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Wt5wxhczk3lny9cs7cz7z2soafa 1x1 – Urlaubsfahrt ins Glück

Kapitän Klaus Berger (Peter Kremer) hat das Kommando auf der Royal Clipper, einem stattlichen Fünfmaster mit dem Komfort eines modernen Luxuskreuzfahrtschiffs. Doch Berger muss nicht nur sein Schiff auf Kurs halten, auch die Crew hält den Kapitän mächtig auf Trab. Allen voran seine Tochter Stefanie.

1x2 – Kompass der Liebe

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1x3 – Abschiedsvorstellung

Captain Bernd Jensen steers the sail yacht cruise to Egypt. Concert pianist George Caspari takes it to Alexandria for a concert, but actually wants to reconcile his ex partners Vera and Ruth, who live in different parts of Germany, now he fears to have MS. Cruise pianist Florian hopes to be discovered by Caspari, who alas tells him he lacks finesse for classical music, and flirts with ship recruit Lisa. Charming fortuned Yussuf Arazi is such a dream prince that cruise director Marlene Degener makes an exception on the rule crew can't mix with passengers. Widowed ...

1x4 – Odyssee der Herzen

Stavros Panagos, playboy heir to Greek hotel chain owner Theo Panagos, takes his German fiancée Susanne Stellmann to the grand white yacht for an engagement party with his big family and her parents. She feels kidnapped when it sets sail for a 'surprise' Greek islands cruise, yet didn't expect her even studlier German ex Bernd Jensen to drop everything and 'rescue' her from 'abduction'. Susanna not only rebels against his busybody family but demands he stands up for her and himself, especially against his dragon mother Calypso.

1x5 – Frühlingsgefühle

Captain Jensen's cruise yacht sails to the Caribbean. The only passenger turning up for his historical lecture on the ship's military model, the Preussen, is a descendant of its last captain. Salsa dance instructor Martin's foot injury requires improvised staff switches. Berthold Reimers and Karl Stegmann, a bachelor and a widower, with opposite characters, who always go on holiday together, find their lifelong friendship rocked by fellow passenger Andrea Ludwig, left alone on board. Art dealer Manfred Unger booked for himself and Andrea Ludwig, but he has higher ...

1x6 – Träume am Horizont

The sail yacht heads for Cambodja. Dr. Moritz Fink seeks the courage to tell his wife he's been laid off, but emergency surgery and meeting his son, archaeologist Wolfgang, turn his life over positively. A dog lover's stowaway darling escapes the captain's verbal rigor in reality.

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