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J5rq9dp73jo1kdrwt2lmd4grtfw 1x1 – In the Offing

A sitcom about a young pro-basketball star and his opportunistic family entourage begins with the player arriving in Atlanta, where he deals with a new city, a new team and the same old relatives who take advantage of him and his generosity.

Zcyotq9ljfuhspbt1b2nehwgacf 1x2 – On the Carpet

At a charity event for an abused child, Cam's mother goes overboard detailing a story about her son's upbringing, while Uncle Julius steps up as a "talent scout" for Cam.

Xbfpfoqyalko8zjpe8o96rbagx2 1x3 – How to Build a Brand

Following Reggie and Missy's advice, Cam pays a visit to a dying, basketball-loving teen who hits him with a surprise request; Reggie suggests that Cam to put the family on the payroll.

Onqfzq9w0e6k0hornp1hqwwebe7 1x4 – The Decisions

Missy works to score Reggie a membership in an exclusive country club that was founded by blacks, while Cam, in his search to support a church, gets a surprise from a pastor.

Urlne9zskzo67wc1upd5zh31ygz 1x5 – Out of the Past

Cam and Reggie reconnect with a talented player whose career was sidetracked by prison; Cassie gets a home-purchasing budget from Reggie; and Cam contemplates slipping into a shoe-endorsement deal.

19p5lnkswassrwqqf6nsowle3uf 1x6 – Six

A former girlfriend reconnects with Reggie, leaving the family concerned.

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