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1x1 – Folge 1

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x2 – Folge 2

A soldier named Postnikov has rescued a drowning man.

1x3 – Folge 3

Three people, a man convicted of cowardice, a lesbian and a self obsessed blonde are put in a small, stark room with a few garish modern artworks and three benches. All have died and are in Hell, but instead of devils, fire, brimstone and physical torture, they spend eternity there with each other's loathsome company.

1x4 – Folge 4

Katherine Ann Porter's story of a young woman's dreams of death. The Pale Rider fills her dreams along with her lover.

1x5 – Folge 5

A lodger, recuperating from a heart attack, sets his sights on his landlady.

1x6 – Folge 6

It is Coronation Day, 1761, and a merchant entertains a guest with an extraordinary secret.

1x7 – Folge 7

Sigismondo Malatesta is a condottiere, a mercenary for hire and patron of the arts.

1x8 – Folge 8

Dramatisation of the failed plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler in July 1944 by a conspiracy of high-ranking German Army officers.

1x9 – Folge 9

A study of a boy's passion for an older girl as he discovers the difference between infatuation and true love.

1x10 – Folge 10

The story of the meteoric rise through the underworld of a gangster.

1x11 – Folge 11

A group of politicians and university dons argue over whether a new university should have a chapel or a state-of-the-art lecture hall.

1x12 – Folge 12

Presenting a tale of romance between two working class navvies.

1x13 – Folge 13

In Great Britain, a reversal of African apartheid comes into place, and the country is governed by black people with whites being subservient.

1x14 – Folge 14

Dan Sankey, the charity knocker, has become a national celebrity but who is the man behind the image?

1x15 – Folge 15

Barbara is an assertive, clever, liberated woman, her own boss. Who'd think she could be swept off her feet by a handsome stranger for whom she'd give up her career, London, everything? Especially as her new husband maybe wants to kill her.

1x16 – Folge 16

A young couple celebrate their wedding anniversary with a night on the town.

1x17 – Folge 17

Three swindlers advertise a self-assertiveness seminar, lure a dozen victims to a hotel and attempt to persuade them to enroll in their course. However, a man claiming to be the critic-essayist William Hazlitt (1778-1830) attacks the consumerist values outlined by the motivational speaker.

1x18 – Folge 18

Astronaut Osborne is stuck in a malfunctioning capsule. As he goes round and round the Earth, he starts telling jokes and secrets. When the time comes to bring him down to Earth, he can't face it as he feels like a sexual failure.

1x19 – Folge 19

Peter and Cathy are initially delighted to see their charismatic, subtly domineering friend Robin. But he outstays his welcome, and that's to say the least of it.

1x20 – Folge 20

A writer is having an affair with a married woman and gets embroiled with the other women in her life.

1x21 – Folge 21

A soldier faces a court-martial for killing his friend.

1x22 – Folge 22

A couple move to the country, but the wife feels isolated and finds companionship with her cat.

1x23 – Folge 23

A dull witted young labourer from a criminal family is sent to gaol for a minor crime, leaving his pregnant girlfriend unmarried. But while there he is talked into attacking a guard, who later dies, so he's then sentenced to hang for his crime, despite a protest and newspaper campaign for leniency.

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1x24 – Folge 24

An interior decorator takes a millionaire's wife on a guided tour of her new home.

1x25 – Folge 25

A young couple go on a hitch-hiking tour of Europe.

1x26 – Folge 26

An account of the shocking Sacco-Vanzetti case of the 1920s, where two working-class Italian immigrants to the US were executed after seven years on Death Row.

1x27 – Folge 27

It is general election night in a constituency in Northern Ireland.

1x28 – Folge 28

Tom is a working class Scots teenager, but he dreams of much more.

1x29 – Folge 29

White mercenary forces prepare to attack rebel, pro-Lumumbist troops in the Congo.

1x30 – Folge 30

Lord Fountain hates his illegitimate twin boys as he does not seem to be able to produce legitimate heirs.

