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1x1 – You've Gotta Be Kitten Me/Whale, Hello There

On Pip and Freddy's First Ever Flight Delivery, They deliver a Kitten Who Mistakens Them as their parents./Due To The Baby Being So large, Captain Beakman challenges the flyers in a flyoff To See who can deliver him.

1x2 – Panda Excess/A Stinky Situation

Pip and Freddy deliver a Cute Panda who is too cute to say goodbye to./The Junior Fliers have to deal with a stinky skunk they need to deliver.

1x3 – Cheetah Chase/Training Daze

Pip and Freddy accidentally let out Cheetah Chase from his Crate./Pip and Freddy teach three younger storks how to deliver a baby.

1x4 – Nursery Schooling/Bunny Bonanza

When K.C. takes a Sick Day, Pip and Freddy are left in charge of the nursery./A bunch of bunnies get released from Pip, Freddy, and Jean-Pierre's Crates, and they need to catch them and tell them apart.

1x5 – The Purrfect Little Helper/The Colorful Chameleon

Pip and Freddy deliver a kitten, but is hard to deliver since there are no cats at T.O.T.S, so K.C. teaches them that all a family needs is Love./Pip and Freddy deliver a chameleon who keeps on disappearing.

1x6 – Stripe Out/A Splashy Delivery

The Junior Fliers accidently spring a leak in a delivery crate containing a baby octopus. Pip and Freddy try to find out what kind of mysterious striped animal they are delivering.

1x7 – Night Flight/Slippery When Wet

Pip hopes to speed through the next delivery, but they are tasked to deliver a baby sloth! Freddy must face his fear of the dark when he and Pip are assigned a nighttime delivery.

1x8 – The Great Robot Race/Hiccup Hazard

Pip and Freddy have to prove that delivery birds are better than a stork drone. Pip's hiccups threaten their delivery so he asks Freddy to do the impossible, scare them out of him.

1x9 – Back to Cool/Baby Breakdown

Pip and Freddy deliver a baby to Pip's hometown for his new baby brother./Pip and Freddy must fix the conveyor belt before they make their next delivery.

1x10 – Lost Lovey/Diggity Dog

The Junior Fliers go on a Crazy Chase for Mia's Lovey./Chaos happens when Pip and Freddy are assigned with delivering A Black Puppy.

1x11 – Temple of the Tiger/The Gift-Mazing Birthday

Freddy and Pip try their hardest to keep a baby tiger prince clean. When a baby arrives on its birthday, Freddy tries to find the perfect birthday present.

1x12 – The Bouncy Bouncy Baby/Like Cats and Dogs

Pip gets locked in a crate with a baby kangaroo. Pip and Freddy must teach kittens and puppies to share.

1x13 – For Lion Out Loud/Porcupine Panic

Pip and Freddy teach a lion cub the difference between his "indoor" and "outdoor" roar. When a porcupine is scared of the delivery tube, K.C. and the Fliers help him beat his fear.

1x14 – The Fearful Flier/Lend Me Your Paw

Bodhi faces his fear of guinea pigs to earn his final stamp towards becoming a Super Flier./After Mia gets a thorn stuck in her paw, she worries it will hurt when K.C. tries to take it out.

1x15 – Monkeying Around and Around/Koala Kuisine

Pip and Freddy deliver a monkey who loves to play pretend so much, it gets in the way of his delivery./K.C. makes something tasty for a baby hippo who refuses to eat his food.

1x16 – Bringing Baby Back/A Penguin in the Desert

Pip and Freddy show Peggy the polar the benefits of having a baby brother; Pip and Freddy brave the desert heat to deliver a camel.

1x17 – Out Foxed/Elephant in the Room

Freddy's status as the best hide-and-seeker is challenged after he and Pip lose a baby fox; Pip and Freddy help K.C. earn her first Golden Feather on Cleaning Day.

1x18 – Santa Baby/Shear Madness

Pip and Freddy teach a magical baby reindeer the joy of Christmas giving./When Pip and Freddy accidentally shave a baby sheep's wool, they struggle to fix it before delivering it to its parents.

1x19 – The Fly-Along/Rock-A-Bye Birdie

Captain Beakman flies along with Pip and Freddy on their delivery of a baby donkey./A Musical Baby Mockingbird's Cover of KC's Lullaby puts everyone to sleep.

1x20 – The Valentine Spirit/Shell Games

Freddy and Pip rush to deliver Valentines to the babies they've delivered to make it back in time for the Valentine's Day Party. Freddy, Pip and K.C. try to get a shy turtle out of her shell.

1x21 – The Fastest Flier/Best Friends Wherever

Pip and Freddy teach Ava that there is more to a delivery than speed. When Mia can't say goodbye to her friend, Chloe, the Junior Fliers show her that they can keep in touch.

1x22 – The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt/A Chewy Challenge

Pip and Freddy's next delivery, an egg, gets mixed up with the eggs for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt; a baby beaver's incessant chewing threatens T.O.T.S. HQ

1x23 – Night at the Nursery/Seas the Day

Pip and Freddy make their first underwater delivery, even though Freddy's not the best swimmer! When a baby otter has trouble sleeping, the Junior Fliers are there to help!

1x24 – Bringing This Family Home/Flight of the Penguin

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