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9bukvu2iayqogdysmvvw6wzhlgc 1x1 – Pilot

An unlikely group of rebellious friends face adolescence at Los Angeles' Ocean Park Hospital.

8mchmfouzfkf2o1m47ub3esgoz 1x2 – Sole Searching

Leo goes into a tailspin when Jordi's surgery doesn't proceed as expected.

Dvqveqzgzsjrgea4fbu8cl49az6 1x3 – Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

Jordi's mother agrees to stay in his life and encourage him to continue with treatment, on condition of the doctor maintain their romance.

6ajngpgbh5spuoqglyfjof1op9a 1x4 – There's No Place Like Homecoming

Jordi begins treatment; Kara goes back to school; Emma goes to her first dance.

3mk4osrvh4nqipmdjpigffqmpgq 1x5 – So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want

Details of Charlie's accident are revealed, which creates a moral dilemma for Jackson. Meanwhile, Jordi gets a taste of freedom.

67bjhtzgy10lnywu3h5j0hvzw0t 1x6 – Ergo Ego

After Leo abandons Emma, Jordi makes his move. A new patient puts Kara off balance and nurse Jackson fights to keep Charlie at Ocean Park.

9bcikwt61ln9z4ttp2f1oavevbv 1x7 – Know Thyself

Kara, Hunter, Jordi and Dash band together in support of Nurse Jackson, whose actions have caught up with her. Meanwhile, Emma meets Leo's friends from home, and one of the kids' circumstances changes dramatically.

Pe2ckwe1ezppgbee1xytvjxb91b 1x8 – Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Dr. Naday comes to Ocean Park Hospital, although his approach to treatment has Nurse Jackson questioning that decision. Meanwhile, Emma, Dash and Jordi search of the perfect gift, and Kara learns the truth about Hunter.

Shl7qqlsinlgkqnztg1vc06pv4t 1x9 – How Did We Get Here?

Romance is in bloom at Ocean Park Hospital, as things heat up between Kara and Hunter. Also, Leo and Emma get romantic, as Emma gets unexpected news. Meanwhile, Dr. McAndrew tries to win Dr. Grace back.

Kubfjjxw5oypexsu081hhmwv7np 1x10 – What I Did for Love

Emma goes home and Jordi is on the edge of doing something illegal.

H6urynnyzo4qwpqaqhznu92hcoa 1x11 – The Guilted Age
Dwwpbz1mqs5bnvn9trqeczwjutj 1x12 – We'll Always Have Paris

The red banders suffer a loss of their friend, Jordi is arrested for drug dealing, Kara and Leo move in together

Vyhvd5bsikjnbdt9rjlkpwkd6cv 1x13 – Waiting for Superman
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