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Xocdoyx3piqbctuehmiskmdz966 1x1 – Pilot

When Jerrod decides to move in with his girlfriend, Maxine, he is incredibly hesitant to tell his opinionated parents, Cynthia and Joe. While Maxine feels they both need to be open and honest, Jerrod and his brother, Bobby are well aware that this is a recipe for disaster.

Ptzfhrgmnllsxnd4pbqprg5pmq0 1x2 – Protest

Preparations for Jerrod's birthday celebration are interrupted when a protest breaks out in the community, dividing the family.

Lcv0nwdqadydv6enhkepx9jdw3m 1x3 – Kale

Joe has a minor heart complication after trying kale, leading to a debate about health, death and the future of the family.

T0juchoylmj37vfcdevousgqzee 1x4 – Gender

Jerrod mentors a teenage boy; the family discusses gender roles; Bobby is served with divorce papers.

Gmawc30dlba61qjotnohd3clm5d 1x5 – Prayer

Maxine's reaction to finding Jerrod's gun sparks a debate on gun control and gender power dynamics throughout the family.

C84jcbjmpesgxirpxcfar2vndsd 1x6 – Guns

Cynthia blames Maxine's disregard for prayer when the reverend is hit by a car on the way home from dinner at their home.

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