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Z7q37adh40dscehrbirl0v9jkjq 1x1 – Episode 1

In the Eighties, stars like Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep and Eddie Murphy explode on the screen. Aliens, time travelers, ghosts and road warriors share the cineplex with troubled teens, battered boxers, classical composers and career girls.

Ilpicsogtcuv6j2dkltxvxihmcb 1x2 – Episode 2

As America falls for stars like Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington and Will Smith, masters like Steven Spielberg, Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Jane Campion and the Coen Brothers direct some of their best-loved work.

Rprvjemqsgzvclp4rxl6ok027w 1x3 – Episode 3

As the new century begins, beloved books and comic-book crusaders become box-office gold, musicals and cartoons win audiences and Oscars, coarse comedies and epic dramas showcase Hollywood's biggest stars, and a new generation of filmmakers from diverse backgrounds finds its voice.

M9vcuyewot5v3dwqobs8fqnwkwx 1x4 – Episode 4

Directors become masters of the medium as Spielberg, Coppola, Scorsese, Lucas and other filmmakers create a New Hollywood that pushes the medium of moviemaking to its apex, just as a new generation of movie stars like Robert DeNiro, Jack Nicholson, and Pam Grier light up the screen.

Pjxcuvquc4nrcyrjcgef6l0vx9x 1x5 – Episode 5

The Sixties are a decade of change off-screen and on. Classic musicals and epics featuring luminaries like Julie Andrews, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor make room for meaningful masterpieces from filmmakers like Kubrick, Hitchcock and Nichols and stars like Redford, Newman and Poitier.

Trlc4396zoeuag2nn9nq98unrvy 1x6 – Episode 6

From the 1930s through the 1950s, Hollywood studios create the most iconic and beloved films of all time, and America falls in love with the movies as stars like Bogie, Brando and Marilyn became icons.

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