1x31 – Folge 31

Years ago, it was Roscoe who kept his friends alive in a Korean prison camp. Now, he's penniless and without papers in London - will his now-prosperous former friends help him?

1x32 – Folge 32

A young private with a pistol deals with the aftershock of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

1x33 – Folge 33

Martin has a mid-life crisis.

1x34 – Folge 34

Written for THE WEDNESDAY PLAY (1964-70), which the BBC retitled PLAY FOR TODAY in 1970, ALICE has the earliest airdate (10/13/65) of the Potter productions to survive on tape. After THE CONFIDENCE COURSE (1965), it's the second of the nine Potter plays seen on THE WEDNESDAY PLAY. In this look at Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), aka Lewis Carroll, Potter mixed biographical drama with a psychological profile to explore the roots of Dodgson's creativity. Dodgson tells stories to ten-year-old Alice Liddell, leading to recreations of scenes adapted from ALICE'S ...

1x35 – Folge 35

Night club girl Victory Ducann is found murdered, the main suspect is an astronaut, but police are prevented from approaching him as he is due to fly off to the Moon.

1x36 – Folge 36

Milly has been at it again.

1x37 – Folge 37

Fragments of the life of three working-class women, and the people around them, in South London in the 1960s. Scenes in homes, streets, pubs, prison and their workplace cover family, friendship, romance, sex, and abortion.

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1x38 – Folge 38

An elderly right-wing politician is kidnapped, seemingly as part of a student prank. But his captors have a more alarming agenda.

1x39 – Folge 39

A simple minded man on the outs with his wife and her family must take a large amount of his father-in-law's hard earned money to buy a house, in the belief that home ownership will make him responsible and respectable. Instead he throws it away on a mad spending spree with his daughter.

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1x40 – Folge 40

Jimmy is young, earning good money and going out with a smashing girl. What more could a man wish for?

1x41 – Folge 41

Newlyweds Chris and Sally are young and attractive, with successful careers and a beautiful home. Their future is rosy. However, trying to make marriage work is not easy.

1x42 – Folge 42

Semi-autobiographical TV play by Dennis Potter, from the BBC's 'Wednesday Play' series. It deals with the experiences of Nigel Barton, a young man from a poor mining community who wins a scholarship to Oxford University. The villagers accuse him of snobbery, while the rich University students treat him like a peasant. Uncertain of which sphere he should be moving in, Nigel tries to reconcile himself with his proud but stubborn father, and also succeed at University, despite its pretentions which apall him.

1x43 – Folge 43

Candidate Nigel Barton goes from idealism to cynicism as he becomes disillusioned and suspicious of hollow campaign promises.

1x44 – Folge 44

A boy begins a search in Notting Hill shortly before Christmas.

1x45 – Folge 45

Extraordinary things happen at an ordinary police station.

1x46 – Folge 46

John is an aspiring composer and pianist at a club and Mary is a single girl that he meets there. When friendship turns to romance, John has to contend with Colin, a charming ladies' man who turns to Mary in times of trouble.

1x47 – Folge 47

Anything Incorporated, an exclusive club devoted to providing the illegal and unattainable for its clients. Our intrepid hero, Rodney, is a newspaper journalist determined to expose the venture.

1x48 – Folge 48

A young English exchange student staying with a German family falls for the daughters.

1x49 – Folge 49

Life in a Trappist monastery offers a life of contemplation and hard labour.

1x50 – Folge 50

Billy Oates meets a lady in a market and, taken by his kindness, she invites him to lodge with her and her husband. A rivalry soon develops between the young man and his landlord.

1x51 – Folge 51

Two boys hatch a plan to get some money to go to the seaside.

1x52 – Folge 52

A young Irish woman named Eileen comes to Britain with romantic ideas of fame and fortune and meets Toppet, a struggling artist with a spare room.

1x53 – Folge 53

The Headmaster and governors of a boarding school are accidentally locked in the new memorial room with the convicted Great Train Robbers.

