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59ef0diovss8ysgxtbvomgcmmz7 1x1 – Episode 1

The four stars of a once popular girl group reunite for a chance to recapture their fame and regain the swagger they had in the '90s.

A2azexaxxnzeudy2ldykffg3c2p 1x2 – Episode 2

While Brianna deals with the shattering truths of her marriage, Jill risks losing the safe community she has built for herself when she decides it is time to stop living a lie and comes clean about who she really is. Meanwhile, after a fateful meeting with Cam'ron, Naomi struggles with finally putting herself first.

Fmqlfu0vpku77prgjnb9gtxx0kw 1x3 – Episode 3

After a bad concert review, the women come to terms with the fact that their old image and music no longer serve them; and while Naomi struggles to maintain creative control, Brianna argues for a more collaborative group effort. Meanwhile, Eric takes Valeria out to dinner and dancing in hopes of inspiring her creativity. Later, Naomi gets a second chance to prove herself to JoJo.

14fwra2gadymkg34y4fmu1mqn7p 1x4 – Episode 4

Brianna faces some unexpected emotions and circumstances in her home life, but she finds support amongst her Queens. Meanwhile, Jill continues to struggle with her romantic relationships, and Naomi grapples with the truth behind the identity of JoJo's father.

Z6mtfsw0d9bgvaeoxowfb9f2dpw 1x5 – Episode 5

As Brianna deals with a painful reminder of Jeff's infidelity, the group hopes a performance at the American Music Awards will solidify their comeback. Meanwhile, after completing treatment at a rehab facility for her addiction issues, Lauren struggles to identify with her alter ego, Lil Muffin.

J0fskelyrsmq50tvxhvwyjypatk 1x6 – Episode 6

As the ladies prepare to shoot their first music video in nearly two decades, Brianna has a hard time maintaining a work-life balance. Meanwhile, Lil Muffin works to reestablish her career, and Jill continues to manage her public image.

Rhtulodg9aptcjyzk0e8ej1dvtl 1x7 – Episode 7

Jill tells the girls she's been invited to collaborate with Wyclef Jean. Valeria suffers a heart-breaking betrayal. Eric makes a promise he may not be able to keep.

Jzyq1p9b5tyjcedimi5y4z5irfq 1x8 – Episode 8

When tragedy strikes the group, the ladies reflect on the beginning of their friendship in the 90s.

1x9 – Episode 9

Valeria makes an impulsive decision about her future that stuns the women; and while Lauren deals with an overzealous fan turned up-and-coming rapper, Naomi comes face-to-face with her old rival, Zadie aka Lady Z.

1x10 – Episode 10

Putting their old rivalries aside, the ladies embark on a new career venture with Zadie. Jill faces her past while standing up to her overbearing father. Naomi encourages Zadie to demand justice.

1x11 – Episode 11

Eric and Naomi are conflicted on what is best for JoJo's future; Jill attempts to help a young troubled actor struggling against an overbearing parent; Valeria fights for an opportunity to lean into her Puerto Rican heritage.

1x12 – Episode 12

Valeria's career as a single artist takes off; Muffin motivates Jill to get back into the recording booth; Eric confronts his ex-wife to help save the future of Nasty Girl Records.

1x13 – Episode 13

As the Queens prepare to be inducted into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame, they cannot help but notice the void Brianna's absence from the group has left; Naomi is waylaid when an old beau questions JoJo's paternity.

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