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1x0 – No Place to Hide

The Robinsons, Earth's first family of outer space, head to colonize Alpha Centauri in their flying saucer, the Gemini 12, but crash land on an uncharted planet where they deal with its challenges and dangers.

Ntm9jljbsgiqwofsmgwtkawblpc 1x1 – Folge 1

Date: October 16, 1997 The Jupiter 2 is to launch, but a saboteur wants to destroy it. Unfortunately he is part of the Jupiter 2 Crew now Lost In Space.

Ushjqc4rbeqeecaurdnnjm8c0of 1x2 – Folge 2

The Jupiter 2 is pulled into a giant ship occupied by bubble like creatures.

6e7nkpiajebmqohvijhetazlnpe 1x3 – Folge 3

While spacewalking Doctor Robinson is pulled down onto a planet. Major West lands the ship to search for him.

1vjs4xiyr3yp3y8ar9bxu3txtwx 1x4 – Folge 4

Due to the planet's orbit, the Robinsons are going to freeze to death unless they head south.

9i64kojfp0darow5tn3ktciydcq 1x5 – Folge 5

After experiencing the extreme cold, the planet gets closer to the sun, roasting it. Smith sends the robot to warn the Robinsons.

V7lfcwqzztoir3fuprjgkt83a5m 1x6 – Folge 6

The Robinsons meet a fellow earth explorer who is also lost in space. They help him repair his ship and ask him to take Will and Penny home.

Lgsodymttg7ni4uujjm5hpg4yie 1x7 – Folge 7

Penny strikes up a friendship with a deep voice in a deep cave.

5pxtvuozmzxweagonub8gwmizlo 1x8 – Folge 8

Macabre aliens -- quite literally talking heads -- need a humanoid brain to replace a worn out computer in their spaceship. They capture Smith, but quickly realize that his brain is unsatisfactory. The aliens release Smith so that he can bring them somebody more suitable: "a small Robinson."

5ldvulk8ovx8tyn38zpwfysxhko 1x9 – Folge 9

Smith eats some fruit that turns him into a paranoid giant.

8xko0ottkf9s6xqtjpiyvfbfo9k 1x10 – Folge 10

A small, crab-like robot heralds the arrival of a family of colonists from an alien race called the Taurons. John believes that they are peaceful settlers, but Smith insists that they are the vanguard of an invading army.

Y5edi20iodwujg9ntwlwmpdko9x 1x11 – Folge 11

Will and Dr. Smith come upon an alien machine that grants wishes, which tests the values of the Robinson group.

Gtehngiouedahlqjdbov3sbq2ko 1x12 – Folge 12

Will's "message in a bottle" experiments deplete the supply of fuel for the Jupiter 2. John and Don work on an alternate fuel source, but they cannot stabilize the output. Deciding to build a smaller, 2-man craft, they pull the reactor chamber out and use Will's experiments to construct a "space raft".

Rxsrfs3bxkku3osmw26zrpmboip 1x13 – Folge 13

With the men off on a mission, the Robinson women must deal with an alien intruder.

7c0ghah0hblup4bmijryokjrb53 1x14 – Folge 14

Banished from camp for his latest endangering behavior, Dr. Smith discovers alien plants that can duplicate things (including people), which he uses to his advantage.

Ikgutnizxrdt2j0o4bveozgugl1 1x15 – Folge 15

Using a matter transfer device left behind by the Taurons, Will beams himself back to Earth. He arrives safely in the small town of Hatfield Four Corners, Vermont, but his pleas for help are considered the fantasies of a runaway boy.

Vlrtlknsqlz2ahnn7e3pww9gemy 1x16 – Folge 16

The Keeper is an alien who travels the galaxy collecting living pairs of interesting or rare animals. His courtly overtures towards the Robinsons belie his true intention -- to add a pair of humans to his incredible menagerie.

Uze4gggmsxjykhwjolq2ymqgwu6 1x17 – Folge 17

Troubles with The Keeper would be over if Dr. Smith hadn't skulked aboard his ship and released all the animals, putting The Keeper in a position to blackmail the Robinsons for their children.

Xtvmtsv13ywssybb2bah8wxxbwu 1x18 – Folge 18

Will becomes fast friends with Captain Alonzo P. Tucker, an Earthling who escaped his alien captors to become a wandering space buccaneer. But Tucker's roguish charm hides a secret that could destroy them all.

Adyhbizuc0jjf5c8wnt3tpk2sdr 1x19 – Folge 19

Trying to contact his Uncle Taddeus during a séance, Doctor Smith summons a ghostly monster native to the planet.

Sp3g3ul9ulctb8n8cechip9kub9 1x20 – Folge 20

After the Robinsons repair a damaged robot, it first helps them and then plots to capture them.

Hebdsxy5fxkzas4tjalommlcsev 1x21 – Folge 21

Penny stumbles into an alien mirror and finds a universe occupied by one very lonely boy.

1teadbfdv0cskggwzredu41vu5o 1x22 – Folge 22

John and Will fight a battle with an alien father and son that is to the death.

8kaab9qjeuhmeuqwahczmiigj4y 1x23 – Folge 23

After ruining the Robinson's food supply, Doctor Smith makes a deal with the space trader and gives his body for food provided he collects it in 200 years. The space trader comes to collect immediately.

Q7q754mmf3fditrkqtyitzwu9ih 1x24 – Folge 24

Doctor Smith delights that he is made ruler of an alien species until he learns that he is also their sacrifice.

519gyss6t7r1hwczoxstxvstk03 1x25 – Folge 25

The Robinsons run into a group of space hillbillies whom Zachary believes might take him back to Earth.

Srqsbayde4ljq2ipv8gzekzyrmy 1x26 – Folge 26

Dr. Smith and Penny obtain a ring that will turn anything to platinum.

Znld1dktfyqsgss3tvbutx1g3bx 1x27 – Folge 27

Will awakes a sleeping princess whom he now must marry. Her race has been awakened and now plans to conquer the universe starting with Earth.

Qua1mlnorlnn4maabybm739o5wh 1x28 – Folge 28

A strange interdimensional ship turns Will into a genius and Dr. Smith into an old man.

7bdvab2bt2hyofkzsvkq3eqgkeq 1x29 – Folge 29

An evil spirit possesses John Robinson and plans to fly the Jupiter 2 back to his home world, even at the expense of Will's life.

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