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1x1 – Neue Freunde

Newly arrived in the town of Miradero, city girl Lucky struggles to fit in at school but befriends a wild stallion after she is wrangled for taming.

1x2 – Vertrauen ist alles!

Headstrong Lucky persuades Pru to give her a crash course in horseback riding so she and Spirit can participate in the annual Saddle Club race.

1x3 – Die rätselhafte Karte

On her first camping trip, Lucky decides to decode her dad's old treasure map, then sneaks off with Abigail, Pru and Spirit to find the fortune.

1x4 – Der Konkurrenzkampf

Desperate to be Student of the Month, Lucky teams with Maricela to create a booth for a school fundraiser, pitting herself against Pru and Abigail.

1x5 – Ein Pferd für Turo

As Lucky and saddle-maker Turo plot to help a horse neglected by his cruel owner, Lucky's dad works to fix a cracked dam before disaster strikes.

1x6 – Überraschung!

Determined to throw Pru the best surprise birthday party ever, Lucky enlists Abigail's help in planning the event, which quickly gets out of hand.

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