1x54 – Folge 54

Author James Hanley, Irish by birth and Welsh by adoption, is crafting another work of fiction.

1x55 – Folge 55

We spend a day with Barlowe, a council car park attendant.

1x56 – Folge 56

After an assault a man tries to find justice in court only to find that his incompetent prosecution team and the attractive female defense lawyer who wows the court, conspire against him.

1x57 – Folge 57

Louie, a married factory worker, has just been made redundant when he meets a girl in a park and decides to change his life.

1x58 – Folge 58

A passionate, ambiguous relationship begins between two people who meet at a masked ball.

1x59 – Folge 59

When a bossy do-gooder becomes homeless, she is passed from home to home.

1x60 – Folge 60

A cynical housemaster at a boarding school tries to feather his nest in advance of his forthcoming retirement.

1x61 – Folge 61

A young priest, newly arrived in Dublin, is conducting a retreat for the first time.

1x62 – Folge 62

Eighty years after a nuclear war ravaged the British Isles, a team of scientists from New Zealand come to conduct a survey.

1x63 – Folge 63

Morris, a homunculus, is under suspicion of having stolen the swimming pool fund from a girls' school.

1x64 – Folge 64

Follows the assassination of Leon Trotsky.

1x65 – Folge 65

Arthur Bradshaw is a successful fixer, with plans to start a night club.

1x66 – Folge 66

A police raid on Edna Bossom's discreet hotel would be most ill-advised, in the opinion of Superintendent Willow; but one of his younger officers is determined to go ahead with one.

1x67 – Folge 67

A couple revisit a past love affair when they meet again ten years later.

1x68 – Folge 68

A young Russian embarks on an affair as a relief from boredom but so brings about his doom.

1x69 – Folge 69

A retired colonel is enduring the invasion of the Channel Islands when his household is disrupted by the arrival of a German officer who is surprisingly civilised and susceptible to the daughter's charms.

1x70 – Folge 70

A mentally disturbed Welsh teenager is obsessed with Westerns. His volatile temperament loses him the few people who might have been sympathetic, and helped him. Instead, he spirals down to inevitable destruction.

1x71 – Folge 71

It is end of the season and the head waiter at the seaside hotel has some marvelous tales to tell a young boy.

1x72 – Folge 72

Cathy loses her home, husband and eventually her child through the inflexibility of the British welfare system.

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1x73 – Folge 73

A mother, anxious to secure her daughter's admission to Oxford, invites a young male graduate to lodge with them.

1x74 – Folge 74

A major faces a court martial, accused of the willful murder of Private James.

1x75 – Folge 75

A tale of two wives: one a blonde living in a chic Parisian apartment and the other a brunette with a smart mews flat in London. Both are young, attractive, and separated from their husbands, and their paths are about to cross in an unexpected way.

1x76 – Folge 76

The Barking brothers dote on their parents and do a lot of good work for charity but the police are determined to bring them to account.

1x77 – Folge 77

Following an accident, the rider of a rusting old scooter pursues the driver of a Rolls Royce to a Mayfair mansion and forces entry in an attempt to confront the owner.

1x78 – Folge 78

A twenty-two-year-old architecture student appears at the door of a divorced thirty-something journalist and asks to use her telephone. They talk, and slowly begin to understand one another: their lives, values, and very different sets of relationships.

1x79 – Folge 79

An inspector in Austria investigates the death, over twenty years earlier, of a teenage girl who fell into a canal and drowned trying to evade capture by a policeman searching for members of the resistance.

1x80 – Folge 80

Eddie Marble admires the lifestyles of the rich and wants a piece for himself.

1x81 – Folge 81

The story of a bricklayer, who moonlights as a revolutionary.

1x82 – Folge 82

The adventures of a knicker factory worker aspiring to be a sales representative.

1x83 – Folge 83

Inspired by a real-life case, a woman encourages her lover to murder her older husband.

