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1x1 – The Cloverfield Paradox & Oscar Nominations

In the first episode of Sardonicast the crew get together to discuss the Oscar Nominations and Netflix's "The Cloverfield Paradox" which they all inexplicably watched the same day.

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1x2 – Black Panther, Hausu, Rotten Tomatoes

The crew discusses the success of "Black Panther" alongside the fallacy of Rotten Tomatoes, besides they talk about the cult classic "Hausu" and its impact on modern culture.

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1x3 – Cool Cat, This is England

The Boys Talk about: This is England, Hunt Down the Freeman, Oscar Winners, and Cool Cat among others.

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1x4 – Marvel Movies, Wild at Heart

Ralph, Alex, and Adam talk about the Marvel cinematic universe and discuss the movie Wild at Heart.

1x5 – The Needle Drop, Dancer in the Dark

Being joined by their first ever special guest, Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop fame, Adam and the boys conclude their discussion about their video making process before reviewing Lars Von Trier's Oscar Nominated musical melodrama.

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1x6 – Isle of Dogs, Boy

The boys discuss the Channel Awesome controversy, Wes Anderson's latest film, Taika Watiti's second film, and more.

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1x7 – Avengers: Infinity War, Barry Lyndon

The boys voice their rage over Ready Player One, and share their thoughts on Infinity War and Stanley Kubrick's period epic 'Barry Lyndon.'

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1x8 – The Last Jedi, Amores Perros

The Sardonicast crew discuss their thoughts on the most controversial Star Wars film to date and the first film of acclaimed director Alejandro G. Iñárritu.

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1x9 – Chris Stuckmann, Mommy

<a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/name/nm5741914/">Chris Stuckmann</a> joins the Sardonicast crew as they discuss the film <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/title/tt3612616/">Mommy (2014)</a>

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1x10 – The Man Who Wasn't There

The 2018 E3 is discussed along with The Coen Brothers&#39; overlooked noir thriller &#39;The Man Who Wasn&#39;t There.&quot;

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1x11 – Cr1TiKaL, Martyrs

YouTube commentator Cr1Tikal joins the Sards for a discussion on The Incredibles 2 and Pascal Laugier&#39;s controversial Horror film &#39;Martyrs.&#39;

1x12 – Hereditary, Shaolin Soccer

The boys discuss Ari Aster&#39;s directorial debut &quot;Hereditary&quot; and Stephen Chow&#39;s off-the-wall magnum opus, &#39;Shaolin Soccer.&quot;

1x13 – Quinton Reviews, Happiness

Joined by Quinton Reviews, the boys discuss a series of Comic Con Trailers including Titans and Shazam, and Todd Solondz&#39; controversial black dramedy &#39;Happiness.&#39;

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1x14 – M:I - Fallout, Fantastic Planet

The boys react to the trailer for Neil Breen&#39;s latest epic, the new Mission Impossible film, and Fantastic Planet.

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1x15 – Under the Skin, Punch Drunk Love

The Sards discuss the rise and fall of Moviepass, Under the Skin, and Paul Thomas Anderson&#39;s critically acclaimed romcom thriller.

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1x16 – The Dark Knight Rises, Jacob's Ladder

Adam and Alex mourn the end of the Ralphthemoviemaker series and Adrian Lyne&#39;s psychological horror classic &#39;Jacob&#39;s Ladder.&#39;

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1x17 – Plot Holes, Mary & Max

The gang share their opinions on plot holes in movies, Adam Eliot&#39;s Mary and Max, the Toronto International Film Festival and more.

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1x18 – Spider-Man, Ben & Arthur

The boys share their experiences with the Spider-Man PS4 game and the cinematic train-wreck that is Ben and Arthur.

1x19 – Venom, Pink Floyd: The Wall

Alex and Adam voice their hatred for Venom in spite of Ralph&#39;s ironic enjoyment, as well as the iconic film adaptation of Pink Floyd&#39;s The Wall.

1x20 – Chris Stuckmann, The Piano Teacher

Chris Stuckmann returns to talk about Michael Haneke&#39;s erotic drama La Pianiste (a.k.a. The Piano Teacher.)

1x21 – Pixar, Don't Look Now

Alex tries Gatorade for the first time, the release of a Toy Story 4 teaser prompts a lengthy conversation about Pixar&#39;s fall from grace, and a 1970s Horror film known as Don&#39;t Look Now.

1x22 – The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, A. I. Artificial Intelligence

Article 13, Buster Scruggs, and Spielberg and Kubrick&#39;s passion project are talked about among other things.

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1x23 – YouTube Rewind, The Holy Mountain

Adam and the boys talk about Christmas shopping, the widely hated YouTube Rewind 2018, and Adam&#39;s favorite movie &quot;The Holy Mountain.&quot;

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1x24 – Spiderverse, Lover, Amadeus

Adam, Alex and Ralph talk about Ralph&#39;s new movie, Spider-Verse and the classic film Amadeus.

1x25 – The House that Jack Built, Bandersnatch, Shallow Grave

The boys discuss the 76th Annual Golden Globes, the entertainment value of Lars Von Trier&#39;s latest movie, Black Mirror&#39;s interactive movie, and many more.

