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Biwtdbegdqj57d0ctjp8xh4ghqa 1x1 – Start It Up

Best friends CeCe and Rocky find out that auditions for background dancers on their favorite show, "Shake it Up Chicago" are being held and they decide to go to the audition. Rocky does well and gets in. While, CeCe does not get on the show because she froze in the middle of her audition. This causes Rocky to not want to go to the show because CeCe is not on it. CeCe then forces Rocky to go to the show. At Rocky's first show, she handcuffs CeCe to herself and they ended up dancing together. The host thinks that they have the "it" factor so, CeCe gets in as well. The ...

Ewofure7dnkvzwumjzgot9fb7cn 1x2 – Meatball It Up

When Cece and Rocky get their first paychecks, they get a debit card and go to a restaurant where they learn their cards are frozen from shopping too much.

Qnsssg8rzt0vuaovbemxeerqylh 1x3 – Give It Up

Rocky and CeCe participate in a dance marathon on Shake It Up, Chicago!

7ao5byltfgkpjmrhsxatgqmvown 1x4 – Add It Up

After CeCe's mother insists that she improve her grades or get pulled from the show, Deuce hires a tutor for her, who turns out to be a child prodigy that also becomes a new friend for Flynn, and leads to an embarrassing secret about CeCe. Meanwhile when Tinka laments over the lack of romance in her life, Gunther pays Ty to go on dates with her, and both find they might actually enjoy each other's company.

6wqvhlh9rjmujvlddxkjj50jph5 1x5 – Kick It Up

Rocky and CeCe decide to start doing some things apart.

3yw3jmall6i9ocmui59wouyili9 1x6 – Age It Up

Rocky and CeCe find out that a teen pop singing heartthrob isn't what he appears to be.

Lqcrs49y5pmdddctbp1iqvoesld 1x7 – Party It Up

CeCe and Rocky sneak out to attend one of Gary's infamous house parties.

4balozaib9nvx88hakoxi6tpb8o 1x8 – Hook It Up

CeCe and Rocky's classmates find out they are background dancers.

40ifttlpengkutrznjdc0ujan83 1x9 – Wild It Up

Rocky tries to change her image when she reads a blog that refers to her as a Goody Two-Shoes.

Mskuvjtwal7al05pkkjattjreho 1x10 – Match It Up

Deuce wins a contest where he'll get to compete for $10,000.

O0kyncrmxbfs0gt60bdkgpjxhzh 1x11 – Glitz It Up

CeCe and Rocky choreograph a dance for the Little Cutie Queen Pageant.

Kdl6xudehe7gmzwocqpdzxbbpal 1x12 – Show It Up

Rocky and CeCe team up with Gunther and Tinka.

Yxnylzuobfc90t3gsxdvcxopqq5 1x13 – Heat It Up

Ty and Flynn build themselves a man cave to get away from it all.

2axty5uyq9ugzu1gqocqfx7dzgi 1x14 – Hot Mess It Up

CeCe and Rocky host a video webcast offering advice to teens.

Rghcnvu454roe12gel4iw0fgisl 1x15 – Reunion It Up

CeCe and Rocky get the chance to dance with Ronnie (played by Anneliese van der Pol) and Angie, two of the original "Shake It up Dancers" for the show's fifteenth anniversary; but former best friends Angie and Ronnie are constantly at each other's throats, which makes CeCe and Rocky evaluate their own friendship. Meanwhile, Ty and Deuce help Flynn plan his goldfish's funeral.

Gd2wclu93neu2x6y4h5fukivjsc 1x16 – Sweat It Up

CeCe gets caught lying about an injury to get out of gym.

H31anohm2qpbshsjcg0uur9z910 1x17 – Vatalihootsit It Up

Gunther and Tinka invite Rocky and CeCe over to celebrate Vatalihootsit day

5xnctr91yrfoqydhfcovb9nvmzd 1x18 – Model It Up

Rocky is offered a modeling job in NY but is hesitant to go.

4aysdysl2r1rpwuomrv0a6lycip 1x19 – Twist It Up

CeCe and Rocky help Mrs. Garcia throw her daughter Dina, a birthday party.

1ajenfivqajzibetdipvtxxjycg 1x20 – Break It Up

Georgia takes the kids to a technology-free lakehouse for a week of summer.

Miuepmljxbiwcisqvdnervdlnwr 1x21 – Throw It Up

CeCe and Rocky are finally chosen for the Spotlight dance.

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