1x84 – Folge 84

A frail old woman meets a middle-aged man - her estranged son, whom she hasn't seen for five years.

1x85 – Folge 85

In a series of small vignettes, we follow the course of a manic-depressive girl through high and low instances, slowly following her disintegration as she deals with her doctors and family, especially her hot headed, unimaginative father. Eventually she is brought back to a mental asylum where she'd been committed before.

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1x86 – Folge 86

A new steward on a large passenger liner finds himself subject to "charges" levied by the senior bar steward.

1x87 – Folge 87

A tired signalman waits to be relieved. However, there are four trains to be guided through and some of the equipment doesn't seem to be working properly.

1x88 – Folge 88

John Joe Moran is pulled between the compulsion to leave his small town in Ireland and the desire to stay.

1x89 – Folge 89

A parish church is undergoing restoration, when a coffin bearing the seal of Thomas à Becket, the martyred Archbishop of Canterbury, is discovered. Will the discovery help unite the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches?

1x90 – Folge 90

The life and passions of a speaker at Hyde Park Corner.

1x91 – Folge 91

A young man, newly dismissed from his job, returns home to a party where the other partygoers seem determined that he and a female flatmate should go on holiday together.

1x92 – Folge 92

A minor driving offence is being tried in court, but the case involves a rich young heiress, a dope peddler, and a Shadow Cabinet member.

1x93 – Folge 93

An elderly painter, once radical and confrontational, is given a final commission - to paint the portrait of the former Conservative Prime Minister who represented a totally opposing set of values when they were both young. Both men are now old and of little consequence to the modern generation, but the painter sees his opportunity to make an artistic statement by means of the portrait.

1x94 – Folge 94

Josh and Maisie come to Italy after the passing of the old lady who had been living in their sapre room but are soon drawn to another old lady, and try to convince her daughter that she would be better off in their tender care.

1x95 – Folge 95

Walter has three children, by his estranged wife and his current partner, so he is far too busy to get a job, preferring to spend his time in the playground.

1x96 – Folge 96

A liberal white man becomes a Muslim to promote racial harmony.

1x97 – Folge 97

A black barman upsets a colonial Governor who has just retired and returned to England. He locks the barman in the cellar and treats him like an animal.

1x98 – Folge 98

The world of two simple-minded men living with a woman is disrupted by a new lodger.

1x99 – Folge 99

Mrs. Gogarty agrees to pay off a stranger's debt to a loan-shark, on condition that he marry her.

1x100 – Folge 100

A French peasant struggles to reunite a young Jewish girl, whom he took in during the Second World War, with her mother when the war is over.

1x101 – Folge 101

A community of monks decides to solve its financial predicament through the sale of a potent cure for rheumatism made from rare herbs and one hundred per cent proof alcohol.

1x102 – Folge 102

A husband decides to impose a novel and outrageous arrangement on his wife.

1x103 – Folge 103

A gentleman thief puts together a gang to commit a perfectly executed robbery.

1x104 – Folge 104

It is the morning of a notorious bachelor's wedding in this tale of marriage, friendship and non-communication between parents and children.

1x105 – Folge 105

The Honourable Audrey is the latest arrival at a boarding-house in a working-class area of London.

1x106 – Folge 106

An army private is driven to murder when his wife falls in love with another man.

1x107 – Folge 107

Incompetent and corrupt defence barrister Plantagenet King dreams of a grand venture into commercial law.

1x108 – Folge 108

Five distinguished guests spend Christmas at a health farm.

1x109 – Folge 109

An adopted child's world falls apart when his mother decides to walk out on her marriage.

1x110 – Folge 110

Bisthorpe moves into a flat where a host of bizarre events occur: hands come through walls, light bulbs explode, furniture talks, he turns into a table-top model in an advertising agency, etc. Finally, it's revealed that the new flat is, in fact, a room in a psychiatric asylum.

1x111 – Folge 111

Jamie's flying visit is a somewhat sentimental one. Because Jamie is calling to see Lois, an old and dear flame he hasn't met since they left Oxford ten years ago. He is still the same old Jamie, but Lois has changed quite a bit.

