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1x0 – Backlash of the Hunter

Jim helps a young girl whose father was murdered and LAPD has closed the case on without finding the killer.

Ahoskjabsj8kzgxykm4rlowavn9 1x1 – Der Vatermörder

Larry Kirkoff möchte, dass die Mörder seiner Eltern gefunden werden. Zu diesem Zweck heuert er Detektiv Rockford an. Doch der hat ein schlechtes Gefühl bei der Sache: Kirkoff ist selbst der Hauptverdächtige in dem kniffligen Fall.

Lqbqlukpyzsg7vjub9rwgm1pkt4 1x2 – Suche nach dem Namenlosen

Die Anwältin Beth ist eine Freundin von Jim Rockford. Bei dem Mord an einem Drehbuchautor bittet sie den Detektiv um Mithilfe. Beth ist von der Unschuld ihrer Mandantin überzeugt. Kaum beginnt Rockford mit den Ermittlungen, ist er seines Lebens nicht mehr sicher.

Vh2perb9liczuhhxeqzabjbaeii 1x3 – Wer erschoß Carl?

Jim is helping a Countess avoid a blackmailer but is then charged for the Blackmailer murder.

9dljw2hf0vufmhe2hnmf7ya1wdr 1x4 – Ausfahrt Bay City

Jim finds the murdered body of Prentiss Carr in his hotel room and after reporting the incident to the police learns it has been classified as suicide.

Eiomwsrs2ksgoaoiqp2gl8qqneg 1x5 – Eine Tote auf Reisen

Jim is hired by a newspaper woman to find her missing friend, who then insists on tagging along to "help" his investigation. The missing friend had a sordid past, and several of her old friends want to find her just as badly.

Ne4g4wch7q7iyidsdrzbn9u5s1c 1x6 – Wer ist Mark Chalmers?

Jim travels to Newark, and draws the attention of organized crime and the FBI. The FBI is protecting Jim's target because he is a former federal witness. The target is found dead, and Jim's client has some explaining to do.

Cupyiqwretk7yexrrkdwe7gehea 1x7 – Kunstwerke gefällig?

A life insurance investigation becomes more complicated than first appeared when Jim believes the insuree is still alive.

Pncmslsec1vry0dy5cslk8eifb2 1x8 – Der ehrenwerte Mr. Corell

Rockford is hired by a secretive woman who refuses to tell him anything about herself, and gives him an unusual task - to simply find her. Soon, Jim is embroiled in the mysterious woman's life, including the mobster who is after her.

Qub6g5iiqagptwqjw4jvetkmvwy 1x9 – Freund oder Feind

Jim tails a woman just released from prison. She was involved in a robbery of a Marine Payroll. The mastermind of the crime and his henchman follow her as well. They search for the remaining robber who wound up with the loot.

Okzlsgxlnma7roxtmswahfeuxnc 1x10 – Geraubte Freundschaft

Rockford ends up in the Nevada desert (starting with the bright lights of Las Vegas) searching for a rich guy's mistress and her suitcase of precious "documents."

3lip65ymhuysgm7qowplaqa5ev3 1x11 – Schatzsuche mit Hindernissen

When knowledge of a critically ill convict's hidden fortune comes to light, Rockford becomes involved in helping the con's wife find the treasure before his former partner arrives and demands his share.

Cn5kpaysvt0bmp9aq425b9vgl5x 1x12 – Der große Aktienschwindel (Teil 1)

Jim investigates a large corporation when one of its executives is kidnapped and the wife of another executive claims the company murdered her husband.

Lc7wxblwfycoejxengcaptxuwxu 1x13 – Der große Aktienschwindel (Teil 2)

Rockford discovers the investment firm Fiscal Dynamics is a financial fraud and its president Leon Fielder will do anything to prevent him from destroying his company.

Oduzbywhvpnewfyy7o9lcxpcfoh 1x14 – Der Unfall des Senators

Jim's old friend Sara Butler hires him to find out the real reason her employee Aura Lee Benton died. The police believe it was a drug overdose but Sara is convinced she was murdered.

Deoy5geoummftqu2pucccrgpcho 1x15 – Taschenspielertricks

Jim's girlfriend suddenly disappears with no clue as to how or why. Lt. Diel thinks Rockford is probably responsible for her disappearance and orders him to stay away from the case. But Jim can't stop until he finds out what happened.

2dkjhfsvct04bw911x7seir9bzd 1x16 – Ein Auftrag aus dem Knast

Two former cons who knew him inside, hire Jim to track down one of their former girlfriends. Only thing is, noting seems to make sense - untill it's too late, and then Jim has to undue the damages the pair caused.

W95lqfyjdigaw6s33lb1eswuyww 1x17 – Liebe-Drogen-Tod

Jim's old girlfriend, Claire Prescott, phones, and asks him to help give her protection from 2 hoods chasing her. He soon discovers there's a missing undercover cop, which puts him up against an arrogant Cpt. Highland, as well.

Wruaryhrtyukicr5skpxuxp5nh4 1x18 – Rätsel um Jennifer

HIred by Mitch, a photographer friend, Jim must travel to Seattle find a missing model who stands accused of shooting a gang member.

Czb2kr88wmrrknvprovz7x85blm 1x19 – Die Lady am Strand

Charlie Harris, Rockford's former cell mate, is suspected of murdering his rich wife and is on the run. He calls on Rockford to find his alibi witness, a mystery woman with whom he was having an affair.

5g9qlgogwbbqoasxxfogw1x3p4f 1x20 – Die Polizei, dein Freund und Feind

Jim investigates the death of a Rookie Police Officer on behalf the mother, a good friend of Rocky's..

Zniwdnveqaq8nlp3ccy72wb6gmt 1x21 – Tod durch Unfall

A race car driver dies in an apparent accident that his mother, an old friend of Jim's, thinks was no accident. It turns out he was part of an insurance scam outfit and they soon have a similar plan for Rockford.

902firhtfic5fsznoikbzo773yi 1x22 – Verhängnisvoller Vertrag

An insurance company hires Rockford to locate a missing woman who is due an inheritance. He finds her in Las Vegas where she is an unwitting pawn in a money laundering operation.

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