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1x1 – Auditions #1 and #2: New York and Chicago
1x2 – Auditions #3: Los Angeles
1x3 – Hollywood: 50 Compete
1x4 – Hollywood: 50 Cut to 16

The contestants are cut down to twenty-five. Then, the choreographers choose the top sixteen dancers who will be partnered and get to compete on the big stage live.

1x5 – Top 16

The top sixteen dancers are partnered and perform on the big stage live. Each contestant reveals a little bit about their childhood dance experiences, along with childhood photos and videos.

1x6 – Top 14

One girl and one guy are eliminated based on audience votes. More competition in part two of the show with new partnerships. The bottom six dance for audience votes.

1x7 – Top 12

Two are eliminated based on viewer votes. Top twelve perform with new partners. The bottom 4 dance solo to win viewer votes.

1x8 – Top 10

Two more dancers are eliminated based on viewer votes. The remaining ten contestants pick new partners to perform two different dance styles. The judges pick the bottom two couples. Each one performs solo to win viewer votes.

1x9 – Top 8

Two dancers are eliminated based on viewer votes. The remaining 8 perform two different dance styles. The judges critique both performances after both are performed, with no rehearsal footage. Bottom two couples are chosen and dance.

1x10 – Top 6

Two dancers are eliminated. The remaining six contestants pick partners, as well as two different dance styles. The viewers now vote for their favorite dancer out of all six contestants to make it to the finale.

1x11 – Top 4

Two are eliminated to reveal the top four contestants. Each of the final four dancers are partnered with each other and perform a solo. A final battle off of improvising ends the show.

1x12 – And the Winner Is...

The results are in. The winner, based on nationwide votes, is revealed. Special guests and top 16 perform. The top 4 perform their favorite dances. The Groovaloos perform.

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