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8hnzitwaajjaamrb2tn9y6z185l 4x1 – Episode 1

Well known and admired R&B singer "Pretty Boy Flizzy" helps Tom with his troubled marriage.

4jdkmp3sxetjcb5x1qwrhewqy7w 4x2 – Episode 2

These are not "good times" for Granddad. He owes millions of dollars on his house to Eddie Wuncler (son of Ed Wuncler) who has some unique ideas of how Granddad can pay him back. And with Eddie appearing more like a gangster than a businessman, times are about to get worse.

X9rsjf67pjq4asxngod9hgm1sjj 4x3 – Episode 3

It may not be meth, but the explosive hair product the Freemans are selling is just as dangerous. And even more lethal may be the black market of the hair-care industry run by Boss Willona.

Sspeceuljwfxlyrqu75qvsjilbu 4x4 – Episode 4

Granddad is hired by pimps at a nursing home to escort lonely ladies. But this Woodcrest Gigolo is in for a surprise when he finds that the job is not as sexy as it sounds.

M2nv5sthtgybeso7zlxthh0aqah 4x5 – Episode 5

Young Robert Freeman and his fellow freedom riders retell their daring adventure on the road to Birmingham.

Qk47fj5jik34owvuzbwmf2sqlin 4x6 – Episode 6

Granddad co-stars on a reality show when he begins dating Kardashia, a long lost Kardashian sister. While Riley and Granddad love all of the swag they're receiving, Huey is more dubious of this new Kardashian's intentions. Can the Freemans keep with with Kardashia?

1pqrawiwfmoxpkmc4halydqrqth 4x7 – Episode 7

The Freemans find that Eddie Wuncler's new slavery theme park "Freedomland" may be a bit to authentic, when they are trapped there and forced to be slaves. Huey must find a way to uproot them from this situation.

W3f3m6hkyyavq67kj6hbxoay5hz 4x8 – Episode 8

Granddad loves Siri on his new iPhone. Unfortunately, she loves him back, a bit too much. When she becomes obsessed with him, Granddad finds that Siri is one app that won't be deleted that easily.

Bq6soxo1oenuky6t6wjou8btmw8 4x9 – Episode 9

Stinkmeaner is back, or at least his clone is. After a fight with Granddad goes viral, Stinkmeaner turns unto an instant celebrity. And seeking revenge, Granddad's hate may cause him to be yet another clone of Stinkmeaner.

Jgreccwhmzkut1mjyztk4fdzjdo 4x10 – Episode 10

Riley becomes the maligned target of gay rights groups after he calls his classmate "gay." In these sensitive times when everyone is offended by everything, Riley really has to watch what he says, even when his apology may upset people.

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