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1x1 – Your Cheatin' Heart
1x2 – Unification Day

Phil gets invited to a party for the Eleventh Grade. His father wants him to spend Unification day, a future holiday, with the family but Phil wants to hang out with and impress his new friends. Torn between playing a game of Laser Squash with his father and hanging out with his new friends, Phil learns a valuable lesson on how to handle his friends and family at the same time.

1x3 – Meet the Curtis

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1x4 – Phillin' In
1x5 – Tanner
1x6 – Raging Bull
1x7 – My Way
1x8 – Daddy Dearest
1x9 – Pheromonally Yours

Phil has to make a girl named Marla not like him. Pim joins the orchestra directed by Bradley but Debbie wants him to take Pim out of the show. Pim finds out and tries to sabotage Debbie's solo.

1x10 – Future Tutor
1x11 – Future Jock
1x12 – You Say Toe-Mato
1x13 – Doggie Day-Care
1x14 – We'll Fix It in Editing

A school video project causes Phil to overlook his friends' feelings while Pim is a fast walker in a track meet. Phil apologizes in a video, and Pim uses Debbie's kiss as weapon to defeat her opponent. The reigning champion fast walker is afraid of girls.

1x15 – Halloween

Pim is signing up students to watch a demolition of a factory but aborts that plan once Debbie begins to act evil and tells Pim that she must help with the making of 50,000 cupcakes. Pim tries to refuse but Debbie's eyes glow and she lifts Pim off the ground. The eighty students that would have been watching the demolition are now members of the group Berwick's Angels. Pim is appointed the slave driver of the group and beats a drum saying over and over again "Work, Work..." Phil and Keely hear the drumming and go to investigate. Pim and Keely have a conversation via ...

1x16 – Age Before Beauty

Keely uses the Diffy's New-ager to make herself 25 years old.

1x17 – Neander-Phil

When Curtis attacks the mailman, Phil uses the wizard to switch personalities with him. Crisis averted, he switches back to his own body, but then the wizard is broken. While Lloyd fixes the wizard, Phil's date--the mayor's daughter--repeatedly endures "Neander-Phil," or rather, Curtis in Phil's body.

1x18 – Double Trouble
1x19 – Milkin' It
1x20 – Corner Pocket

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