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1x1 – Temptation's Run

The year is 1888, and Jess finds himself in a small gold mining community, competing in a friendly race, and interacting with the locals, but malicious activity soon unfolds.

1x2 – A Dream of Flying

It is modern times, and following a crippling accident, Anna, a former teen horse riding prodigy, and her family visit a campground where Jess is working for the summer.

1x3 – False Witness

The year is 1692. Jess arrives in New England where he works and lives with a family on a small farm. Soon, emotional entanglements lead to a sinister local witch trial.

1x4 – Friendly Islands

After being shipwrecked in Tonga in the year 1770, Jess is nursed back to health by a local tribe. Things take an unexpected turn when English missionaries land on the island.

1x5 – Gone Fishing

It is 1952, and Cleaver Jackson, a short-tempered company head, forms an unlikely friendship with the new mail room boy, Jess, through their mutual interest in fishing.

1x6 – All That Glistens

It is 19th century America, and Jess is a carpenter at a local school on the West Coast amid a community suffering a boom-and-bust cycle following the end of the Gold Rush.

1x7 – And Judas Had a Brother

The year is 53 A.D., and Jess is employed as a cook in an orphanage, when one of the orphans accidentally reveals that she and her sister are children of the rebel Simon Avaran.

1x8 – Tomorrow Is Another Day

Traveling through Central America in the year 1580, Jess saves a drowning girl, and her family is very grateful. It will take extra work to gain everyone's respect, however.

1x9 – Real Cool

It is 1959, and Jess is a new kid at the local high school in Midwestern America. One student, Danny, quickly grows envious and jealous of the attention Jess is receiving.

1x10 – Incident at Whitewater

Amid the 1899 Boer War in South Africa, two soldiers find themselves at a crossroads when they discover Pieter, a local farmer, and foe, who has sustained a severe leg injury.

1x11 – The Prodigal

The year is 1850 in America's Wild West, and Jess crosses paths with a thief named Aran, whom he ends up accompanying back to his family farm, where more surprises await.

1x12 – Unfinished Business

It is modern times, and upon attempting to find glucose for his diabetic girlfriend, Greg engages in a fistfight with Carl, leaving Greg unable to ever play rugby again.

1x13 – Do Unto Others

The year is 1856, and a Chinese store owner and his grandson are being intimidated by a gang of local racist teenagers, led by a bully named Tully, forcing Jess to intervene.

1x14 – Mended Sole

It is the year 100 B.C., and Jess becomes caught in a bitter feud while working as an apprentice shoemaker that precipitates into conflict and heartbreak for two young lovers.

1x15 – David and Mr. G

It is modern times, and after being fired from a delivery job, Jess is hired by Saul, a humble restaurant owner in Brooklyn, New York, who is being threatened by gangsters.

1x16 – A Mess of Pottage

It is 450 B.C when Jess is attacked by tribesmen, but is rescued by Esau, a hunter, who takes Jess back to his tribe's camp, where Jess discovers a deep family feud waiting.

1x17 – Coming Up Roses

In the year 1955, in the village of Kildogan in Southern Ireland, Jess meets Jonty and Mo, a brother and sister in desperate need of good fortune, along with their family.

1x18 – The Good Samaritan

It is 1961, and Jess is a new student at a local high school in the southern states of America where he soon finds himself caught in the middle of a serious racial conflict.

1x19 – The Gardener

While travelling to Jerusalem, Jess is chased by a band of Roman soldiers. In seeking a hideout, he stumbles upon a wedding in Cana where he happens to meet Jesus.

1x20 – Grieving Las Vegas

It is modern times, and while working in a Las Vegas casino, Jess befriends a washed-up performer, Tommy Love, who turns out to be less of a star than Jess originally thought.

1x21 – The Judge's Punishment

Working as a private teacher to Aviner's daughter, Elkie, in Galilee, Jess soon finds himself caught in a family feud when Daniel, Aviner's son, opens his own business.

1x22 – The Miracle Maker

It is 14th century England amid the Black Plague when Jess unexpectedly saves Morgan, a performer at a local market, who Jess later discovers is a conman selling fake potions.

1x23 – Heads You Lose

During the French Revolution, while working as a servant in the Chateau of Pierre Mandin in 1792, Jess is forced to serve Pierre's buffoonish, drunken son, Phillipe.

1x24 – The Runaway

It is 1850. Jess befriends 16-year-old Samuel, who is expected to take over his deceased father's job as the village baker. Samuel, however, dreams of travelling the world.

1x25 – God on Our Side

Jess finds himself in a mythical, ancient time, witness to the generationally warring tribes of the Mali and the Dujane, who stand between reconciliation and perpetual war.

1x26 – The Play's the Thing

A theater company recruits Jess, but when a Hollywood producer watches their show and is impressed by Jess's acting talents, bitter jealousy soon arises within the company.

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