jfplzd2uvcxcw0rvuati9geuq9s 1x16 – Der Fluttershy-Effekt

When Pinkies friends are a way she learns a valuable lesson from an usual source. Pinkie wants to get Sugar cube Corner invested in.

Sh77nuxdahy2tdnwmwlrvplj2gy 1x17 – Schnell mit Fell

Fame gets into Applejacks friends heads

Sw1hwwy84guqeuhn02ibyxm6g3z 1x18 – Abrakadabra

Rainbow wants to download a new app but has no stoage for it. Flutttershy tries to do an unboxing.

6ribfrljj8xfyveiuiiiszt1rxd 1x19 – Das Peinlichkeits-Abzeichen

Applejack struggles over what to get Pinkie as a present. Applejack is bored of everything being predictable.

Ocgjzra4hpkmkqokev0lu60ad7m 1x20 – Trap & Trotter Discord

Spike wants to spend time with his friends. Fluttershy tries using her friends techniques but when that fails she must learn a lesson in being patient.

Zs04vinzx6hll78u2xicchwfpyw 1x21 – Rarity in der Natur

Twilight wants her friends to play her game when they are trapped inside due to "bad weather". Spike wants to film his friends.

1qwffxj8lblaxvsaxeum83da2uj 1x22 – Lagerfeuergeschichten

Rarity tries to find the owner of a visor. Applejack asks "Dear Tabby" how to rekindle her friendship with a friend after a fight.

7djor5lazhruwiabbcxtppa3ftb 1x23 – Freundschaftsperlen

Pinkie and her brother Octavio have a bake off. Pinkie and friends try to prepare Snips and Snails for the gala but lose track of the purpose of why they are helping them.

4cx886djkck0md5x1cwoyk3q9cj 1x24 – Meet & Greeeeet

Rarity wants her friends to see her role in a tv show. Rainbow gets injured so Fluttershy replaces her in the competitions.

K2uqh3usgeezb9xp5oqowa50yu4 1x25 – Das Geheimnis um den Zaubertrank

Rarity worries that the Sportacular Spectacular is no place for an indoor pony. / It's the final match of the Sportacular Spectacular and the ponies face their biggest opponents, each other.

Q9nrfdzh6jxn77ef5qf41x3xxqf 1x26 – Pinkie ist krank

The ponies face off in a friend versus friend matchup. / At the closing ceremonies of the Sportactular Spectacular, the Mane 6 are thrust into the spotlight.

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