1x112 – Folge 112

An ageing millionaire reflects on his life while being pampered at a Parisian hairdressing salon.

1x113 – Folge 113

An industrial dispute takes place in an isolated quarry while the Drummer and the Bloke look on.

1x114 – Folge 114

A country squire and his late friend's nephew argue over the dead man's artistic legacy.

1x115 – Folge 115

Three men who have avoided one another since violent events five years before meet unexpectedly one evening.

1x116 – Folge 116

An African-American trumpet player spends a few hours in an English provincial town, with a girl who happens to be white. As a result, each learns to care for the other, not as a "cipher of a divided society" but as a vulnerable human being.

1x117 – Folge 117

Two couples, one fights all the time and the others let tensions in their relationship build until one stabs the other, the ones that fight end up saying oh well let's murder Vivaldi they pick up their violins and play together.

1x118 – Folge 118

The problems of a group of football fans.

1x119 – Folge 119

The quiet head of a film company's dispatch department reacts violently to a practical joke.

1x120 – Folge 120

A happily married couple divorce for tax purposes, but their lawyer, not knowing the real reason for their divorce, falls in love with the wife.

1x121 – Folge 121

When an elderly woman is hospitalised, the truth behind her illegal adoption of 14 children is revealed.

1x122 – Folge 122

A schoolmaster invites a nineteen-year-old student to stay with him and his wife to cram for imminent exams.

1x123 – Folge 123

A teenage boy reluctantly accompanies his ghastly family on a coarse bank-holiday day out to local beauty spot and tourist trap, the Cheddar Gorge.

1x124 – Folge 124

A lonely bachelor, seeking his long-lost sweetheart at a boarding house, meets a serial divorcée.

1x125 – Folge 125

James has come in search of his feckless older brother, Charlie, to ask him to come home and settle down.

1x126 – Folge 126

Garry committed suicide to escape disgrace and imprisonment. Does he now have the chance to change the circumstances leading to his downfall?

1x127 – Folge 127

A couple move to a caravan park, where the owner is a petty dictator.

1x128 – Folge 128

A man seeks his inner island.

1x129 – Folge 129

A talk-show host is required to examine his conscience and also the ethics of "good television".

1x130 – Folge 130

A doctor advises a woman not to proceed with her latest pregnancy, contrary to her strict Catholic upbringing.

1x131 – Folge 131

A family becomes increasingly suspicious of the relationship between the mother and a mysterious stranger who starts to follow her around.

1x132 – Folge 132

Part of the BBC's celebrated 'Wednesday Play' series of the 1960s, this early work by Dennis Potter is set in an isolated New Forest community in 19th Century Britain. A young local girl is murdered by a mentally disturbed youth, but the villagers blame a stranger, an Italian traveling showman and his bear, rather than see the rot in their own camp.

1x133 – Folge 133

An author hosts a dinner party to celebrate the publication of his new novel.

1x134 – Folge 134

A fashion editor competes for the affections of a designer with their new male model.

1x135 – Folge 135

A successful advertising executive who promotes a brand of cigarettes is reproached by his family when his mother contracts terminal lung cancer.

1x136 – Folge 136

After a year as a Volunteer Service Overseas worker, a young woman returns home in search of love and understanding.

1x137 – Folge 137

A portrait of the life of some Northern apprentices.

1x138 – Folge 138

A woman unwittingly springs a surprise at her sister's 27th birthday party.

1x139 – Folge 139

Dock workers under the threat of redundancy, work day and night in an attempt to keep employed by running the workforce themselves.

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1x140 – Folge 140

An off-beat romance in bed-sitter land.

1x141 – Folge 141

A young man bitterly regrets his part in an attack on a bank cashier.

1x142 – Folge 142

A group of coal miners from Nottingham go on their annual trip to Blackpool.

