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M7gqtk8ri4yyonkixlosvqhhjch 1x1 – Pilot

Nick Garrett returns to his home town to teach a seminar and meets his family, his friends and his old girlfriend again.

Bgz4wc0ma049qwb5s1aqnkpbisi 1x2 – The Pros and Cons of Upsetting the Applecart

Nick decides to stay in town because he wants to be near Hannah and her son.

Vsduhkssx2qbjodpb5zqu0hn2l7 1x3 – Tomorrow's So Far Away

Nick's return leaves Hannah in doubt about her relationship with Ray, while Eddie and Phil discover romances of their own.

Sk3lkggb9xf0kwc9xkigexgyzxl 1x4 – Secrets and Guys

Nick's dad is dating again, Ikey feels guilty about his affair with Owen's wife, and Nick makes a decision about his own relationship with Aubrey.

4bfrjocfcmzt7ndrz8kmore5rpc 1x5 – Forever Until Now

Sam is in hospital after a bicycle accident, and Hannah and Nick wait to find out if he's okay.

Jhgdatcq2mofequysged5tkr4jg 1x6 – Best Friend Windows

Nick tries to talk Eddie into starting a business together, Phil fights for his Pizza Girl, and Ray tells Owen something he doesn't want to hear.

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