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C6dg3uubdxxznzp8rmxfptzy2k5 3x1 – Episode 1

The Falcon tasks the girls with investigating a string of robberies, and EDM band EliTe returns to Maywood Glen to perform a surprise concert

Q5xtzhhxwjpwxjkxvng5nfr4tha 3x2 – Episode 2

While Bry and Cam do some sleuthing at rehearsal, Adri and Ember create a gummy bear tracking device to help McKeyla find Maddy.

Uinpwiuvpyjs70m8ujq15460jij 3x3 – Episode 3

When a nightmare about Maddy leaves her reeling, McKeyla comes clean to the Falcon. Bry and Cam kill it at auditions and zero in on a new suspect

Wycwpml6zkhccpghuveyv4zfpxd 3x4 – Episode 4

Ember's itching potions sends Grady to the nurse's office, where Adri and McKeyla question him. Bry discovers a mysterious clue in EliTe's music

Yqxhk2xpmarscuuhyp7znb6u0dt 3x5 – Episode 5

McKeyla and Cam question Eli at his grandmother's house and follow him to the docks, where they learn about a diabolical plan

Zfvjlsgccmkpqattk6yzr0d1ik1 3x6 – Episode 6

The girls arrive at the Maywood Glen art opening to search for Vex, but they have no idea what the elusive mastermind looks like

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