1x26 – Aquaman, Happy as Lazzaro

Alex and Adam rape Ralph with the truth that Aquaman is one of the most epic viewing experiences they&#39;ve ever had, much to Ralph&#39;s dismay.

1x27 – Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy

The gang talks about the Spider-Man trilogy.

1x28 – Disney, Madagascar Trilogy

The boys talk about: Disney live action remakes and the masterpiece that is the Madagascar trilogy.

1x29 – Green Book, The Celebration

The Sards rant about the Best Picture win of the cartoonishly awful &#39;Green Book&#39; and a Dogme 95 drama called &#39;The Celebration.&#39;

1x30 – Climax, After Hours

The boys discuss the horrifying drug trip that is Climax, and Martin Scorsese&#39;s black comedy &#39;After Hours.&#39;

1x31 – Us, The Dark Crystal

Jordan Peele&#39;s follow up to Get Out, the latest trailer for Toy Story 4, and Jim Henson&#39;s cult classic fantasy &#39;The Dark Crystal&#39; are discussed.

1x32 – Shazam!, Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles

Before launching into Chantal Akerman&#39;s plodding masterpiece, the Sardonicast crew discuss the zany goings-on leading up to Endgame&#39;s release including a theatrical marathon of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

1x33 – Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars Prequels

The long awaited conclusions to the Star Wars Prequel trilogy and the Avengers saga are discussed.

1x34 – Sonic, Pikachu, Eyes Without a Face

Adam and Ralph confront Alex with a series of British colloquialisms before discussing the horror classic &quot;Eyes Without A Face.&quot;

1x35 – Game of Thrones, Xavier Renegade Angel

The boys discuss the disastrous Game of Thrones finale, and the surreal wonder of Xavier: Renegade Angel.

1x36 – Suspiria, THX 1138

The boys share their thoughts on the Suspiria remake, Pewdiepie&#39;s video on Cool Cat, the latest E3 conference, and George Lucas&#39; &quot;THX1138.&quot;

1x37 – Dark Phoenix, Alien³

Adum and Alex discuss Ralph&#39;s history of audio failures, the disastrous final installment in the X-Men canon, and the third entry in the Alien franchise.

1x38 – Far From Home, American Movie

Adum&#39;s brother Evan comes on the show to tell childhood stories and share his thoughts on <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/title/tt6320628/">Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)</a> and <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/title/tt0181288/">American Movie (1999)</a>.

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1x39 – The Lion King, Eraserhead

The boys discuss the abysmal teaser trailer for Cats, David Lynch&#39;s magnum opus Eraserhead, and the original Lion King.

1x40 – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Death Proof

Adum discusses Derek Savage&#39;s plan to replace the original Cool Cat actor, his experience at Uwe Boll&#39;s restaurant, and a couple of Quentin Tarantino&#39;s movies.

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1x41 – Midsommar, Southland Tales

The Sardonicast crew discuss the cinematic disaster known as <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/title/tt0405336/">Southland Tales (2006)</a>, <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/name/nm2515682/">Jason Johnson</a>&#39;s experiences during the making of Cool Cat, and <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/name/nm4170048/">Ari Aster</a>&#39;s new film <a class="ipc-md-link ipc-md-link--entity" href="/title/tt8772262/">Midsommar (2019)</a>.

1x42 – Sony vs. Disney, Cinema Paradiso

The ongoing struggle between Sony and Disney, the director&#39;s cut of Midsommar and Cinema Paradiso are discussed.

1x43 – Aladdin, Showgirls

The boys share their thoughts on Disney&#39;s atrocious live action remake of Aladdin, and Paul Verhoeven&#39;s infamous cult classic phenomenon: Showgirls.

1x44 – Ad Astra, Salò: The 120 Days of Sodom

The boys discuss Nostalgia Critic&#39;s review of &quot;Pink Floyd: The Wall&quot; and Salò, two of the most infamous and revolting pieces of media known to mankind.

1x45 – Joker, The King of Comedy

Alex celebrates a subscriber milestone, film festivals are discussed, and the boys share their thoughts on Gemini Man, Joker and The King of Comedy.

1x46 – The Lighthouse, Thirst (feat. David F. Sandberg)

David F. Sandberg (of Shazam &amp; Lights Out fame) joins the podcast to discuss Robert Egger&#39;s latest film, and Chan-Wook Park&#39;s 2009 movie &quot;Thirst.&quot;

1x47 – Doctor Sleep, Naked Lunch

The boys discuss the David Cronenberg classic, Naked Lunch. Along with the latest Stephen King film adaptation, and the teaser trailer for one of Pixar&#39;s upcoming releases.

1x48 – Parasite, Performance (feat. Dunkey)

The boys talk about Bong Joon Ho&#39;s magnum opus, &#39;Parasite&#39;, the latest trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, and a 1970s British crime drama starring Mick Jagger. Featuring special guest: Videogamedunkey.

1x49 – The Matrix Trilogy & The Animatrix

The Matrix Trilogy and anthology spinoff &#39;The Animatrix&#39; are discussed along with the nominees for the 77th Annual Golden Globes.

1x50 – The Irishman, Buffalo '66

Ralph discusses his experience at The Witcher premiere, Adam shares his gripes with people riffing on a scene from Marriage Story, and a whole smattering of movies from The Irishman to Six Underground.

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