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1x1 – Der Donnerberg

A thunderstorm threatens opening day at the park. Kodi, Summer and Eddy help Condor find the courage to wake up the sun and get him back into the sky.

1x2 – Die schnarchende Sonne

Coyote feels left out when his super-cute cousin Sunka comes to play. A game of "sky and seek" shows Summer and Sunny that winning isn't everything.

1x3 – Familienbande

A cute caterpillar spirit doesn't need the Spirit Rangers to save her, thank you very much. Coyote needs help hunting for hidden treasure.

1x4 – In den Schatten gestellt

The Spirit Rangers find out why volcano spirit, Lawetlat'la, is rumbling and grumbling. On a windy day, Summer learns that winging it won't always work.

1x5 – Wenn Raupen zelten

The Spirit Rangers encourage three bickering beavers to work together. What looks like a spiderweb turns out to be a very important dream catcher.

1x6 – Der spezielle Schatz

One of the Three Sisters, Squash, is missing. Can the Spirit Rangers help Corn and Bean find her? Eddy's feelings are hurt when he's left out of a game.

1x7 – Was für eine wilde Show!

The Spirit Rangers get separated in their search for the Great Gecko. A concert's an underwater adventure when a river monster spirit gets carried away.

1x8 – Mit Weitblick

A-woo. Monster hunters Mindy and Cindy are on the lookout for werewolves. Kodi's ready to save the day when a buffalo spirit needs help.

1x9 – Gestrandete Forellen

The park's bird spirits aren't happy when Woodpecker ignores their agreement. The Spirit Rangers get a hoop dance how-to from Eagle and friends.

1x10 – Süße Träume

The Spirit Rangers help Colocolo Opossum find her voice. A very particular porcupine spirit is on a mission to cross the river.

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