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1x1 – Pilot

Field Training Officer Daniel "Yoda" Dean supervises six rookie cops as they navigate through their first day at upper Manhattan's 22nd Precinct.

1x2 – Firebomb

During the rookies' first midnight duty, Lazarus and Tonya try to stop rival gangs from moving in after a drug dealer's house is firebombed.

1x3 – Thugs and Lovers

White House and Jackpot uncover a secret while questioning a man who thwarted a bank robbery. (Richard Kind guest stars)

1x4 – Lost and Found

Kenny and Lazarus try to find a suspect before he detonates a bomb at a public rally. (Samantha Mathis guest stars)

1x5 – Self Cleaning Oven

Yoda recalls his days as a rookie when a drug lord from the 1980s is paroled and seeks revenge on those responsible for his arrest.

1x6 – Crossing the Rubicon

Ahmad is forced to make a quick decision when he thinks Apple is in danger after robbers hold up a bar with off-duty cops inside.

1x7 – Block Party

Kenny and Ahmad search for a suspected rapist among the chaos of a Harlem block party. Meanwhile, White House and Jackpot discover human remains which were dug up from a backyard, stirring an old missing persons case from fifty years ago.

1x8 – Schooled

Kenny and Ahmad discover there's more to the story when an Ivy League student robs the man who's been mentoring him.

1x9 – Playing God

Jackpot and White House are first on the scene after a car crash leaves a pregnant woman and her husband trapped.

1x10 – Jumpers

White House and Jackpot try to talk a jumper down from the ledge of a building.

1x11 – Ransom

Kenny and Ahmad investigate when a bodega owner shoots two men accused of kidnapping his daughter.

1x12 – Samaritans

Lazarus digs deeper when an anonymous Good Samaritan who helped him save a boy from a burning building disappears.

1x13 – Turf War

Lazarus and Tonya must convince tenants to evacuate their condemned building before the wrecking ball arrives.

1x16 – Operation: Broken Feather
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