1x143 – Folge 143

A man enters into a correspondence with his colleague's eight-year-old daughter.

1x144 – Folge 144

Dennis Potter's controversial reading of the life of Christ, with Jesus portrayed as a hearty, fiery, well-meaning carpenter who believes that people should try to love their enemies rather than fight all the time, but who is racked by self doubt as to whether or not he is the popularly anticipated Messiah.

1x145 – Folge 145

Three Trinidadians consider what it means to be exiles in an essentially white society.

1x146 – Folge 146

The daughter of a religious Welsh family becomes the centrepiece of a bizarre student festival.

1x147 – Folge 147

A shy clerk suffers from his colleagues petty office politics and contemptuous treatment of him, but this weekend, as a deeply involved train spotter, the closing of an old tunnel is his big adventure. On the way up, he encounters a well off couple with a daughter that hates them, and an Army Sergeant whose men hate him. The hotel he stays at is run by a fellow railway enthusiast, with a gay son that hates him, and he meets a famous signal designer with a daughter that hates him.

1x148 – Folge 148

A story about growing up, falling in love and settling old scores in the unfriendly environment of a big city.

1x149 – Folge 149

A woman who suspects her husband of having an affair reveals her suspicions at a party.

1x150 – Folge 150

The history of the mining industry in the northeast of England is told through family drama, comedy sketches and song.

1x151 – Folge 151

A schoolmaster takes to drink.

1x152 – Folge 152

Two young Australians on holiday in London find that the "old country" has its problems.

1x153 – Folge 153

The story of an up-and-coming businessman.

1x154 – Folge 154

The commanding officer of a regiment handling nuclear missiles is shocked to see his daughter Sally on television taking part in a student demonstration.

1x155 – Folge 155

In the first part, an insane man boards a quiet railway coach and starts to annoy a patient man trying to read a paper with incessant small talk in an increasingly menacing manner until he finally pulls out a gun and screaming class hatred bile, humiliates the man until his stop is reached. In part two he breaks into a lonely house and proceeds to terrorise a spinster woman who lives there.

1x156 – Folge 156

A student architect and his black girlfriend set out from South Africa to Britain. On the voyage, the student shares a cabin with an enigmatic Austrian.

1x157 – Folge 157

Young Nicky Lancaster must cope with the discovery that his socialite mother is a drug addict.

1x158 – Folge 158

A couple seek a desperate remedy to the problem of a burdensome parent.

1x159 – Folge 159

A young woman quits her dull job in the typing pool, and goes off on a search for personal freedom.

1x160 – Folge 160

An army deserter hides out on a country estate but falls foul of the gamekeeper.

1x161 – Folge 161

A tragi-comic study of a Northern funeral.

1x162 – Folge 162

Second Lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers protests the appalling and unnecessary sacrifice of men's lives in the First World War.

1x163 – Folge 163

A young man befriends an elderly couple, claiming to be their grandson.

1x164 – Folge 164

A junk dealer is caught in the middle of a tug-of-war between a woman, her husband and his mistress when they sell a piece of their furniture.

1x165 – Folge 165

Two Glaswegian youngsters are caught up in sectarian gang warfare.

1x166 – Folge 166

A former poet, now a Communist Party official in the German Democratic Republic, becomes entangled in the political machinery of a state about to plunge into a succession of Stalinist purges.

1x167 – Folge 167

Three young merchant seamen from Liverpool take shore leave in their home city after three years away.

1x168 – Folge 168

In the year 2050, advances in medicine have resulted in a need for population control. People reaching the age of 100 must submit to a government controlled euthanasia program. The story centers around a 100-year old couple who must now make plans for their funeral.

1x169 – Folge 169

A young man from an army family with a long tradition of honour and distinction goes to a military academy as an officer cadet and finds himself temperamentally unsuited to the life.

1x170 – Folge 170

Emma, who lived with an author for the last two years of his life, is involved in a television film about him.

1x171 – Folge 171

A prison visitor becomes involved with a convicted sex offender.

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