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Jmxs8fcvsmncj1aw3ft6zyezai1 1x1 – Camille

Camille, a teenager who was killed in a bus crash, returns home 4 years later.

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1odvul3wzbpctglypakvbe9bjff 1x2 – Simon

Adele attempts to come to terms with Simon's 'return' as things get emotionally complicated. Camille tries to restart her old life but discovers the situation at home has changed and is introduced to Pierre, an odd and charismatic figure who predicted The Return.

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Oljblyrfo4zlpn0pvi5fdqdf44f 1x3 – Julie

Life in town is becoming gradually more disturbing. Determined to come out of hiding, Camille invents a new identity, Lena is horrified by a mysterious physical affliction, and Julie finds herself paralyzed by fear as an old trauma resurfaces.

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Fdme1fnrbub12ih6avuh3hmenkx 1x4 – Victor

Lena's health is turning for the worse and she's convinced it has something to do with Alice. While Adele and Simon begin to rekindle their romance, Julie decides something must be done with Victor, who may be implicated in a shocking death.

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Z6dawxvqsrfgkxscgbusntbii8d 1x5 – Serge und Toni

As the returned come out into the open they find they are unable to resume normal lives. Camille and Simon both find themselves abruptly rejected and Victor embarks on a search for his murderer. Incapacitated, Lena is found by an elusive figure.

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Gok6kmfucuojbkzttluonm8hscl 1x6 – Lucy

A massive electrical outage shuts down the town's power, creating a sense of unease, as people are drawn together in unexpected ways. Camille and Lucy find new roles within the community, Julie seeks refuge with an old friend and Lena grows closer to her mysterious rescuer.

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Yvvqpkn9os0alb5iax8n7htedsp 1x7 – Adèle

One year ago, Thomas returned home to find that Adele had tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. In the present day, water levels at the dam keep falling revealing more of the old village that once existed there. Madame Costa tells Camille she died from starvation all those years ago after the old dam broke and everyone and went without food for three weeks. She also takes her to task for lying to the Koretskys about their dead child. Camille learns there is a cost of those lies. Serge and Toni are making their way through the forest but soon find that are ...

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Mrxviypb0ghpbxnijb4vmdsjoud 1x8 – Die Horde

Tensions are high between the living and the dead, as a newer, creepier wave of the returned descends upon them. With the townspeople in fear and the stakes higher than ever, everyone will have to choose sides.

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